February 28th

Hello everyone 🙂

Here we are at the end of February all ready. February is a very emotional month for me. You go through Valentines Day, President’s Day and my father’s birthday.

My father was born on February 29th. We always celebrated it on the last day of February but we teased him about his age saying he could only have his birthday every four years.

My father passed away suddenly on November 16, 1985 at the age of 69. I miss him so very much.  He would be 97 if still alive. Although he’s gone I like to remember him the best that I can on this day.

I am dedicating today to the Best Dad Ever: Fred Wilson Richards

My father always believed in doing what was right. Don’t fight the establishment but stand up for what you believe in. He knew everyone in town and they respected him. I as a young girl was always amazed at how many people wanted to shake hands with him as we went to town.

Later on my sons would have the same experience. Dad liked to go to the old-fashioned barber shop and that was a day he would take me with him. The barber’s would tease me about cutting off my ringlets but I wasn’t worried because dad never would have let that happen.

My father was a printer and I remember checking in with him at work on my way home from town as I got older. It was a short cut through the business and I liked to say hi but the big presses weren’t safe and make loud noises so we hurried on through.  However, it gave my parents a satisfaction of safety knowing where I was and that I’d stop.

He was usually elected as the President of the Typographical Union even though he never wanted it. However, the men he worked with on both sides saw him to be fair and logical and they would listen when he spoke. My father was a man of few words but as kids we knew to listen when he spoke and I think that is how everyone saw him.

Dad use to treat us once a month to Pork Chop John’s Sandwiches and a Milkshake. That was a great delight.

My father believed in the idea that if you can do it yourself don’t pay someone else to do it. He was very handy with his hands and not only learned to work on his own car but to remodel the house. What he didn’t know he’d read about.

However, every so often he’d take the car to the gas station for a good oil change and tune up. That would be the day I’d ride along with him for company and when we were done we would hit the root beer stand across the street. You know the A & W good old-fashioned root beer when kids got the little mug free. Then we’d head back home for whatever the day had in store for us.

Dad always made sure that the upkeep on the house was taken care off and he would help neighbors if they needed some help.

We would mow the yard, and we would try to help with raking the grass or leaves depending on what time of year. However it always ended up with us doing somersaults  and putting grass or leaves down each other’s backs. Dad didn’t mind so much as long as we cleaned up our mess afterwards.

My father worked hard and he loved nature. He believed you couldn’t be any closer to God than being out in God’s country enjoy the beauty of the day. Once spring broke we knew he would clean up his fishing gear and get ready for opening season of fishing.

Once fishing started every weekend was on the rivers and occasional on the lakes but he preferred river fishing.

My dad was good at fly fishing however, as much as I tried it I never got good at it as a kid. I’d always get stuck on the bottom of the river for leaving it too long or I’d get hung up in the willow trees. Dad finally gave up on me fly fishing for fear that I’d just step out into the river and try to unhook the snag myself. We usually fished the Madison River and it is very fast with many deep wholes. I wasn’t that big and the currents could have taken me away with no problem.

I however, was content to sit on the side and bait fish. I usually would find a big rock where I could dangle my feet into the water and wait for dad’s return as he would walk down river through the different forks that it had.

Mom was always close by and could help but she didn’t like the water as she never learned to swim.

My father believed in taking care of nature and leaving it undisturbed. You ate what you caught and you didn’t take more than the legal limit.

You kept your camping area clean and leaved it for the next person to enjoy.

Although he’d let me catch polliwogs and tadpoles I always had to return them to their natural habitat before leaving.

We were never allowed to hang from trees breaking their branches or causing any other kind of natural problem.

The wild flowers were beautiful and occasionally we’d pick a bouquet for mom for being a good sport. However, most of the time we chose to leave them in their beautiful natural surrounding.

It was always sad when summer came to an end as you knew dad missed being outdoors.

During the school year he’d help us with school projects or just enjoy listening to us chatter around the dinner table as we told of the days activities.

He believed in God but didn’t like going to church however, he would attend on holidays and if us kids were doing a special performance. Other than that he pretty much was a home body.

However, he would take us sleigh riding and make sure we got outside during the winter months.

My favorite times that I remember with my dad is sitting on his lap being read a story, him listening to me as I played the piano and him singing along, going fishing , and working on the car together.

My father wanted a son and he got me instead. I did the best to make him feel like he had a companion no matter what we were doing.

