January 13th

Good morning everyone. I hope today finds everyone safe and warm.

Today I will deal with Friday’s free write first.

This week Kellie Elmore welcomes Jessica Kristie to this special edition of FWF. Jessica is an award winning author, an advocate for art, and an activist against human trafficking.

Now for the Free Write Friday Prompt…


What does freedom mean to you?

Most people think of liberty and justice for all.

However, I have learned to look at the simple freedoms of life, the right to have a bathroom in your home, The right to go to the market and buy the food you want. The right to live in the town you want close to the people you want to be around.

Freedom to me is the innate ability to do what you want in life as long as it doesn’t harm someone else.

I am quick to anger when people holler  freedom of speech because they forgot half of what the constitution says. It says the right to speech freely on one’s own opinion as long as it doesn’t hurt another or affect their livelihood.

Freedom to me is allowing nature to take its course. Taking care of nature keeping the country side in its original condition so that one can enjoy it daily.

Freedom is being able to laugh without fear of punishment or retribution.

Freedom is being able to celebrate the religion you choose and attend a church or synagogue when you choose to.

Freedom is being able to be proud of your nationality, heritage and country.

Freedom is being able to live the way people were meant to live, without bondage, war, discrimination or disgrace.

Freedom is have the freedom to attend school and get the education that you desire.

Freedom is being able to fall in love and marry the person you love without a prearranged marriage.

Freedom is being able to choose a career that you like instead of someone else choosing for you.

Freedom is being able to stay home on a day off and enjoy your family instead of working seven days a week.

Freedom is being able to play in the snow if you want to or go swimming on the beach.

Freedom is the ability to own a home or a car instead of renting or leasing.

Freedom is the ability to appreciate animals in their natural habitat.

Freedom is being able to write your own opinion without fear of repercussions.

Freedom is the ability to enjoy being you and living the life you choose to live.

We must remember the smallest liberties to the largest when we talk about freedom.

Our military fights for us to maintain freedom of our country.

That means our children aren’t used as human bombs. They have the right to freely grow up as children.

Freedom is being thankful every morning when you wake up to sunshine even if it is cold out because at least you are able to see outside.

Freedom is a list that is endless and we need to think about the freedoms that we cherish the most in life which for me is the freedom to spend time with my sons.

Being young in school a teacher once told me never define a word with a word so I will define Freedom as the ability to do what we choose as long as it doesn’t harm another.

Today I will enjoy the freedom of being at home out of the cold, having warm clothes, having electricity to heat the house, and being able to look out the window at the glistening snow.

I will enjoy the ability to write when I am in the mood, eat when I need to and take a nap if I feel like it.

For Sunday is the freest day of all. It is a day for relaxation, family, and home.

I hope all of you enjoy your freedom’s and are grateful for them from the toilet paper you use to the mail that is delivered to your door.

May freedom never be taken for granted because then we will lose sight of its true meaning and importance.

May the world become one of peace and freedom.


Today the snow is glistening like diamonds. The sun is bright and there is a certain snow blindness. Yet everyone knows that it is cold outside. Temperatures are subzero at night only reaching single digits during the day. Animals are no where in sight.

There is a quiet calmness about it except when a car goes by and then you hear the crunching of snow and ice under the weight of the vehicle.

I am not anxious to leave the house and may remain inside until spring. We will see.

Yesterday I stressed protective measures for the winter. Today I want to address the flu for a moment.

This year flu is at it’s all time high. Please stay home and keep your kids home.

Rules to avoid the flu.

1. Don’t eat out

2. Wash hands frequently

3. Eat healthy having warm meals and chicken soup.

4. Drink lots of water

5. Vitamin C is needed to heal the body

6. If you get sick go to the doctor before it gets worse.

7. Flu shots help

8. books, and money are the dirtiest items for germs.

9. Don’t take your children to dare cares find a home babysitter

10. Dress appropriately for the weather

Also onions are great for health tips. Eating onions and garlic are healthy.

Slicing an onion and putting it in a dish of water in every room in the house absorbs bacteria. Throw them out in the morning and start again. You can find more information on this under Home remedies using onions for flu.

Remember the most seriously hit people are the infants, senior citizens and those with health complications. Don’t take risk stay home be safe and stay warm.

So until next time 🙂


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