March 29th

Good morning everyone 🙂

Today I am happy to see the sun shining and a beautiful day.  When I was growing up Good Friday was rarely a nice day and it always made you feel like the weather was a reminder from God of the sacrifice of Christ.

Good Friday was a very important day to me back then and I remember attending church services which were given every hour and the choir sang. I was in the choir so it meant being there all day but I enjoyed the music and the reverence of it all.

However, thunder and lightning storms as a child on good Friday would make me feel like God was angry with us and that we needed to be better people.

I always tried my best to live by the “Golden Rule” doing on to others as you would have them do unto you but children in their innocent way make mistakes.

Last night as I was lying on the couch watching television after a nice day a windstorm came up and the sky kept getting grayer and grayer.

I thought to myself “Tomorrow is Good Friday,” yes it probably will be a grey day.

However, I am pleased to be wrong and I am going to say Thank you Lord for shining the sun down on us.

This Good Friday will truly help me to remember to be kind and love the beauty in the world as the sun allows me to see what the grey sometimes hides from me.

Now as we approach Easter Sunday I am thinking about all the thinks currently in my life that I am so grateful for.

I am so grateful that I had an opportunity for an education and to be able to work with young people.

I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to marry and have children.

I am so grateful that I have two sons that live close enough to enjoy but don’t smother me.

I am grateful for a granddaughter I’ve never seen but carry her and the love for her in my heart everyday.

I am grateful for my cats who bring out laughter in me when I am having a bad day.

I am grateful for the gifts that God has given me, the ability to love music, reading and now especially writing.

I am grateful for the love of nature and all its beauty.

I am grateful for family and friends.

I am grateful for my internet friends that I haven’t met.

I am grateful for other authors who are willing to share ideas.

I am grateful for waking up this morning and feeling alive.

I am grateful to the people who restored my faith in humanity.

I am grateful that I grew up in a good family with love.

I am grateful for my sister who I can talk with often.

I am thankful for the love of all animals.

I am thankful for my heritage.

I am thankful for growing up in a religious atmosphere and having something to belief in even when I didn’t understand or disagreed.

I am thankful for the opportunity in high school to perform “Christ’s Living Art Gallery” which I wrote and directed.

I have so much to be thankful for but last of all I am thankful for Easter which reminds me of why I need to be thankful for all the things in my life.

I know I do not walk alone as Christ will not permit it.

When I am feeling sorry for myself which is less and less I know I have a friend to talk to even though I can’t see him. The Lord is there for me.

So this weekend I am going to celebrate the Lord being in my life and guiding me through good and bad times for alone I would have fallen down.

I will rejoice in every moment of sun and I will understand every tear drop of rain.

So as many of you travel this holiday please be safe and rejoice with your families and loved ones.

So until next time share what you are thankful for. 🙂


March 28th

Good morning world 🙂 Well I’m back and feeling much better thank you.

Today I want to talk about spring break.

What did you do on your spring breaks?

We are on spring break this weekend. The weather started out to be crappy but has turned out to be rather nice although not as warm as it could be.

The sun is shining and it is a good time for that much-needed break.

I was reading a post the other day and the question was asked why do schools get spring breaks when no other business gets spring breaks. The comment went on to say “We’d all like to have a spring break.”

The reality of it is the mind becomes saturated and without the breaks the students stop learning.  Mental exhaustion is different from physical exhaustion and the only way to rejuvenate it so that it can continue is to give it the rest that it needs.

That is true for students, teachers, administrators and other school staff.

Then when students return they are fresh and ready to finish out the most important part of the year. The end which requires testing, school projects, graduation, etc.

Teachers return ready to assist with a positive attitude and applying help that is needed.

Administrators return ready to plan the new year coming and finish out the old year and so on and so on.

It is more than just having a break it is healing the brain.

Now back to my original question what did you do on your spring breaks?

Growing up as a kid we just had fun in the neighborhood with our friends. My dad worked and we couldn’t go anywhere but that was okay. Sometimes we enjoyed indoor activities with mom as the weather was often bad.

However, when I became a mother I relished spring break. This meant I could be at home with my own children and enjoy them. We would try to have as much fun as we could and if the weather permitted we go to the parks, I’d watch the boys on their bikes and so on. We rarely did a trip.

Occasionally grandparents would come to visit. However, the most important thing about spring break was we spent quality time together as a family.

Because I taught school I never did spring cleaning until school got out. Then I tackled the house.

