March 4th

Hello everyone step on in and let’s have a visit. 🙂

The sun is shining this morning and the day is expected to be a rather nice one however, that will change by evening.

At the moment the house is quiet and so is the neighborhood so it is a good time for writing.

The cats have had their nightly exercise of racing through the house and now are ready to settle down for the day.

Skeeter is talking to me so he must have seen something out the window.  Soon he’ll be up on the desk and looking out the window before settling down for his nap.

Yep I was right he jumped up before I could even finish typing the sentence. Cats are pretty predictable if you take the time to understand them.

They like their steady routine and much like people they have less stress when there is little change in their lives.

Baby is on the floor playing with her soft toy that she likes to rub against her cheek. She is not quite ready to give in to nap time yet but it won’t be long. Shortly she will find her way over to the end of the couch behind me where she will be content to go to sleep. Yep she’s already headed this way, yet she’s still fighting the idea of another nap so soon but it will only take one time of me calling her name and a rub on her back and she’ll be doomed.

Yep the minute I called her name she headed for mamma. Now she is debating where she wants to lay. She is still fighting the morning nap just like a child so instead she’ll lick her pays and fur pretending to be ignoring any who may be watching her.

She may decide today is the day to sleep in the sunshine. We’ll wait and see.  For now she is content to lay where the sun shines through the window and she can feel the heat of the sun rays. However, she is quieting down.Skeeter is already half asleep in his box where he will be fine as long as no one disturbs him. Yep Baby has fallen asleep on the floor in the sun.

As for me I am finally getting back to normal after several miserable days. I thought it was just the change in temperatures but I’ve come to the conclusion that I was sick and running a low-grade fever and then the chills. I am feeling so much better now. I actually feel like a human.  All I could do for three days was sleep.

It not only messed up my schedule but the cats schedule as they didn’t know day from night.

Well let’s talk about March. March has always been one of my favorite months. I grew up in an Irish Catholic Community and the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day was the biggest of any around. They already are starting their celebrations. The store fronts will be decorated. People will be getting ready for house parties and they parting will last for weeks.

I always loved the legends of the Irish and as a teacher I use to share them with my classes. However, over the years I have lost most of my materials.

However, my favorite was always about the “Wee People” and I would set up a reward for my students that if they accomplished what I contracted with them then they would get to watch the movie “Garby O’Gillis and the Wee Ones. (Not sure of the exact title) My students would love the movie and worked hard to be able to participate in it having popcorn or treats brought by the students.  It was a good way to break up the months after a long run with no holidays and it taught them some history along the way.

My grandmother used to have an original Shaleighlie (don’t know the spelling) for a walking stick and we would talk about it, the four-leaf clover and the blarney stone. They would all have assignments to look up for St. Patricks’s Day including learning why it was celebrated.

It would take up the month going to the library , reading, and writing reports. Then there was the wearing of the green .

To me it was just a fun holiday to celebrate and I always liked the Irish music so we’d listen to some of that with the Irish Brogue to it.

My best childhood friend is Irish and we always use to sing “While Irish Eyes are Smiling.” I sure miss singing it now with her. We had such a good time. But I still sing it and remember the good old days.

So now with March here we are looking at the beginning of spring, spring break, St. Patrick’s Day and hopefully some time to get out and clean the yards. It is a month of rebirth and renewal of the soul as we now see the signs of summer ahead. The birds are returning and flowers are starting to bloom.

Let us all take some time to appreciate the beauty that God is sending our way. It has been a devastating year with storms and shooting and it is now time to reach out to one another enjoy the beauty of being alive and help one another.

May God Bless each and everyone. 🙂


So until next time:)


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