February 21st

Hello everyone 🙂

I don’t know where the time has gone but somehow January and February got away from me.

I feel like I am a yo-yo that is strung to tight. I seem to be continually rushing from one thing to another and trying to play catch up.

Then there are the sudden things that come up unexpectedly and you have to fit in and don’t know when or where to make everything work.

I am now at a point in my life where I want one simple routine. I want to know what I am doing every morning when I get up. I want my day to go calmly and I want to accomplish something.

However, that doesn’t seem to be what is happening in my life right now and it is starting to become somewhat irritating.

Today has been the first day in weeks that I could actually sit at my computer and enjoy what I want to do. 🙂

However, having a new computer chair has helped immensely. So far my sciatic nerve isn’t bothering me and the new chair may have solved the problem. I certainly hope so.

I am tired of winter and who ever said, the groundhog didn’t see its shadow didn’t look for closely.

We are now having more winter storms and snow then we have had all winter long.

The average this week was six inches. It is now melting but we are expected to get a double Wammy on Friday and Saturday.

My male cat Skeeter, although a house cat, has had enough and has cabin fever.

He has been into nothing but mischief for two days now.  My female cat, Baby, decided at 5:30 am she was starving and wouldn’t give up until I got up. She has this habit of whacking you until you get up and feed her.

It seems this week everyone in my household is being very demanding and I have to put my foot down.

Now everyone has decided to disappear and stay out of my way for the moment.  Baby’s trying to sleep in the one sun ray on the floor that she can find.

Skeeter has gone to the back bedroom with my son, and I finally have some peace and quiet.

I am happy to see the sun out and I can’t wait for the trees to start blossoming and the birds to return. I miss the birds and the squirrels which I rarely see in the winter.

I too have cabin fever and am ready for a nice slow spring. However, I fear that it will jump right into summer and be hot.

I am working on changing my dietary habits and exercising and it is starting with small slow changes as not to put my body into shock. However, once the weather clears up I do plan on doing what little walking I can do.

My forty-fifth class reunion is coming up and not only do I not want to go looking like the good year blimp but I would like to be able to enjoy visiting some sites.

My goal for now is to lose weight, be able to walk, and sale enough books to pay for a vacation.

I plan to enjoy this summer more than I have in the past couple of years. I am going to travel when possible for book signings and guest lectures.

I hope that I can open up some new doorways not only for my books for people who don’t know where to turn in their own lives..

Life is getting more and more complicated all the time and it is important for people to know where to go to get help them may seriously need.

I will address some of this in my book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors” my forty-year journey of teaching  which I am now working on.

I plan to release it in July when I go to my reunion. However, between now and then I will also work on finishing “The Cat in the Box” and start on a couple new books , one being “Try Walking in My Shoes.” I will also continue to work on my first romance novel ” A Twist of Love, ” A Heart Broken.

However, for right now I am going to try to find my sense of humor and get back to being able to laugh because of late I have become way too serious once again. I have watched Talk Shows that show the stupidity of people and I have become aggravated with it along with the nonsense of politicians acting like children.

I am going to live with some words of wisdom:

1) If you don’t have cash in your pocket don’t buy what you can’t afford

2) If you don’t have work find work and get employed start with whatever you can get even if it means substituting until you can work your way into a position.

3) Depend on no one but yourself.

4) There is no such thing as entitlement, nothing in life is free, someone else is paying your way.

5) Learn from your mistakes, one time is an accident, the second time is stupidity.

6) Education is a privilege not a right of passage.

7) There are no excuses for breaking the law and that includes politicians

8) One country under God means we all have to live according to the same laws of God no matter whose God you believe in or the laws of which state you are in.

9) Give and you shall receive, stop thinking of “ME” and think of “THEE”

10. Love starts at home, good parenting, quality time, and family unity.

The fiscal cliff is upon us and we could all be destroyed by the wrong decisions. It is time our politicians look inside themselves and decide what is morally right for the entire country before it’s too late.

Honor above all







We are only as strong as our weakest link and if our congress is weak then the rest of us don’t have a prayer.

So as I close today. I am going to pray that the congress finds a way to resolve the fiscal cliff issues before it puts the rest of us in harm’s way.

May God Bless one and all and keep you safe 🙂 So until next time 🙂






5 Responses

  1. I agree something has to be done. Prices are frightening. Hope the chair really helps.

  2. Nice post, Janice. I share your feelings. I just want to be free of apin and have some pace and calm to accomplish my dreams. For that sciatic nervem do some stretching excercises in bed before you get up. pullyour knees to your chin and hold, then do one leg at a time. It really helps.

  3. Thanks Micki I appreciate your comments. I have to be careful of stretching because I have an injury and if I stretch wrong it flares the sciatic nerve but your the first one including the doctors who have giving me any suggestions. I hope you accomplish all of your dreams you certainly deserve to. God Bless you.

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