That allowed me to use breaks as fun time with my children reading stories, watching movies, playing games, and just enjoying each other as most of the time I was the disciplinarian and I needed sometime to be a fun mom.

When the boys got old enough we would go bowling, swimming, and even played pool (billiards) .

Now that I am retired I miss not having that to look forward to. When your children grow up they become involved in their own lives and they often times do not have time away from their jobs to spend much-needed time with their parents.

Now for spring break I look for natures joys in spring and play with the cats and hope for nice weather.

After a long winter I am happy to see sunshine as it brightens my day and energizes my body.

Soon I will be tearing the house apart and giving it that spring cleaning that it so badly needs. But old habits are hard to break. Even though I’m out of school I still have a tendency to follow their calendar.

But I will enjoy Easter and have Easter dinner with my two sons. I am still planning that and will talk about it later.

For any of you that are traveling may you and your loved ones have a safe journey.

No matter what your beliefs are or traditions are may this Easter be a happy one for all and share many blessings.

So until next time 🙂

March 27th

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

I have not been feeling good for the past two days but I’ll do the best I can.

Who out there remembers when they use to dye Easter Eggs?

Do you remember having cups of boiled water with vinegar and colored tablets to put the eggs in?

Do you remember going to cold water with vinegar and colored tablets to put the eggs in?

Do you remember the wax crayons that you wrote on the eggs with?

Then do you remember when they started to come out with weird colors?

Do you remember at the end dumping all the colors together and making ugly eggs?

Do you remember the package that had cut outs to hold your eggs and you could put paper bunnies and ducks around the eggs?

Now things seem to be changing dying eggs? On Facebook the other day I saw deviled colored eggs and was reading how the dyed the white of the egg in food coloring. I was telling my son about it and he said the popular thing due to cost now a day is to dye eggs in kool-aide.

My how generations experiment and come up with their own traditions. However, what I loved was the family being together sitting around the table and doing it together.

For some reason colored eggs just seem to taste so much better than plain white and yellow eggs.

Then it was always special getting our Easter Basket ready. We had three baskets. The large one was the family basket. The small ones were for me and my sister as we would go around and find eggs on Easter morning.

Also when we woke up our baskets would be filled with candy and a gift from the Easter Bunny.

I loved the jelly beans and I still do but now there are so many different types of jelly beans and I still prefer the traditional ones.

We would get a few of the marshmallow ducks or rabbits which I would eat but they weren’t my favorite. Then there would always be a chocolate rabbit that I would save and make last as long as I could.

When we were younger there would be a stuffed rabbit in our basket. However, as we got older there would be jewelry or something special that we could keep as a keepsake.

My mother always knew how many eggs were hidden and they would be put in the egg carton to make sure we collected all of them. Once we had all the eggs we would go through the names we had written on them putting them in the right basket.

The family basket included mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandma and cousins.

Later in the day we would deliver our special egg comparing the art work with the ones our cousins would give us.

It seemed like the eggs always disappeared too quickly. My mother would always do three dozen eggs. It seemed like they should last longer than a couple of days but by the time we were done eating them the satisfaction of having hard-boiled eggs had been met. Then it would be fine to go for months without eating any eggs at all.

One year we received lived chickens for Easter but I was too young to remember them.

However, I do remember the year we received ducks. My cousins got ducks so they made sure we had ducks too.

Now living in the city ducks is not something you want to have. We kept them in a big cardboard box and after leaving them in the house one day my mother put an end to that. When we returned home the entire house stunk as ducks get diarrhea very easy and they did.

Then they had to stay in the basement and we would bring them upstairs and let them run around on newspaper to get exercise. They were a lot of fun. They grow very quickly however, and as the weather got nice we took them into the yard and let them run with our dog following them around. However, I never liked to wear shoes and my duck would always bite my toes.

Duck beaks hurt when they bite. Soon we would have to find a home for them as there were city laws against farm animals in the city limits.

All four ducks were taken to the friend of my uncle where they could run around outside and enjoy a pond.

My children were given bunnies one year for Easter and that was a nightmare. They are almost impossible to keep in any kind of enclosure that isn’t a cage. I would be woke up in the middle of the night to them running through the front room and they are very hard to catch.  Once again we would soon have to find a home for them and we were fortunate to find a petting zoo where the boys could still go and visit them. Yes, we got rid of them just in time because there were a bunch of baby rabbits with the same markings.

I caution parents about buying animals at Easter for their children. Make sure you have a place to keep them. It is traumatic to children to give them up. Please keep these animals on the farm or in petting zoos. Also neighborhood dogs will go after them.

