January 24th

Good morning everyone. Sorry I’ve been gone but my sciatic nerve is giving problems and it’s hard for me to sit and write.

However, today is a very important day for me. It is the Birthday of my first child.

I want to wish Shawn a Happy 39th Birthday. May you have many more enjoyable ones.

When I got pregnant it was planned and I was so excited. Finally my husband and I were ready to start our family or so we thought. We had our careers and everything seemed to be going well.

My father-in-law had passed away suddenly in March and I didn’t want my children to grow up not knowing their grandparents as I had never knew my grandfathers and that left an empty spot for me.

In April we began the journey of starting our family and it didn’t take long for the seed of life to begin its journey.

We ended up moving that summer closer to family and I found myself not able to do many chores that I hadn’t expected as I started spotting and the doctor said no sweeping , no vacuuming and no traveling.

Other than that I was fine. I had morning sickness for the first month and then it was over. I could eat what I wanted without problems and I did my best to eat health. I even drank milk which I hate.

I wasn’t nervous about being pregnant, or being a new mom, it was just part of what a woman does.  I had no fears because I trusted in the Lord. The doctor said I was due on January 22nd.

The closer it came to the date the more my back ached. I carried him high and it felt like he was kicking me between the shoulder blades.

The doctors said since there was no question of the due date we’d induce on the 22nd to get rid of my pain. But the stubborn little guy didn’t want to come yet and I was sent home without my baby. What a horrible feeling that was leaving the hospital empty-handed instead of a baby in my arms.

The morning of the 24th. I was in full contractions and I had stayed at my parents house for two days rather than worry about the thirty mile journey.

At 6:00 am my parents took me to the hospital and they said my baby was coming. My doctor came and broke the water and informed me that if I hadn’t delivered by 10:00 he was leaving on a hunting trip and his partner, whom I had never met would deliver. Now I was unhappy. I wanted my doctor.

Well of course, as you know babies do what you want and the day came and went with a stranger checking in on me from time to time. However, I was in hard labor for twelve hours.

I was in a Catholic hospital run by nuns and everyone was very starch and direct. The nurse finally yelled at me for not pushing hard enough. That was when I lost it. I let her know I had been pushing my guts out and if she could do better than she’d better show me how.

With that remark she decided she’d better call the doctor before he went on his dinner break. The doctor came to check on me and found out the baby was facing the wrong way.

He said, “It’s going to be at least another hour if we leave you to deliver naturally,  or we can do it now with a saddle block and forceps.  I knew I was getting weaker and weaker so I said, “Let’s get this over.

I didn’t know what a  saddle block was and the full extent of risk involved and had I then I never would have had it.

Then trying to sit up while contracting and barely able to breathe this long needle was injected into my spine.
A few minutes later I had a beautiful baby boy.

It took the doctor five minutes to determine if he had any hair as it was  like blonde peach fuss.

I was finally happy and the family was excited.

His grandfather ran right out and bought him the only football he could find, a bright pink one.

Grandmother’s were comparing notes.

Mother was exhausted and to be honest I would be relieved when everyone left to go to the nursery to see him.

I had to lay flat for twenty-four hours with no pillow because of the saddle block which for me was difficult. However, the nurse made the mistake of giving me a pillow too soon and I got the dry heaves. Something you don’t want to have after giving birth.

In three days I would go home with my son and be anxious to do so as I found the nurses of little help or comfort when it came to nursing and mothering.

I spent one night at my parents home but was not comfortable trying to nurse and take care of a crying baby when I knew my dad was there and needed his sleep.

The next day my husband would come after work and take us home. It was wonderful. I now was a mother. Shawn spent his days eating and sleeping.

I got into what I thought would be an easy mother routine. However, everything would change as he learned to walk. He was very active, and in to everything. The older he got the worse he got although I never had problems with him until he entered public school.

If I had it to do over again neither of my sons would have attended public school.

Shawn and reluctantly come into this world doing things when he was ready to and that was how his whole live would be.

Shawn would learn things quickly and move on to the next thing being board.

You always had to stay one step ahead of him.

His one passion in life is his music. I am glad he found that outlet to channel some of his energy and frustration.

Although he is between jobs at the moment, we likes driving trucks for harvest and big heavy-duty equipment which he is trained on.

When he is not working he can be found either helping friends, because he’s my social butterfly, or working on composing music in his room.

He started out as a drummer and is self-taught on the guitars.

There is much I could say about this young man and his potential to succeed however, sometimes mother’s need to know when to stop.

Shawn you were born on a day very similar to today. It was cold and snowy. The only difference was the location. You were born in Butte, Montana my hometown.

Now as your day begins a wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday. There is nothing like the love of a mother for her child.

A mother forgets the pain of labor but never forgets the bond between the baby she carried for nine months. There is no stronger love.

May God Bless you and give you eternal happiness.




3 Responses

  1. They treated us brutally back then. Forceps to pull the babies out. I never heard of the block. They do things so much gentler now. My daughter had a mid wife that used her finger to gently open my daughter up so she didn’t get cut. Well I guess that’s progress.

    Best wishes to your son. And prayers for your pain to let up. I’m getting two injections in my back in three weeks to help let up on the pain in mine. The pills stopped working.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!! And thank you for sharing this post with us!!

  3. Thank you Raani. Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I have a friend in the hospital.

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