January 5th

Hello Everyone! Another cold day is upon us. I thought this would be a good time to do my Friday write which I missed yesterday.

Just you and me, we thought!


Oh, if just one more time there would be,

for you to take a walk with me.

I’d like to remember times past,

hoping our friendship forever would last.

I don’t know where the time did go,

or why my friend disappeared so.

You always were so tall to me,

I felt like I was protected with thee.

But innocent faded and fun disappeared,

Some how the devil’s ugly head appeared.

My best friend decided to go off and leave me,

for another one don’t you see.

But I will always remember you and me,

we had good times and I’m thankful don’t you see.

But if I could have just one more day,

when you and I alone could walk and play.

We’d talk about good times at last,

we’d remember our lives together that had passed.

Maybe we’d even know why we were together,

through tough times and stormy weather.

We’d say our good byes and off you’d go,

now to be with someone else you know.

For friendship waivers through the years,

it’s important to hold it close and show it’s dear.

But I would give anything at all for one last walk with you,

Even if it made me sad and blue.

For I always did love you,

and I was nothing less than true.

This summer I will be returning home for my 45th class reunion. It will be difficult going back as I have been away so long and my ex=husband and I were always expected to be together. We were considered the perfect couple. All our friends wanted to be like us. We were married for fifteen years, together for twenty and had two sons. When the dark fate of lying, deceit, and another woman raised its head. I went back once for a reunion shortly after my divorce and everyone was great. However, it’s just the thought of wanting to be there and seeing old times and not having a husband at my side. I don’t know if my sons will be able to go or not but I feel it is important as it probably will be the last one for most of us.

Many friends and family members want to combine it into a family reunion. I also want the opportunity to do a book tour on the way so my days are going to become very busy planning and scheduling and figuring out budgets, etc.

Some big unexpected royalty checks would sure help right about now. It is hard to get into the mood for summer planning when I look out the window and see nothing but snow and know that it is below subzero temperatures. I hope this cold spell will not last long.

Today the wind is going to be annoying and that means I won’t get as much done as I would like to get done.

My dvd gave me havoc last night and I wasn’t able to sleep. I have trained the cats to go to bed when I put Harry Potter I one but no dvd the cats don’t sleep they thought it was play time. After trying to sleep to the radio and it not working I finally got up again and tried the dvd one last time and thank God it worked so I was able to get about four hours of sleep. I don’t know how long I can go on like this but I know I can’t sleep to quite.

The news has gotten to be rather depressing as of late. Either it’s the fiscal cliff or something happening that shouldn’t be happening. Yesterday one of our great Senator’s from the state of Idaho was sentenced for driving and drinking in Virginia. He has lost his license for a year, has a misdemeanor and has community service. This is the second congressman in a year for driving and drinking. I think they should lose their office if they are going to break the laws.  Now who is going to drive him around are we going to get stuck with the bill for a limousine driver because of his carelessness?

The world’s gone mad and no one cares. It’s time to say “NO.” Do we really want people like this representing us in Congress?

Whatever happened to ethics and morality and doing what is right?

It’s time the American people pull themselves up by their boot straps and move forward. It’s time that social security and Medicaid is separated from the general fund. It’s time that they aren’t called entitlement programs when you’ve paid into them.

It’s one thing to help people in dire need short-term but no one ever checks on long-term misuse of funds.

How do we know that people given disability still need it such as children put on disability for having cancer? They may go into permanent remission  as one young man I know but eight years later he’s mom is still getting disability. Why I ask? Let’s stop the unnecessary entitlement programs.

Then the darn food stamps. People who really need them don’t get them. The senior citizens are starving while they give hundreds of dollars to single women with children. It doesn’t make sense. The children qualify for free or reduced breakfast, lunches and if they go to a day care they eat a snack or something there. I know a women who has four kids and gets almost seven hundred dollars in food stamps plus wic and they can’t eat it all so guess what she helps extended family members in exchange for cash.

These are our tax dollars at work. Yet my children couldn’t qualify for reduced anything because as a teacher I made fifty dollars too much. That fifty dollars didn’t cut it with two growing boys who needed to eat.

It’s time young people realize that don’t have to have everything that their parents have after working fifty years. Then need to realize that priorities are home, family, jobs and everything else after that.

We have a generation that thinks it is important to socialize and party.What ever happened to the idea of getting married and settling down?

Times have got to change or our country will be destroyed from the inside. We need people with firm values, common sense, and serious work ethics. We need parents with good parenting skills. We need to be able to give a swat on the but when a swat i s needed.

Maybe if some of our congressman had been given a swat when they needed it there wouldn’t be so much nonsense going on now at a time when it is critical to put our country first and our differences last.

Well I’ve said enough on all the whoah’s of life for one day so I am going to say enough is enough and leave it for another day. So until next time 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Janice, wow–you had a lot to get off your chest today–old memories, world problems and bad weather, which probably triggered it. I was really sick today from the Lyme but after reading this I feel better:). BTW when I go to my class reunions I sell my books to my classmates. One of the best places I’ve sold. If you really want to cry, my last royalty check was $9,84!! And my book is damn good, plus I work 4-6 hours , seven days a week doing nothing but promo–I am about at my wit’s end. I’d ask you out to lunch on that check but we couldn’t even buy a hot dog and a pepsi.


  2. Don’t feel bad Micki I’ve had royalty checks for $5.00 and I know what you mean. The best I do is with libraries. I live in a ho dunk rural community and I frequently get the comment “I don’t read,” it makes me so mad. I spent forty years teaching reading and the truth is there are a lot of people who don’t read. So Next time I have a hot dog and pepsi I’ll wish cheers to you.

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