It is better to make traditions that everyone can enjoy from year to year and live with.

Whatever you do this Easter I hope that you have a wonderful holiday 🙂


March 26th

Welcome 🙂 Yes I am back after a long hectic month of not knowing if I was coming or going.

Now hopefully I will find some normal sense in my life.

Yesterday I talked about spring and how much I am looking forward to spring.

Today I am going to mention the part of spring that I don’t like. With the coming of spring also brings spring house cleaning.

Yes now it is a time to think about tearing the house apart and cleaning from ceiling to floor and putting that new look on everything.

It is time to go through closets and drawers and get rid of unused things. Sending many boxes to thrift stores and making room for new things.

It is time to shred old papers that are no longer needed and make room for the new years important papers.

Yes even time to think about the pets and their spring baths, and grooming.

Now when you are young and can do it all yourself that’s one thing. However, when you need help that’s another thing.

I am going to have to get my sons to help me going through one room at a time and you know men and women don’t think a like so this will be a challenge.

I will leave the animals until last hoping there is warmer weather. However, cats aren’t fun to tackle when it’s bath time.  I have to do the male first because once he knows what’s happening under the bed he goes. I can always catch the female. However, doing two in one day is almost too much for my back to bare so we will see if I get any help or not.

Then of course there is the airing out of the house which is musty from being closed up all winter long.

The boys will be tempted to bring flowers or floral odors into the house which will then of course set off my allergies. I will have to be prepared for that. I don’t understand why God allowed people to have allergies when it’s his beautiful creations we should be enjoying.

Oh well I will make the most of it that I can enduring it the best that I can. The worst part is the dust and the allergies.

Then of course there is the matter of finding time to do the things that you want around cleaning. It always seems that the nice days turn out to be the days you have planned to work.

Now I am trying to get geared up for the idea of all this cleaning but I don’t want to do it until the snow stops, the trees start blooming and I really know spring is here.

So right now I’m in a catch twenty-two except for maybe starting to go through some closets and drawers and make some space before the cleaning starts.

However, we are going to wait until after Easter. We will have a family dinner and my sons will both be here to look at a couple of things and then maybe next week we will start on what I am dreading the most. But until then I am going to have fond memories of Easter and growing up dying Easter eggs, having our own egg hunts indoors because it was too cold to be outside.

I’m going to remember the fond memories of new clothes, hats, gloves, and purses.

I’m going to remember the fond memories of Good Friday Services and no school.

I’m going to remember the fond memories of going to Church and all the Lilies that were donated.

I’m going to have fond memories of thinking hard-boiled eggs taste better when they are colored and eating them for breakfast.

I’m going to have fond memories of family gathering to celebrate Easter in the tradition religious way it was meant to be.

I am also going to remember the fond memories of my own children growing up dying eggs, having egg hunts, and Easter baskets.

However, there is one memory I always have about Easter. My oldest son who was about four decided after Easter that he needed a haircut. Before mom and dad were out of bed he had cut his hair, his brother’s hair and both of the rabbit puppets they had received for Easter.

When I came out into the living room to see what a two and four-year old were doing so early in the morning I found all this hair on my couch.

Yes, he had cut his hair right at the part and there was nothing to do but go to the barbers and have his hair shaved.

He was lucky he didn’t poke his brothers eye out as he had jabbed him in the eyelid and left a mark trying to cut his bangs.

Oh yes, with all the fun of Easter there are many memorable happenings

I remember when I was young running through the house in my Easter dress with all the family there. My cousin was running with me. I fell on the hot grid of the floor furnace and burnt my leg. It left a perfect cross.

I ran around screaming and my mother had a hard time getting me to sit still long enough to look at it.

Oh I thought I’d live with that scar for ever but eventually it faded like everything else does.

However, my memories haven’t faded they are still there because they are ones I shared with the most precious people in my life.

“God gave his only begotten son so that we could live and be reborn.”

It is important that at Easter time we remember that and cherish the importance of family, life, and sacrifice.

Parents sacrifice everyday so that they can put a roof over their families heads, food on the table, and heat in the home, not to mention other things.

May this Easter bring tolerance, patience, and thankfulness for the love of mankind.

Now as we near Easter I will concentrate on the love in my life, the Golden Rule, and my memories of the good and the bad because they have all made me who I am today.

It is a grey dreary day today and I know that this week the rain will come with thunderstorms.

