January 7th

Hello everyone. It has been a difficult day. Not only has the cold and winter weather gotten to me but my childhood friend’s husband passed away suddenly yesterday.

They always say it’s easier when it’s sudden but from experience when it’s not expected it is quite a shock. He had the flu, she went to church knowing he was getting better and came home to find him gone.

Her heart is broken. They have a new grandson about to arrive any day and he was so looking forward to that.

It is very sad when a grandchild never has the privilege of knowing a grandparent.

I never knew either one of my grandfather’s and oh how I felt that emptiness.   I longed for a grandfather, a brother, a male figure in addition to my father that I was so close to.

Then you get married and you think you will find that closeness and for some people they never do.

I never did. The closest I have come is my sons whom I am close to and love dearly but I still feel there is something missing.

Now that I am divorced I feel like I have missed out on so much and the sad part is so have my sons.

I hate it when the New Year starts off this way. I am in the mood for cheer, new romances, new births, an early spring, a new chance at life.

However, until spring arrives I will have to settle for what I see coming, today there was snow, and more cold is heading our way.

I don’t get out much this time of year. I need to work on some book fairs and make some money so that I can have money to go to my 45th class reunion.

It always amazes me the friends that say they would love to read my books but do not order them.

I can’t afford to give them away. I am trying to supplement my social security disability. I fear what congress might do.

I have no pension, no other income. My dream, my hope for survival is book sales and I won’t write trash.

I write from the heart and I write about life. That’s what I am an expert at. Living has become my PhD and no one can write about my life except me.

I hope one day things will improve for starving author’s.  Books are so important and keep on giving but they are costly to publish and they take a huge investment of not only one’s time but one’s ability to share.

My dream for the New Year is for a society that support’s author’s , their books, and an easier way of publishing and marketing them.

But until that happens I will keep doing what I am doing.

So for tonight I wish to send a Blessing and prayers to Teresa,

May she find tranquility and peace knowing that her husband is resting peacefully in heaven.

Mick was a wonderful man liked by all, may you find eternal happiness.

So until next time please every get a flu shot and stay warm and well. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Yes a quick death is best as oppose to someone suffering day after day. But someone dies unexpectedly it is painful. I’m sorry you had to face a death so early in the year. I know the fear you feel with the uncertainty of Social Security. That’s all I have too. But I believe everything will work out.

  2. Thank you. I have learned that death, birth, and life are a cycle and in order to have one you most have the other. I trust in the Lord that things will go well and he has never let me down. When times get difficult we have a chat. However, he walks with me everyday, he is my best friend, my confident, my support. thanks for commenting

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