He was a man I could go to no matter what my problems were and he’d listen. He always had the right answers because he used good old common sense.

I miss our talks. I miss him reading me a bedtime story. I miss his laugh that you didn’t hear very often.

I miss knowing that I can go to him.

I still talk to him and I know he hears me. I see signs around me all the time.

Like the time I was too busy with things in my life and I was also trying to help a friend in need and I had taken her a box of food and ran her to the store. Upon returning to her apartment when I got out of my mini van the license plate began to dance. I stopped and looked and said “Did you see that?” “What the heck.” She had seen it too. There wasn’t a breeze in the air. I walked over to the car afraid it was about to come off but it was tightly screwed on. Then as I looked at the plate I saw what I was supposed to see. My tags were expired for a month.

Oh no! Now I needed to get my car home and off the street. I know that was my dad reminding me of my tags.  I haven’t forgotten to renew my tags since. That was such a close call. I didn’t have money for a fine.

Yes there are other times too and sometimes at night when the sky is lit with stars I’ll just look towards the heaven and send my conversation to him.

I know that he hears me and he knows my love for him.

So today I will say Dad I LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Sing with the angels and know my heart is with you.



February 26th

Hello everyone. I hope all are safe and warm. It seems that the blizzards across the Midwest have caused havoc.

I am glad to say we got a little flurry of snow with some cold and it is to warm up each day and by Friday be up in the 50’s. I am so looking forward to spring.

The ground is already showing signs of new birth and that is my favorite time of year.

Although there is blue in the sky today it is someone overcast with many clouds. The sun isn’t bright today. I look forward to my bright summer days.

If I could have but one wish it would be to have good health and be able to run down the street one more time like a child. 🙂

However, I will make the best of life that I can for now.

I would like to spend today talking about the Idaho Author’s Community. It is a group of author’s that get together to support one another. It has founded by two author’s who wanted to give Idaho author’s a venue.

Now they are scheduling book signings in 44 counties. Now it is not possible for author’s to attend every book signing. However, they have made it possible for author’s to have their books represented at these signings.

It is important that author’s come together and support and motivate one another sharing what they have learned. The publishing business is continually changing and author’s must change with it on top of knowing how to market one’s books.

I encourage all Idaho author’s to join this group and states who don’t have such a group to start one.

I am asking that those close to the Idaho borders follow the agenda of events and help to support the book signings and wonderful businesses  as this will help our economy.

All genre’s are represented equally, however, they are quality books. You can follow them on Facebook for more information.

So I invite you to check it out and get into contact with those that are in charge.


There will be many up coming book signings so please follow.

So until next time:)

February 23rd

Hello Everyone:) I hope all are safe and warm. Today is a grey cloudy day with snow flurries and howling wind.

We are expected to be like this all weekend. The wind is blowing so hard it is blowing the snow out of here. Oh how I hate the howling of the wind.

I look forward to spring. Oh may it come and bring a gentle spring of enjoyment. I am ready to watch the rebirth of the earth and the animals.

Today the Idaho Author’s Community is having two book signings one in Weiser and one in Fruitland. I hope that many will be able to go and browse through a variety of author’s and select some wonderful books.

I could not attend due to the distance and my health although I am with them all in spirit. I pray that they are having better weather than we are.


Free Write Friday (FWF) lyric prompt…

“Oh yea, they say ‘life goes on’ long after the thrill of living is gone.”

This is one of Kellie’s favorite Mellancamp songs, Jack and Diane, that she says leaves her pining for those long lost summers of youth and wishing she hadn’t been in such a hurry.

What does this lyric mean to you?


Oh yea, life goes on’

long after the thrill of

loving, living, and dreams.

Life goes on through hardships

and sorrows, divorce, and deaths.

Oh yea’ life goes on’ because we must

keep on living for future generations.

We had our dreams,  hopes, our aspirations,

However, everything seems to fade with time,

except for our memories.

We still have the memories of youth, fun,

flirting, and being giddy,

We still have the memories of our first date,

first dance, first prom.

We still have the memories of our first love,

and all the craziness of adolescence.

Oh yea’ life goes on but not the way we

expect it to. It has its own twists and turns

and takes you on a journey that you never

expected to go on. It gives you a roller coaster ride

that sometimes you would like to get off of.  But in the

end you have to realize you are living.