I will know it is to remind us of what Jesus gave up and all the tears that have been shed. It will begin the rebirth of spring and the plants.

So I wish everyone a safe week and a Happy Easter no matter what your traditions are and where you live.

God bless our military who can’t be at home and keep them safe.

Now I will go and try not to think about spring cleaning for a few more days.

So until next time 🙂




March 25th

Hello Everyone sorry I’ve been gone so long. I can’t believe how fast March is going.

February got tied up with a lot of unexpected happenings including the surgery that my best friend had.

Then I was locked out of my main email for four weeks and after fighting with it on a daily basis I finally got into it today. Technology can be so frustrating at times.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my manuscript “Secrets Behind Closed Doors,” a forty-year journey of teaching. I am now up to 87,129 words and not finished yet. This is just the first rough draft. Next week I hope to start editing each chapter.

Then of course my relax time at the television with my cats was interfered with my the NCAA tournaments.

To top everything else off I joined the Idaho Author’s Community last month and they are very active with monthly book signings and meetings. Although I haven’t yet been able to attend a signing I have sent books and had to order more in to cover what  I didn’t have. Christmas pretty much wiped me out. Now I have to figure how to keep some on hand while others are traveling to forty-four counties across the state.

Then I am playing a trip to Montana in July for my forty-fifth class reunion and trying to figure all of that out.

In the meantime I get worn out very easily.

Yesterday I was bored and so were the cats so I tied strings on the end of my walker and tried to race the cats. Although I can’t go very fast the cats wore themselves out chasing the strings. Then we all had to take a nap.

Once I got up the cats still were sleeping so I played on the computer and did my thing.

Now today I feel ready to get back to what I should be doing and hoping that spring will follow. The frequent change in weather has been driving me crazy and my body doesn’t like it.

The best I can hope for right now is no snow. We’ve already had rain, hail, wind, and snow so now it’s time for a good old fashion spring. The temperatures climbing but we are supposed to have rain and thunderstorms by the end of the week.

So as usual I will be sitting here singing “Rain, Rain, Go Away.”

I am ready to see the leaves on the trees and the grass-green. I am ready to watch the birds and the squirrels run up and down the yard and the tree.  I am ready to be able to keep the windows open for the cats.

Spring fever, Oh Yes! I’ve got it bad 🙂

So I guess for today I’ll enjoy the day writing about what I feel like and taking some time on my manuscript.


keepsake locket

From Kellie’s Friday Writing Prompt.


Keepsakes: Everyone should have a keepsake to remind them of who they are and where they came from. To sit and stare at and remember the journey they have traveled on throughout time. When I open my jewelry box I have many keepsakes in their. The first ones I always look at are two small pins of pixies that I wore on my coat as a child. Then there is a pin of a dog in a basket that I also wore on a coat. Mother always made me care for my pins and when winter coats were put away for the summer the pins were put in my jewelry box for safe keeping. Then then next I look at my bracelet with a heart. My Aunt Mamie gave it to me one year for either a birthday or a Christmas present. There is also the beautiful cross set in a piece of glass with a blue background that Aunt Mamie gave me another year. Movie on through my jewelry box I pick up a bracelet that I found when I was helping my Aunt Mamie set up the church rummage sale. I asked her how much and she said I could have it for helping. The bracelet is gold with engraved figures on it. It locks around your wrist and is very old and elegant. I have always kept it even though many people have asked me for it. Then I go to my lockets a favorite of mine. One was given to me by my mother when I was young and it looks like a book with a picture of her in it. Another is bigger and looks like a book and right now has now pictures in it. Then I spy the collection of rings in my box. First there is the ring my first grade teacher gave me for helping her. Then I look at my birthstone my mother gave me many years ago. I notice a baby ring which was my mother’s. Now I look at the different rings I have collected over the years. THere is everything from a wedding ring, run jewelry rings, to a mother’s ring. My mind is racing with memories of all the wonderful times I had. Then I notice a necklace with a J on it engraved in gold on a black oval. This necklace I wore in high school and it defines who I am and where I have come from. Last but not least I look at two old stop watches that were my father’s, and a leather pouch that holds ruby cuff links. I now am thinking of just how important these keepsakes are because they hold in my heart my memories of family.  The last keepsake I look at is the jewelry box as I carefully close it and stroke it remembering the Christmas my father gave all of his women in his life a jewelry box. I have kept that box forever knowing he had to work overtime to pay for it. That was more precious than any gift I could have asked for because it was bought with love and now it holds everything that I love. I don’t take my keepsakes out often but every time I do I go through the entire jewelry box looking to see that everything is still in its place. I also find the plastic jewelry that my sons made in school. I cherish every piece in my box. I could go on and talk about more that’s in my box but for me it’s time to close my box of memories. Maybe another day I’ll share the rest with you.

