January 20th

Good morning everyone. I hope you are warm and safe and your morning started better than mine did.

Last night I took my sons out to dinner for their birthdays. We had a lovely Asian buffet.  We all ate too much and when we were done went home.

The cats were mad because we had left them alone so they decided to get even with us.

I sleep on the couch because I can’t lay flat and the cats spent the entire night spring boarding from the piano next to the couch on to the back of the couch then running back and forth.  Finally at 6:00 a.m. I couldn’t take it any longer and got up. The minute I got up they knew they were in trouble and went and laid down. Now they are both sleeping. I wish I could spring-board off of their beds and let them know what it feels like.

I guess I’ll be taking a nap today.

It’s very cold today although the sun is out. I’m tired of this weather and ready for warm weather. I’m going to start doing a sun dance and pushing for and early spring. Maybe the sun Gods will listen and shine some warm rays down on us. My aching bones could sure use it.

Today I want to talk about a PET PEEVE of mine: Parents, children and Choices.

Parents have expectations of their children when they first have them and then they soon find out that life isn’t the dream you had in mind.

Children either comply to their parent’s lifestyle and wishes or rebel to be heard.

Society says everyone has the right to freedom of choice.

My Pet Peeve is we aren’t guiding the young people today and setting boundaries. They need those boundaries. We are throwing out all social norms and saying anything goes. I have watched several of Dr. Phil’s shows in the past week some I agree with him on but some I don’t . However, the most important part I see is everyone has a right to choose.

NO THEY DON”T!!! I’m here to tell you that if they are living under my roof and I’m footing the bill it’s my choice.

If I as a tax payer am footing the bill than NO THEY DON’T I expect social norms of right and wrong.

Anyone who doesn’t like my opinion has the right to live their way but don’t expect me to pay for it.

I watch the younger generation with children and they have no parenting skills. They leave their children home alone with no supervision and they do so at a young age because they don’t want to pay for childcare and yet they expect food stamps, and subsides from the government. They don’t help their children with reading, writing, and arithmetic or even play table games with them.

Children are babysat by televisions and Nintendos or other technology.

When did we stop being parents and decide our children are weeds to grow wild?

Divorce is partly to blame along with never getting married and yet being a parent.

The sad part is every child needs to be raised by two parents even if those parents don’t live together.

Every year I watch my sons have almost no contact with their father by his choice and I wish I could do something about it because I know they are missing something in their life but I can’t, so instead I am going to tell the world WAKE UP!

It’s time to go back to old-fashioned parenting when children had expectations and so did parents. To this day if I say we are having a family get together my son’s listen. Then we agree on time and place.  To many children grow up and don’t have a thing to do with their parents and that’s because they never forgive or forget the times that they were left alone, ignored or not cared for.

Society cannot function without social norms it becomes chaos and that is where we are in today’s society.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY! Show someone you love them by setting boundaries and letting them know you care.

Today is Sunday do a family activity even if it is just to have one meal with everyone around the table at the same time-sharing their daily activities.

It’s time to turn of electronics and have some quality family time. Choice need to be fair but with age appropriate boundaries.

Parents need to be parents.

Children need to be children. Don’t make them grow up faster than they need to.

To all of you out there that are already doing this I sent my sincerely compliments to you.

To those you aren’t doing it I send my prayers.

To everyone I wish you a wonderful and safe day. so until next time 🙂



3 Responses

  1. Great post and I agree completely. Maybe if more people felt as wedo the problem would lessen. All we can do is set our own example and write about it!!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and you know what? I agree with much of what you wrote, especially about your pet peeves. Keep hanging on in there and enjoy your day.

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