Oh yea’ life goes on and new dreams appear,  hopefully

life will always go on for when we stop and are merely existing

than life doesn’t go on no more.

We live, we love, we change, and what we do with it is our choice.

Let life go on yea’ even if it is nothing more than the cherished moments

in your mind of family, friends, love, and happiness. Let life remain in your heart forever.

So until next time live life yea’ 🙂


February 21st

Hello everyone 🙂

I don’t know where the time has gone but somehow January and February got away from me.

I feel like I am a yo-yo that is strung to tight. I seem to be continually rushing from one thing to another and trying to play catch up.

Then there are the sudden things that come up unexpectedly and you have to fit in and don’t know when or where to make everything work.

I am now at a point in my life where I want one simple routine. I want to know what I am doing every morning when I get up. I want my day to go calmly and I want to accomplish something.

However, that doesn’t seem to be what is happening in my life right now and it is starting to become somewhat irritating.

Today has been the first day in weeks that I could actually sit at my computer and enjoy what I want to do. 🙂

However, having a new computer chair has helped immensely. So far my sciatic nerve isn’t bothering me and the new chair may have solved the problem. I certainly hope so.

I am tired of winter and who ever said, the groundhog didn’t see its shadow didn’t look for closely.

We are now having more winter storms and snow then we have had all winter long.

The average this week was six inches. It is now melting but we are expected to get a double Wammy on Friday and Saturday.

My male cat Skeeter, although a house cat, has had enough and has cabin fever.

He has been into nothing but mischief for two days now.  My female cat, Baby, decided at 5:30 am she was starving and wouldn’t give up until I got up. She has this habit of whacking you until you get up and feed her.

It seems this week everyone in my household is being very demanding and I have to put my foot down.

Now everyone has decided to disappear and stay out of my way for the moment.  Baby’s trying to sleep in the one sun ray on the floor that she can find.

Skeeter has gone to the back bedroom with my son, and I finally have some peace and quiet.

I am happy to see the sun out and I can’t wait for the trees to start blossoming and the birds to return. I miss the birds and the squirrels which I rarely see in the winter.

I too have cabin fever and am ready for a nice slow spring. However, I fear that it will jump right into summer and be hot.

I am working on changing my dietary habits and exercising and it is starting with small slow changes as not to put my body into shock. However, once the weather clears up I do plan on doing what little walking I can do.

My forty-fifth class reunion is coming up and not only do I not want to go looking like the good year blimp but I would like to be able to enjoy visiting some sites.

My goal for now is to lose weight, be able to walk, and sale enough books to pay for a vacation.

I plan to enjoy this summer more than I have in the past couple of years. I am going to travel when possible for book signings and guest lectures.

I hope that I can open up some new doorways not only for my books for people who don’t know where to turn in their own lives..

Life is getting more and more complicated all the time and it is important for people to know where to go to get help them may seriously need.

I will address some of this in my book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors” my forty-year journey of teaching  which I am now working on.

I plan to release it in July when I go to my reunion. However, between now and then I will also work on finishing “The Cat in the Box” and start on a couple new books , one being “Try Walking in My Shoes.” I will also continue to work on my first romance novel ” A Twist of Love, ” A Heart Broken.

However, for right now I am going to try to find my sense of humor and get back to being able to laugh because of late I have become way too serious once again. I have watched Talk Shows that show the stupidity of people and I have become aggravated with it along with the nonsense of politicians acting like children.

I am going to live with some words of wisdom:

1) If you don’t have cash in your pocket don’t buy what you can’t afford

2) If you don’t have work find work and get employed start with whatever you can get even if it means substituting until you can work your way into a position.

3) Depend on no one but yourself.

4) There is no such thing as entitlement, nothing in life is free, someone else is paying your way.

5) Learn from your mistakes, one time is an accident, the second time is stupidity.

6) Education is a privilege not a right of passage.

7) There are no excuses for breaking the law and that includes politicians

8) One country under God means we all have to live according to the same laws of God no matter whose God you believe in or the laws of which state you are in.

9) Give and you shall receive, stop thinking of “ME” and think of “THEE”

10. Love starts at home, good parenting, quality time, and family unity.

The fiscal cliff is upon us and we could all be destroyed by the wrong decisions. It is time our politicians look inside themselves and decide what is morally right for the entire country before it’s too late.