So until next time look at your keepsakes and remember how far you’ve come and the love that has traveled with you. 🙂


March 4th

Hello everyone step on in and let’s have a visit. 🙂

The sun is shining this morning and the day is expected to be a rather nice one however, that will change by evening.

At the moment the house is quiet and so is the neighborhood so it is a good time for writing.

The cats have had their nightly exercise of racing through the house and now are ready to settle down for the day.

Skeeter is talking to me so he must have seen something out the window.  Soon he’ll be up on the desk and looking out the window before settling down for his nap.

Yep I was right he jumped up before I could even finish typing the sentence. Cats are pretty predictable if you take the time to understand them.

They like their steady routine and much like people they have less stress when there is little change in their lives.

Baby is on the floor playing with her soft toy that she likes to rub against her cheek. She is not quite ready to give in to nap time yet but it won’t be long. Shortly she will find her way over to the end of the couch behind me where she will be content to go to sleep. Yep she’s already headed this way, yet she’s still fighting the idea of another nap so soon but it will only take one time of me calling her name and a rub on her back and she’ll be doomed.

Yep the minute I called her name she headed for mamma. Now she is debating where she wants to lay. She is still fighting the morning nap just like a child so instead she’ll lick her pays and fur pretending to be ignoring any who may be watching her.

She may decide today is the day to sleep in the sunshine. We’ll wait and see.  For now she is content to lay where the sun shines through the window and she can feel the heat of the sun rays. However, she is quieting down.Skeeter is already half asleep in his box where he will be fine as long as no one disturbs him. Yep Baby has fallen asleep on the floor in the sun.

As for me I am finally getting back to normal after several miserable days. I thought it was just the change in temperatures but I’ve come to the conclusion that I was sick and running a low-grade fever and then the chills. I am feeling so much better now. I actually feel like a human.  All I could do for three days was sleep.

It not only messed up my schedule but the cats schedule as they didn’t know day from night.

Well let’s talk about March. March has always been one of my favorite months. I grew up in an Irish Catholic Community and the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day was the biggest of any around. They already are starting their celebrations. The store fronts will be decorated. People will be getting ready for house parties and they parting will last for weeks.

I always loved the legends of the Irish and as a teacher I use to share them with my classes. However, over the years I have lost most of my materials.

However, my favorite was always about the “Wee People” and I would set up a reward for my students that if they accomplished what I contracted with them then they would get to watch the movie “Garby O’Gillis and the Wee Ones. (Not sure of the exact title) My students would love the movie and worked hard to be able to participate in it having popcorn or treats brought by the students.  It was a good way to break up the months after a long run with no holidays and it taught them some history along the way.

My grandmother used to have an original Shaleighlie (don’t know the spelling) for a walking stick and we would talk about it, the four-leaf clover and the blarney stone. They would all have assignments to look up for St. Patricks’s Day including learning why it was celebrated.

It would take up the month going to the library , reading, and writing reports. Then there was the wearing of the green .

To me it was just a fun holiday to celebrate and I always liked the Irish music so we’d listen to some of that with the Irish Brogue to it.

My best childhood friend is Irish and we always use to sing “While Irish Eyes are Smiling.” I sure miss singing it now with her. We had such a good time. But I still sing it and remember the good old days.

So now with March here we are looking at the beginning of spring, spring break, St. Patrick’s Day and hopefully some time to get out and clean the yards. It is a month of rebirth and renewal of the soul as we now see the signs of summer ahead. The birds are returning and flowers are starting to bloom.

Let us all take some time to appreciate the beauty that God is sending our way. It has been a devastating year with storms and shooting and it is now time to reach out to one another enjoy the beauty of being alive and help one another.

May God Bless each and everyone. 🙂


So until next time:)


March 1st

Hello! Hello! Welcome everyone. Come on in and sit down and enjoy the day.

Well the temperatures are climbing but I’m not sure for how long. This morning was grey and overcast but now as Mr. 🙂 peaks through you can feel the warmth through the windows. I think today might be a day for opening a window for the cats to enjoy .

After all it is supposed to hit 51 today. I haven’t checked yet to see what the temperature is but I’ll make darn sure the heater doesn’t kick on.

