January 2nd 2013

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all safe and warm. It is a brisk minus eleven degrees Fahrenheit here in the lovely area of Rupert Idaho.

The only reason I am out from under my warm blanket is the cat wouldn’t let me sleep any longer. Her tummy needed to be filled with some morning breakfast.

I was at least hoping to stay in bed until the sun woke me up but that didn’t happen. Having had only a couple of hours of sleep I will be headed back for bed to join the cats now that they are ready for a nap.

I sit at my computer and watch the beauty of nature however, now I hear the crispness of the cars on the road like bacon frying in a pan. The snow glitters as the sun shines on it. It reminds me of days when I use to go out and play in it and have many a snow fight, make angels, built snow forts, go sleigh riding and head to the ice skating rink as soon as we could possibly get out of the house. Now in the winter of my years I am reminded that my bones with arthritis don’t like the cold.

I would never be able to handle the amounts of layers of clothes that we once wore and still be able to move. Oh how fun and energy is wasted on the youth as they don’t really appreciate it until one day they are sitting in their rocking chair reminiscing of days gone by.

We had skating rinks all over town and the  fireman flooded them, the city maintained them so they wouldn’t become to chopped up and we had our wonderful bonfires.

You never wore your shoes to the rink as the dogs would take off with them. Walking in skates with runners on Mountain roads became an art form of walking.

You had three pairs of socks on so you could stay out longer and when your toes reached the point of tingling unbearably you headed for home where mom would have a warm bath for you after you soaked hands and feet in cold water first.

Hot chocolate or tea was the drink of the day and soup, chili, or tamales were common on cold winter days.

Then you got into your nice warm pajamas and curled up on the sofa under a blanket until it was time to head off to bed.

The old houses had one floor furnace and a stove and the bedrooms would be freezing as the night progressed so you learned to sleep under the blanks with your head covered.

Mom would awake early before everyone trying to warm the house. We had a gas stove with a heater in it so mom would put the rocking chair in front of the stove with our clothes so they could warm up.

There was nothing worse than running into a cold bathroom and sitting on an icy toilet seat when you were all ready freezing. You would quickly wash and run into the kitchen grab your warm clothes and jump into them before they had a chance to get cold once more.

Than it was breakfast time a must to keep the body warm and functioning. Mom would try to get you to eat hot cereal but I never could. It was the texture, I couldn’t swallow it. Discouraged she would settle for whatever she could get into me hoping at least I would have some hot tea with a dash of milk. Then off we would go. It took us a good fifteen minutes to bundle up in snow suits, boots, extra clothing, mittens, scarves etc. Then you were so stiff you knew if you fell you wouldn’t be able to get back up without someone helping you.

There were no school buses to transport you to school you walked. Parents were lucky if they had one car and dad left for work before you did.

There were no cafeteria’s in the elementary schools so you knew you would run back and forth two times going to school and three times going home.

If you forgot something you did without for the day. There was no expecting your mother’s to walk in bitter cold weather to bring it to you.

It was nothing for the wind chill factor to hit 60 below zero and we had no snow days. You ran to keep warm and get home as fast as you could.

You had snow ball fights with the boys along the way but you survived. Back then we didn’t worry about bullying because we grew up learning to handle ourselves and take care of our own problems.

There was a code of ethics: all fights were one on one and no weapons. In other words you were expected to man up and fight like a man even if you were a girl. If you didn’t want to fight you learned to keep your mouth shut and stay away from problems.

What has the world come to?

The problem is the youth of today don’t have enough to do to enjoy the simple ways of living. They get bored and look for trouble. We were too busy enjoying life and didn’t have time to look or find trouble.

Now I look out over the roads and listen to the cars starting, remembering what it was like to have to keep your cars plugged in at night hoping it would start in the morning.

I see foot prints in the snow where the meter man and postal workers have walked. The animals are hibernating and all but the roads are silent. Silence as if to say go to sleep until spring and awaken with the rebirth of the earth.

Although I love the look of snow I know my days are forever gone when I can play outside and have that thrill of tasting an icicle or rolling around in freshly fallen snow.

So I will leave you with one thought for today. Remember to live while you can there is a time and a season for everything.

No as I retreat for a couple of hours under a warm blanket I wish you a happy safe day. Stay warm my friends for mother nature can have a cruel sense of humor.

So until next time 🙂


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