January 12th

I hope everyone is safe and warm.

We have been hit with snow, rain, snow, wind, and now the cold. We are expected to have cold temps for the last two weeks of January. Boy I’m already ready for February to get here not that I want to wish my life away but my bones don’t like the cold.


Mike's Patio Door snowed shut

My son’s patio door the morning of the 11th. This is the door he goes in and out of all the time.


Mike's Snowed in house

This is the area of his house after he shoveled his way out of the house to the car.

Mike's firewood


This is his firewood shed next to the patio door. You can see the wheelbarrow handle under the snow sitting by the door of the patio.

Best planning of men doesn’t matter when mother-nature- takes over. High winds and lots of drifting created a mess.

Now we have to double layers of clothes, be prepared for a very cold winter with subzero temperatures and hope we have food at home.

Tips to help with winter survival:

1. Eat high protein food giving fast burning energy to the body.

2. Dress in three or four layers of clothes so as the day warms you can remove.

3. Keep head covered as heat leaves the body from the head.

4. Keep fingers and toes warm as not to get frostbite (including ears and nose)

5. If you get stranded somewhere do not go walking to get help. Stay in the vehicle.

6. If  lost in a blizzard digging a tunnel under the snow may save your life. It will be warm there protecting from hypothermia and you can eat the snow for liquids.

7. Never leave animals outdoors in the winter without protection. The pads of the feet frostbite fast.

8. Animals the same as humans eat more in winter and sleep more. The body needs energy and needs to hibernate.


Car emergency kits:

You can make a homemade one using a coffee can, a candle , matches, chocolate candy bars for energy, bandages.

Keep a blanket in the car.

Cat litter works great to put under the tires when stuck.

Keep batteries in working order and all fluids filled.

Turn your vehicles on daily as to keep the batteries working.


Cell phones need to be kept charged so don’t use them unless necessary you might need to call for help.

Program all emergency numbers into your phone.

Don’t travel without checking the highway reports. Stay put if there is a blizzard warning it might save your life.



Remember you must slow down for the road conditions.

Give space between vehicles so cars can stop.

Ice can spin you out of control with no warning. Don’t slam on the brakes.

In bad winter conditions pump the brakes gently to come to a stop.

If you get into a slide go with the car and gently correct it.

Intersections are always the worst for ice.

Don’t run lights.

Use your head, keep food in your vehicles and don’t go out unless you have to.

Whatever stay safe and warm.

This winter is going to be a hard winter. Be prepared for it. Dress for it and make sure you keep heat on in your house.

Run a water facet to keep pipes from freezing and don’t forget heat tape is great to keep pipes from freezing.

Have a great winter everyone. Send sunshine my way with warm rays.

So until next time 🙂




4 Responses

  1. Janice, great suggestions!! I never minded the cold but the last two years, I just can’t get warm enough. I even sleep in a sweat shirt over pj’s. Good suggestions for winter storms which they say we will see a lot of this year. That and the flu is not getting us off to a great start–stay warm and safe!!

  2. This is great! Even though I do know snow and love it as well (unless I do have to drive on snow and ice covered streets of course) I do as well appreciate the warmth inside the house while it’s snowing outside. There are too many people freezing in the cold – and the flu isn’t too much fun either. I love the pictures too!!

  3. Thank you Raani. The pictures were my son’s house and he lives across the river from me. I’m glad to be inside and keep warm. It is very cold here now and subzero temperatures at night. I look forward to warmer temperatures in February.

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