Does anyone have a problem leaving with a person who is the opposite of them when it comes to temperature control:(

Boy I do. I have to keep warm or my arthritis throws a fit. However, my son is always moving quickly through the house and suddenly he’s baking and needs to cool the place off.

My mother was just like him. She had to have a window open all winter long and I froze.

The doctor says I have real small blood cells and that’s why I need B-12 shots which I have been missing. I guess I should go and get one since it’s the first of the month. But I don’t like to go on Friday’s it’s always chaotic.

I can always tell when the house is too hot by the activity of the cats. They drape themselves like wash clothes near the coolest spot in the house.

The hardest part of spring is the nice days and the cold nights. It makes it difficult to know where to set your temperature.

Oh well I’ll get use to it once again little by little.

I am so excited my Christmas present ordered back in November finally came in to the Book Plaza Store. Yes, it took that long because they have to wait until they get a certain amount of orders before they can send an order in.

Now I will have my carrier for my books when I go to do book signings. Oh yeah!

I’m trying to get organized for the book signings that are taking place across the state. However, the fiscal cliff has me a nervous wreck.

I don’t know why they can’t see that some of are worried about eating and keeping a roof over our heads. Don’t they know how many people they are literally making sick from worry.

I’d like to turn them all over my knee and give them a good spanking. I think all of them are spoiled brats who need a come up’n.

When others lives are depending on your actions you don’t mess around.

Is anyone else sick of “Attitude” in this country?

I am so sick of the “I do it because I can” “Attitude”

I am sick of the “ME, ME, ME” “Attitude”.

I am sick of the “I am entitled to it.”Attitude”.

I am sick of the “I’m right and your wrong” “Attitude”.

Whatever happened to the public being right? Whatever happened to take care of your customers they pay your salary.

Whatever happened to if you are in trouble at school you are in trouble at home?

Whatever happened to do the best that you can and you will never shame your family?

Whatever happened to kids wanting to have a job, leave home and live on their own and show that they were independent?

Whatever happened to working three or four jobs if you needed to until the bills were paid no matter how tired you were?

When did it become a society of I don’t want to work but I want to stay up all night long visit friends, be on the phone, text, and go to bed in the early hours of the morning and sleep all day? That’s what is happening all across America.

When did it become a society of don’t own up to your mistakes, responsibilities and for sure don’t tell the truth?

When did a handshake stop being the value of a man’s word?

When did it become unsafe for children to play outside and go for a walk in the beauty of nature?

When did it become a society of people who don’t READ?

See what this fiscal cliff has done to me it’s taken me off in a total different direction than I planned to go. Now it’s time to get back on track. I hope Congress can learn to do that also.

March usually rolls in like a lion. My prayers go out to those states that have been hit hard by blizzards and are still going through difficult times.

March is a time for rebirth of the land. It is a time for the plants, and flowers to begin to blossom. It is a time for animals to give birth and birds to migrate back north. It is a time to smell the fresh air of rebirth . It is a time for cleansing not only of the earth but also of man’s soul.

For this is the time of year when man comes out of winter hibernation and begins to till the fields that have been frozen. This is his time to prove his worth in society and show what he is made of.

It is a time for neighbors to pull together and help one another out. There will be much to do as yards need cleaning and neighborhood cleanups begin.

March winds will come off and on and there will be days that everything is undone but March is testing your strength to see if you can carry on.

No matter what everyone must persevere and do what needs to be done for the spring.  Protect your tulips as they bloom because we could still have some nasty weather.

Don’t over spend on your yard as economy could be tough this year but everyone can find a way of doing something cheep it improve this summer.

We are going to plant mint around the trailer as it helps to keep spiders and mice away. There sense of smell is sensitive to the mint odor.

I think a herb garden would be the best way for me to go for this year. Also Pepper will keep cats out of your garden and we have a lot of strays so I think I’m going to see if the Peppermint works for that otherwise I’ll use just household table Pepper.

My trailer really needs a coat of paint but I’m going to have to work on that one. Not sure when that will happen.

Well I still have a few months to work on my ideas but it is fun to think that winter is passing and hopefully there will be many days to enjoy.

March 9th there is a book signing and I believe that one is  in Meridian

March 16th there is one at  Mountain Homes Military Base .

There is a lot going on this month. I believe in April there is one in Rigby and Idaho Falls.

I will try to get all of this information posted but for now you can go to Facebook and find it under IAC (Idaho Author’s Community).

Well that’s all I have for now time to move on so until next time 🙂