January 10th

Continued from the 9th.

I had spent all of the 9th finishing the afghan that I was making for my second son about to born any time. On the evening of the 9th I was relieved when it was finally done around nine that evening. It was a cold winter’s day much like today is. However, the snow was falling and expected to continue through the night.

My two-year old was asleep in his bed and Grandma decided to tuck herself in for the night.

I wanted something hot to drink so I went to the kitchen and fixed some ‘Hot Spice Cider Tea,”. Within a short time after drinking the tea I started to feel different. I looked at my husband and something’s up. Either the baby doesn’t like the tea or he’s getting ready to come. My calm husband said let’s give it a little bit and if things don’t change we’ll call the hospital.

By midnight I was in full contractions and needed to call the hospital although my water hadn’t broken. They told me to get right to the hospital.

I walked upstairs to tell my mother we were going to the hospital. Half asleep she said, “Is it for real this time?” I replied, ” I think so mom go back to sleep.”

Going out in the cold and the snow we only had a few blocks to drive and the hospital was ready at the door for us.

I was quickly taken in and prepared for the delivery of my second child. Anticipation filled my heart. I was so excited as the time had finally arrived.  However, I did regret having the tea as it did make me sick. I would advise pregnant mothers to go easy on spices when they are getting ready to go into labor.

By three thirty he had been born and I knew I had another son. He had lots of long black hair and he was all arms. His body looked short because of his arms but his fists were big.

He came into the world with little effort but brought much joy to his family. His brother had been kissing my stomach everyday to let his baby brother know he loved him. He would be anxious to meet this new arrival.  I sent my husband home as I was exhausted and needed sleep. However that isn’t what happened.

My baby had been fed and went of to the nursery. I had a hard time drifting off to sleep. His father went out for breakfast and then went home to bed. Around 8 am I heard the phone ring at the nurses station and I heard them say “Yes, she had a boy and all is well.” I knew it was your Grandmother Richards calling to check. Your dad had gone to bed while everyone else was still asleep and not shared the news. But it didn’t take long for your Grandmother to call everyone and let them know of your entry into the world. You were announced like a king and you still today are announced in the same manner. You may not be royalty but that’s how important family felt you were and are. Walk tall be proud and own this day for God created it for you. Happy Birthday Love and Hugs Mom.

My son came into the world crying. His first year was colic and getting over that. Once his personality began to develop you saw the humorous side of him. He would be frequently in his brothers shadow however, he definitely was his own person.

Now with two boys there would times of rough housing and wrestling that I wasn’t use to.  However, I would learn to deal with it.

I was glad that I had another boy. I had dreamed of a girl to do frilly dresses and fancy bows with but that isn’t really me. My life had been put into order by having two sons that God understood I needed in my life.


Montana Boys








Montana Western boys went on vacation and enjoyed the ghost towns. Michael and his cowboy hat. He still likes caps to this day.


Today's Michael



Today’s Michael, the man he has become. Coming home after a day of work and sitting down in front of the fire. You can see his hands aren’t small. Now around 6’2″ he is like a bean pole and his hands are big. His arms are long but he finally grew into his body. He is the kind of son that gave mother few problems although being the quiet one I knew there were plenty of times that he never got caught at his mischief.



Now as I grow old and reflect on the days important in my life there is nothing more important than the birthdays of my children and the time we spent together.

I hope on this wonderful birthday of his we will have many more days to enjoy together.

There are many stories that I could tell but I must safe some for other times. My finally note is he knew when he was suppose to arrive and he didn’t rush into the world. That is how he approaches life in general. He takes his time, observes and thinks things through logically. That is what has made him the best person he can be.

So happy birthday today. I will see you later so until next time  everyone enjoy the birth of someone 🙂


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