February 11th

Hello everyone:) Come on in and share your thoughts with me. I like the conversation. After forty years of working with teenagers it is now refreshing to have adult conversations.

I have seen it all and there is nothing in this world that surprises me. However, once in a while I do get a chuckle out of what goes on in the world.

The news media was all in an uproar last night over a divorce lawyer wanting to give away a free divorce on Valentine’s Day. They just didn’t get it.

I am sorry but I did get it. After going through horrible holidays knowing we would divorce after the holidays I would have given anything for a free divorce. The last thing I wanted to think of was love, romance, and six months of pain and agony with lawyers.

Hurray for a lawyer who sees that he can give something back.  IF you aren’t in love then why prolong the agony.

February has always been a difficult month for me. My father was born on February 29th and growing up I use to tease my friends about my dad being younger than me because he only got a birthday every  four years. Once they figured it out we all had a good laugh.

However, when he died in November at the age of 69 I would never enjoy February again.

I see February as the forgotten month. A month when those who don’t have a love one to share with are made to feel alone.  A month when you hate to walk into a store and see the gifts that you have never and never will receive. I see it as a reminder of what it is to be alone.

I would rather see it as a gift for all to share, instead of a month for lovers. I would rather see it as a month of rebirth. The birds are starting to mate. The ground is coming alive, and we should be thankful that spring is on its way.

I would rather see it as a time of family love.

Give everyone in the family a Valentine’s card, some chocolates or whatever. However, I think the Romance part needs to be kept for every day of the year. Why on earth would you only remember the person you love one day a year?

If you truly love someone let it show throughout the year as you feel it whether it be in small ways or big ways.

Love doesn’t need anyone telling them what day to experience it. Love knows when to share, be close, and appreciate what you have.

I think it is time that society changes this tradition and brings back the idea of children in schools learning to share appreciation for one another.

I think society needs to share family values and love.

I think it is a time to come together not a time just for those fortunate enough to be couples.

So as we go into this week let us remember the true meaning of Love: it is to give unconditionally, emotionally, physically,mentally and from the soul your true feelings of caring, appreciation and passion for mankind.

Let us make February the month of rebirth of life, love, and liberty.

So start out by planning how you will make these things happen in your own life.

What will you do for your family, a neighbor, a friend?

It’s time we all are partners in life’s journey.

So my blessings to everyone is to experience the moment, appreciate what you have, enjoy nature’s beauty, share, care, and love. Life is to short for anything else.

So until next time 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I’d like to have “adult” conversations sometimes… but I’m afraid discussing with me isn’t any better than “Teenage” talk… I’m such a BABY once in a while…
    I do definitely like your blog post though!!

  2. Feel free to jump in Raani and I’m glad you enjoy my blog post. I just know that I spent years 24/7with teenagers and I needed to learn to discuss adult issues once in awhile. Now I’m retired I can do that.

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