Honor above all







We are only as strong as our weakest link and if our congress is weak then the rest of us don’t have a prayer.

So as I close today. I am going to pray that the congress finds a way to resolve the fiscal cliff issues before it puts the rest of us in harm’s way.

May God Bless one and all and keep you safe 🙂 So until next time 🙂





February 16th

Hello everyone 🙂

IT has been a busy couple of weeks. I now belong to the Idaho Author’s Community and they are doing book signings in 44 counties. I have trying to get organized as I am use to working alone at my own pace.

I am now behind on everything. However, I did get my books transported to Twin Falls today so they are headed for a book signing that I am not able to attend. Author’s looking out for Author’s what a great way to spread the word.

Hope to catch up more on Tuesday.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather while they can.

So until next time 🙂

February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. I wish you a day full of love and cheer.

What is Happy Valentine’s about?


H is for the hugs we share.

A is for all those in our life.

P is for people young and old, that we hold in our heart like Gold.

P is for peace on earth giving us the right to care.

Y is for the young who learn to write cards and share in school


V is for the Valentine you receive with love.

A is for acceptance and assurance of those who care

L is for love in the air

E is for enough to go around , hugs and kisses for all to be found

N is never forgetting to say I love, don’t wait it might be too late

T is for Time to open up your heart and let the world know your love

I is for Individuality in the way you choose to share

N is for Nice in every way you share this day.

E is for everyone having the right to be loved

S is for surprise, sharing, and selecting something special


D is for a day to remember

A is for Amounts of love, happiness, and joy shared around

Y is for You and your life, love each moment it’s all about you.


So for all of you out there go and enjoy a Happy Valentine’s Day and show how happy you can be today. Remember the forgotten ones, and surprise yourself when the joy comes around.

Love, Hugs and Kisses

Today is a day to let you all know I care about YOU!!!!!!!!

so until next time 🙂

February 11th

Hello everyone:) Come on in and share your thoughts with me. I like the conversation. After forty years of working with teenagers it is now refreshing to have adult conversations.

I have seen it all and there is nothing in this world that surprises me. However, once in a while I do get a chuckle out of what goes on in the world.

The news media was all in an uproar last night over a divorce lawyer wanting to give away a free divorce on Valentine’s Day. They just didn’t get it.

I am sorry but I did get it. After going through horrible holidays knowing we would divorce after the holidays I would have given anything for a free divorce. The last thing I wanted to think of was love, romance, and six months of pain and agony with lawyers.

Hurray for a lawyer who sees that he can give something back.  IF you aren’t in love then why prolong the agony.

February has always been a difficult month for me. My father was born on February 29th and growing up I use to tease my friends about my dad being younger than me because he only got a birthday every  four years. Once they figured it out we all had a good laugh.

However, when he died in November at the age of 69 I would never enjoy February again.

I see February as the forgotten month. A month when those who don’t have a love one to share with are made to feel alone.  A month when you hate to walk into a store and see the gifts that you have never and never will receive. I see it as a reminder of what it is to be alone.

I would rather see it as a gift for all to share, instead of a month for lovers. I would rather see it as a month of rebirth. The birds are starting to mate. The ground is coming alive, and we should be thankful that spring is on its way.

I would rather see it as a time of family love.

Give everyone in the family a Valentine’s card, some chocolates or whatever. However, I think the Romance part needs to be kept for every day of the year. Why on earth would you only remember the person you love one day a year?

If you truly love someone let it show throughout the year as you feel it whether it be in small ways or big ways.

Love doesn’t need anyone telling them what day to experience it. Love knows when to share, be close, and appreciate what you have.

I think it is time that society changes this tradition and brings back the idea of children in schools learning to share appreciation for one another.

I think society needs to share family values and love.

I think it is a time to come together not a time just for those fortunate enough to be couples.

So as we go into this week let us remember the true meaning of Love: it is to give unconditionally, emotionally, physically,mentally and from the soul your true feelings of caring, appreciation and passion for mankind.

Let us make February the month of rebirth of life, love, and liberty.

So start out by planning how you will make these things happen in your own life.

What will you do for your family, a neighbor, a friend?

It’s time we all are partners in life’s journey.

So my blessings to everyone is to experience the moment, appreciate what you have, enjoy nature’s beauty, share, care, and love. Life is to short for anything else.

So until next time 🙂