March 1st

Hello! Hello! Welcome everyone. Come on in and sit down and enjoy the day.

Well the temperatures are climbing but I’m not sure for how long. This morning was grey and overcast but now as Mr. 🙂 peaks through you can feel the warmth through the windows. I think today might be a day for opening a window for the cats to enjoy .

After all it is supposed to hit 51 today. I haven’t checked yet to see what the temperature is but I’ll make darn sure the heater doesn’t kick on.

Does anyone have a problem leaving with a person who is the opposite of them when it comes to temperature control:(

Boy I do. I have to keep warm or my arthritis throws a fit. However, my son is always moving quickly through the house and suddenly he’s baking and needs to cool the place off.

My mother was just like him. She had to have a window open all winter long and I froze.

The doctor says I have real small blood cells and that’s why I need B-12 shots which I have been missing. I guess I should go and get one since it’s the first of the month. But I don’t like to go on Friday’s it’s always chaotic.

I can always tell when the house is too hot by the activity of the cats. They drape themselves like wash clothes near the coolest spot in the house.

The hardest part of spring is the nice days and the cold nights. It makes it difficult to know where to set your temperature.

Oh well I’ll get use to it once again little by little.

I am so excited my Christmas present ordered back in November finally came in to the Book Plaza Store. Yes, it took that long because they have to wait until they get a certain amount of orders before they can send an order in.

Now I will have my carrier for my books when I go to do book signings. Oh yeah!

I’m trying to get organized for the book signings that are taking place across the state. However, the fiscal cliff has me a nervous wreck.

I don’t know why they can’t see that some of are worried about eating and keeping a roof over our heads. Don’t they know how many people they are literally making sick from worry.

I’d like to turn them all over my knee and give them a good spanking. I think all of them are spoiled brats who need a come up’n.

When others lives are depending on your actions you don’t mess around.

Is anyone else sick of “Attitude” in this country?

I am so sick of the “I do it because I can” “Attitude”

I am sick of the “ME, ME, ME” “Attitude”.

I am sick of the “I am entitled to it.”Attitude”.

I am sick of the “I’m right and your wrong” “Attitude”.

Whatever happened to the public being right? Whatever happened to take care of your customers they pay your salary.

Whatever happened to if you are in trouble at school you are in trouble at home?

Whatever happened to do the best that you can and you will never shame your family?

Whatever happened to kids wanting to have a job, leave home and live on their own and show that they were independent?

Whatever happened to working three or four jobs if you needed to until the bills were paid no matter how tired you were?

When did it become a society of I don’t want to work but I want to stay up all night long visit friends, be on the phone, text, and go to bed in the early hours of the morning and sleep all day? That’s what is happening all across America.

When did it become a society of don’t own up to your mistakes, responsibilities and for sure don’t tell the truth?

When did a handshake stop being the value of a man’s word?

When did it become unsafe for children to play outside and go for a walk in the beauty of nature?

When did it become a society of people who don’t READ?

See what this fiscal cliff has done to me it’s taken me off in a total different direction than I planned to go. Now it’s time to get back on track. I hope Congress can learn to do that also.

March usually rolls in like a lion. My prayers go out to those states that have been hit hard by blizzards and are still going through difficult times.

March is a time for rebirth of the land. It is a time for the plants, and flowers to begin to blossom. It is a time for animals to give birth and birds to migrate back north. It is a time to smell the fresh air of rebirth . It is a time for cleansing not only of the earth but also of man’s soul.

For this is the time of year when man comes out of winter hibernation and begins to till the fields that have been frozen. This is his time to prove his worth in society and show what he is made of.

It is a time for neighbors to pull together and help one another out. There will be much to do as yards need cleaning and neighborhood cleanups begin.

March winds will come off and on and there will be days that everything is undone but March is testing your strength to see if you can carry on.

No matter what everyone must persevere and do what needs to be done for the spring.  Protect your tulips as they bloom because we could still have some nasty weather.

Don’t over spend on your yard as economy could be tough this year but everyone can find a way of doing something cheep it improve this summer.

We are going to plant mint around the trailer as it helps to keep spiders and mice away. There sense of smell is sensitive to the mint odor.

I think a herb garden would be the best way for me to go for this year. Also Pepper will keep cats out of your garden and we have a lot of strays so I think I’m going to see if the Peppermint works for that otherwise I’ll use just household table Pepper.

My trailer really needs a coat of paint but I’m going to have to work on that one. Not sure when that will happen.

Well I still have a few months to work on my ideas but it is fun to think that winter is passing and hopefully there will be many days to enjoy.

March 9th there is a book signing and I believe that one is  in Meridian

March 16th there is one at  Mountain Homes Military Base .

There is a lot going on this month. I believe in April there is one in Rigby and Idaho Falls.

I will try to get all of this information posted but for now you can go to Facebook and find it under IAC (Idaho Author’s Community).

Well that’s all I have for now time to move on so until next time 🙂





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