February 7th

Hello everyone. Sorry that I have been away. I don’t know where the time goes. However, what I wish to talk about today is aging gracefully.

We all know that we will eventually get old but we all think somethings will never happen to us. It is important to accept the fact that our genes play an important part in our life.

No one wants to reach the point in their life where they can no longer be useful, productive, or have freedom to control their life. However, it happens to most people.

There are some things that we can do to reduce the stress.

1. Know when it is time to make a life change and accept it gracefully. It doesn’t mean life is over. It just means it’s a new chapter in your life.  The hardest thing I have ever had to do was give up my teaching career of forty years but I knew it was time. I worried about what I was going to do. However, my writing has been my salvation. I now can do what I didn’t have time to do before.

2. Health: It is important to take care of your health but it is more important to enjoy life while you have your health. Often times people plan to do things later on in life when they retire so they put them off. Don’t do that because your health may not allow you to do all those dreams you had.

3. Accept your age and your physical attributes: Once you stop fighting it you can live within your abilities and have less stress than if you keep fighting it.  That doesn’t mean give up just be honest and know what is realistic. Where I use to love dancing I know that I can’t do it anymore so I enjoy watching others do it. Find your center of happiness.

4. Nutrition: Accept the fact that once you get older eating habits change. Your body doesn’t need as much as it once did and it doesn’t want many of the things you may have once enjoyed eating. Now is the time to cut back and enjoy one or two favorite foods, eating smaller amounts but more often and have a few snacks that are healthy.

5. Medical: Take care of your medical needs whether they be physical, surgery, or dental but don’t try to prove anything by rushing the healing process. Your healing slows down as you age and you need to have patience.

6. Confidence: Make sure you have a doctor or a friend that you can communicate with. It is vital for good mental health to have positive feedback about your life changes and what you are doing, need to be doing and should be doing in the future.

7. Children: Make sure you let your children know your wishes. Don’t let them make decisions for you. Allow them to be involved but you need to keep control of your life. Don’t give up your independence.

8. Laugh : Find what makes you happy and enjoy it, laugh everyday and have fun. Now is your time whether it is laughing at a television show, a pet, kids, grandkids, friends, or a joke.  The more you laugh the happier you will be.

9.  Volunteer: Remember you have much wisdom and if you can volunteer whether it is in schools reading, or pink ladies at the hospital, or community work it is a win – win situation. Keep as active as you possibly can.

10. Activity : If you find you are loosing your ability to be active talk with your doctor and do some physical therapy. You need to stay active. Remember the saying use it or lose it. That is so true. If you don’t stay active your muscles deteriorate. Keep on going.

It is very difficult this day and age for senior citizens to be socially active because they can’t afford the gas, they can’t afford eating out, they can’t afford to go places. However, they can keep active in their own home, try to stay active within their own social groups and attend the senior citizen center.  Some communities offer a free meal once a month. Check and see what your c community offers.

However, no matter what you do remember when you accept the stage of life that you are at and face it you also help to give yourself a positive attitude.

Remember there is good and bad to all stages of life and we just have to go through them all.

Right now my prayers are with my best friend who just had surgery on both her knees and is slowly healing. She is having a difficult time with this as she had hoped to heal faster. She is also a nurse and makes a horrible patient. She is having to accept it day by day.

Remember take it one day at a time and it will go better.

Prayers to my friend Cindy as she heals.

May anyone out there who is struggling with age benefit from my views. I have accepted where I am at and I am okay with it.

So until next time 🙂



2 Responses

  1. Great post and so true!! It should be typed and taped to the fridge!!

    Love, Micki

  2. Thanks Micki I tried to get my son to tatoo DNR across my chest but he didn’t see the humor in that. I guess I’ll just have to post it every where. I really don’t think he took me serious. LOL

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