March 25th

Hello Everyone sorry I’ve been gone so long. I can’t believe how fast March is going.

February got tied up with a lot of unexpected happenings including the surgery that my best friend had.

Then I was locked out of my main email for four weeks and after fighting with it on a daily basis I finally got into it today. Technology can be so frustrating at times.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my manuscript “Secrets Behind Closed Doors,” a forty-year journey of teaching. I am now up to 87,129 words and not finished yet. This is just the first rough draft. Next week I hope to start editing each chapter.

Then of course my relax time at the television with my cats was interfered with my the NCAA tournaments.

To top everything else off I joined the Idaho Author’s Community last month and they are very active with monthly book signings and meetings. Although I haven’t yet been able to attend a signing I have sent books and had to order more in to cover what  I didn’t have. Christmas pretty much wiped me out. Now I have to figure how to keep some on hand while others are traveling to forty-four counties across the state.

Then I am playing a trip to Montana in July for my forty-fifth class reunion and trying to figure all of that out.

In the meantime I get worn out very easily.

Yesterday I was bored and so were the cats so I tied strings on the end of my walker and tried to race the cats. Although I can’t go very fast the cats wore themselves out chasing the strings. Then we all had to take a nap.

Once I got up the cats still were sleeping so I played on the computer and did my thing.

Now today I feel ready to get back to what I should be doing and hoping that spring will follow. The frequent change in weather has been driving me crazy and my body doesn’t like it.

The best I can hope for right now is no snow. We’ve already had rain, hail, wind, and snow so now it’s time for a good old fashion spring. The temperatures climbing but we are supposed to have rain and thunderstorms by the end of the week.

So as usual I will be sitting here singing “Rain, Rain, Go Away.”

I am ready to see the leaves on the trees and the grass-green. I am ready to watch the birds and the squirrels run up and down the yard and the tree.  I am ready to be able to keep the windows open for the cats.

Spring fever, Oh Yes! I’ve got it bad 🙂

So I guess for today I’ll enjoy the day writing about what I feel like and taking some time on my manuscript.


keepsake locket

From Kellie’s Friday Writing Prompt.


Keepsakes: Everyone should have a keepsake to remind them of who they are and where they came from. To sit and stare at and remember the journey they have traveled on throughout time. When I open my jewelry box I have many keepsakes in their. The first ones I always look at are two small pins of pixies that I wore on my coat as a child. Then there is a pin of a dog in a basket that I also wore on a coat. Mother always made me care for my pins and when winter coats were put away for the summer the pins were put in my jewelry box for safe keeping. Then then next I look at my bracelet with a heart. My Aunt Mamie gave it to me one year for either a birthday or a Christmas present. There is also the beautiful cross set in a piece of glass with a blue background that Aunt Mamie gave me another year. Movie on through my jewelry box I pick up a bracelet that I found when I was helping my Aunt Mamie set up the church rummage sale. I asked her how much and she said I could have it for helping. The bracelet is gold with engraved figures on it. It locks around your wrist and is very old and elegant. I have always kept it even though many people have asked me for it. Then I go to my lockets a favorite of mine. One was given to me by my mother when I was young and it looks like a book with a picture of her in it. Another is bigger and looks like a book and right now has now pictures in it. Then I spy the collection of rings in my box. First there is the ring my first grade teacher gave me for helping her. Then I look at my birthstone my mother gave me many years ago. I notice a baby ring which was my mother’s. Now I look at the different rings I have collected over the years. THere is everything from a wedding ring, run jewelry rings, to a mother’s ring. My mind is racing with memories of all the wonderful times I had. Then I notice a necklace with a J on it engraved in gold on a black oval. This necklace I wore in high school and it defines who I am and where I have come from. Last but not least I look at two old stop watches that were my father’s, and a leather pouch that holds ruby cuff links. I now am thinking of just how important these keepsakes are because they hold in my heart my memories of family.  The last keepsake I look at is the jewelry box as I carefully close it and stroke it remembering the Christmas my father gave all of his women in his life a jewelry box. I have kept that box forever knowing he had to work overtime to pay for it. That was more precious than any gift I could have asked for because it was bought with love and now it holds everything that I love. I don’t take my keepsakes out often but every time I do I go through the entire jewelry box looking to see that everything is still in its place. I also find the plastic jewelry that my sons made in school. I cherish every piece in my box. I could go on and talk about more that’s in my box but for me it’s time to close my box of memories. Maybe another day I’ll share the rest with you.

So until next time look at your keepsakes and remember how far you’ve come and the love that has traveled with you. 🙂



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