January 1st 2013

Hello and Happy New Year. May the blessings of a new beginning be with everyone.

Today as we start a new beginning I am reminded of days gone by. Growing up as a child New Years Day meant all of the holiday bustle was over and it was time to get back to routines. Christmas Trees were taken done and either there were bonfires or they were hauled off to the ice-skating rinks for bonfires where you’d try to keep warm in the chilly night air when you still wanted to be out skating.

School would be getting ready to start back up and you would be anxious to see your friends and hear their Christmas holiday stories.

Then you knew you were in for the long haul of the school year without breaks until spring time.

I often wondered why they couldn’t have spread the holidays out a bit more but then I guess there would have been less learning and more time need in school so it was better to accept it the way it was.

Now your new holiday clothes didn’t have to be saved and could be worn for Church or special outings. You had nice new warm pajamas to curl up in during the cold of the night.

New toys that you took pride in and you knew Santa had approved of you for one more year. The saddest part would be no more Christmas Carols for another year as I always enjoyed singing them.

Growing up in the Rockies I learned that January was a month to respect mother-nature as you never knew what storms would blow in and you needed to be prepared for them.

It was rare to be without power however, frequently a hunter or a newbie to the state would get lost and the rescue crews would be sent out with search teams to find them before frostbite and hypothermia set in.

We were taught very well to bundle up and how to keep warm as we walked back and forth to school. There were no such thing as snow days.

During my college days I hated the travel on the ice roads home for the holidays. Many a trip was by bus and they didn’t slow down as they had a schedule to keep.

After marriage and having our own car things began to change and we felt a little more in control however, you knew the ultimate authority was mother-nature.

Then I became a mother. Now if history doesn’t repeat itself I don’t know what does. Both of my boys were born in January. January became the month of anxious anticipation, doctors visits, crying a lot and wanting that nine months of looking like a walking barn to finally be over.

My first son was due on January 22nd which made for a long month. Now my anticipation grew rapidly each day. I couldn’t wait for his or her arrival as back then we didn’t know the sex. I spent the month in much back pain and the doctor decided to induce me on the 22nd however, the “Little Fart,” wasn’t ready to come and I was sent home without a baby. What an awful feeling that was. However, at 6.am on the 24th I was headed back to the hospital in full contractions. Yeah it’s finally going to happen. I was ready only to find out my doctor wasn’t ready.

He was going hunting that day with his son and said, “I’ll be here if he arrives by 10:00 am otherwise you’ll have my partner.” Oh no here is my first baby, the doctor I had been seeing all along and I felt so betrayed.

Well at 10:00 my doctor came in broke the water and said his goodbye’s and left me in the hands of a total stranger.

This was back in the days when the Nuns ran the hospitals and everything was very strict. After twelve hours of hard labor I finally got into a fight with the nurse. She told me I wasn’t pushing hard enough and I screamed back at her for the first time all day letting her know I was pushing my guts out.

She decided to send for the doctor before his dinner break and he came to check on me. Gee funny thing, the baby was facing the wrong direction and he said it would be at least another hour if I did it on my own.  I was already exhausted and in severe pain without anything given to me. I told him to do what he needed to do to deliver my baby and end the labor.

Now not knowing what a saddleblock meant I was given one. My baby was born and all was well. I had succeeded through misery. However, when the nurse gave me a pillow too soon and I got the dry heaves the next day I wouldn’t be happy.

All the family game to visit the newest member of the family and I soon would tire from visitors.

Now January had a new meaning it meant the birth of my first child.

Two years later my second son would be born. His due date was on the 10th and the doctor assured me he would come early. I waited with great anticipation all through December crying when I didn’t have my Christmas baby. Now into January I accepted it one day at a time.

On the night of the 9th I sat on the floor and finished crocheting his baby blanket. When I was done I got up and got myself a cup of spice apple cider tea. That was a big mistake. Within an hour I was in labor. At midnight I called the hospital and they said come immediately.

By 3:00 am my second son was being born and the only family member there was his dad. My mother was home with my first-born.

Now my second child had come on his due date January 10th just like he was supposed to. However, he was a very colicky baby.

So now as I enter a New Year for me it is no longer about the past and letting go. January always is about the New, New beginnings, New Birth, and a New day to enjoy with my sons. For God granted me the most special gift a mother can have, “The Love of one’s own children.”

I will enter this New Year looking for change and happiness however, the greatest celebration I will have during January is not New Year’s Day it will be the birthdays of Shawn and Michael. I learned that a baby made from love is the most perfect gift there can ever be. Bringing them into this world through pain and anguish shows the strength of the human race. A mother’s pain at birth is soon forgotten because the joy that fills the heart overshadows it.

Now as I look out my window at the snow-covered roads, I remember those cold winter trips to the hospital. I think of how many New Births there will be this month. I wish all New Parents the joy, the guidance, and the understanding that I had when my sons were born. Now they are ages 38 and 36 and they take care of me. In ten-days we will celebrate Michael’s changing of age. Then two weeks later to the day we will celebrate Shawn’s.

No matter how old they get we celebrate the best we can their celebration of life.

I hope that all of you entering the New Year will find a way to Celebrate the Birth of someone or something. So until next time 🙂 Happy New Year


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