January 15th

Good Morning everyone. I hope today finds you all well. January is a very interesting month. It is one when we think of holiday let downs, resolutions, Winter Festivals, but it is also the month designated to honor African-Americans and remember Martin Luther King Jr.

It is the only month that is designated to a cultural. Other cultures have one day here and there scattered throughout the year hardly noticed.

The reason I am mentioning this is I remember when I was teaching in Las Vegas how all academia stopped around the activities during the month of January. Then there was the Martin Luther Day Parade when someone shot a gun into the air and fortunately no one was injured as we had many students participating in the parade.

It brings me back to the current issues at hand the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Throughout history there have always been guns and good and bad guys.

We now are asking what can we do to keep our children safe.

It starts at home teaching right from wrong. It starts with listening not just to children but to everyone. Rage festers when no one cares and no one listens.

We are now living in a day and age when families are isolated from extended family members. The society is mobile and many single parents move away to find work. Children no longer have the support of the entire family.

We also have many children being raised by grandparents who don’t even know their own parents.

It is time that we hold our society accountable. You can’t look at just one issue and hold it accountable you must look at everything that leads to such a critical situation from the home setting, to the schools, to the community.

Often times we as adults speak without thinking and we don’t know how we affect another person. Our children are learning to do the same thing. Bullying is a learned activity that children pick up from the people around them.

We must eliminate as much negativity in our life as possible and keep our lives as positive as we possibly can.

That comes down to telling friends you don’t want to be with them when they are negative or participate in negative activities. That comes down to eliminating shows from television that fester negativity.  It comes down to not listening to music that isn’t positive. It comes down to an entire new way of thinking.

Now they talk about GUN  CONTROl. That isn’t going to solve the problem because any one who really wants a gun and wants to kill will find a way to do it.

However, there are somethings that can be improved in the schools. Starting with respecting the schools in this country. We need to put our teachers on a professional level and realize how important they are in the lives of our children.

We need to make it such a respected field that it is an automatic hands off situation the same as you wouldn’t go after police . Well don’t go after our schools either.

Second put metal detectors in the doorways of all schools and check for weapons entering.

Third lock the doors once the school bell rings and have an intercom doorbell that must be accessed from the office for visitors the same as the jails do.

Schools should not be interrupted during the day with visitors unless they call ahead, make an appointment, or have been called to school for the benefit of their child.

Eliminate the traffic in the schools and you will cut down the risks.

Stronger communication between administration, safety personal etc. Staff needs to know when staff members are going to be out of the buildings.

Reduce administration leaves during school hours. Meetings need to be before or after school.

Lock downs are only part of what works in the school. Classroom need to be built-in a way where there is an easy escape. Every class should have two doors.

Not all classrooms have closets for students to climb into, there has to be escape routes even if it’s access to the boiler room.

The old high school that I went to had a tunnel that ran the whole length of the school . IT would not have been hard to put a drop door in each classroom so at least the main floor could have disappeared into the tunnels which lead out to the street.

Construction of schools usually have space very effective for limited space and economical which means there aren’t extras but an extra door may save a life.

College should be training future teachers in lock down situations.

I admire the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary and my heart goes out to the entire community.

I watched an interview with the Superintendent before Christmas and my heart was aching for her and her staff.

However, as I watched them tell about the love and talents of each child I thought what a tribute to life.

I would like to see the Sandy Hook Elementary School turned into a community center where each room could be designated to a child and the arts could be taught there remembering the love those children had. Whether it be an art class, a music class, sports, or whatever let them have a community center that honors living. They will never want to go back into that school again as a school. Let it become a community place.

Now as we move forward into the year 2013 let each and every one of us do our best to make it the best year we can.

It is time that people go back to the “Golden Rule”.

It is time that people put there differences aside.

It is time that we stop seeing color and recognize we are all people.

It is time that we stop discriminating.

It is time that we honor with respect and pride.

It is time that we celebrate with freedom.

It is time to rebuild our country.

It is time to stop thinking about the almighty dollar.

It is time to help your neighbor.

It is time for families to be together.

It is time for everyone to take life serious.

Love, live, and be happy to the fullest everyday.

Show your love to those close with actions and words.

It is time to think about what we will leave behind when we leave this world. What are we giving to future generations. We need to be able to leave this world with pride not shame.

So as Congress battles this battle over what to do about economy and gun control each one of us must take responsibility for ourselves and be willing to make the world a better place to live.

My resolution is to be as positive as I possibly can. I will not let bad days affect those close to me. I will do the best I can to be the best influence I can be.

I wish  the same for all of you. So until next time P:)


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