March 26th

Welcome 🙂 Yes I am back after a long hectic month of not knowing if I was coming or going.

Now hopefully I will find some normal sense in my life.

Yesterday I talked about spring and how much I am looking forward to spring.

Today I am going to mention the part of spring that I don’t like. With the coming of spring also brings spring house cleaning.

Yes now it is a time to think about tearing the house apart and cleaning from ceiling to floor and putting that new look on everything.

It is time to go through closets and drawers and get rid of unused things. Sending many boxes to thrift stores and making room for new things.

It is time to shred old papers that are no longer needed and make room for the new years important papers.

Yes even time to think about the pets and their spring baths, and grooming.

Now when you are young and can do it all yourself that’s one thing. However, when you need help that’s another thing.

I am going to have to get my sons to help me going through one room at a time and you know men and women don’t think a like so this will be a challenge.

I will leave the animals until last hoping there is warmer weather. However, cats aren’t fun to tackle when it’s bath time.  I have to do the male first because once he knows what’s happening under the bed he goes. I can always catch the female. However, doing two in one day is almost too much for my back to bare so we will see if I get any help or not.

Then of course there is the airing out of the house which is musty from being closed up all winter long.

The boys will be tempted to bring flowers or floral odors into the house which will then of course set off my allergies. I will have to be prepared for that. I don’t understand why God allowed people to have allergies when it’s his beautiful creations we should be enjoying.

Oh well I will make the most of it that I can enduring it the best that I can. The worst part is the dust and the allergies.

Then of course there is the matter of finding time to do the things that you want around cleaning. It always seems that the nice days turn out to be the days you have planned to work.

Now I am trying to get geared up for the idea of all this cleaning but I don’t want to do it until the snow stops, the trees start blooming and I really know spring is here.

So right now I’m in a catch twenty-two except for maybe starting to go through some closets and drawers and make some space before the cleaning starts.

However, we are going to wait until after Easter. We will have a family dinner and my sons will both be here to look at a couple of things and then maybe next week we will start on what I am dreading the most. But until then I am going to have fond memories of Easter and growing up dying Easter eggs, having our own egg hunts indoors because it was too cold to be outside.

I’m going to remember the fond memories of new clothes, hats, gloves, and purses.

I’m going to remember the fond memories of Good Friday Services and no school.

I’m going to remember the fond memories of going to Church and all the Lilies that were donated.

I’m going to have fond memories of thinking hard-boiled eggs taste better when they are colored and eating them for breakfast.

I’m going to have fond memories of family gathering to celebrate Easter in the tradition religious way it was meant to be.

I am also going to remember the fond memories of my own children growing up dying eggs, having egg hunts, and Easter baskets.

However, there is one memory I always have about Easter. My oldest son who was about four decided after Easter that he needed a haircut. Before mom and dad were out of bed he had cut his hair, his brother’s hair and both of the rabbit puppets they had received for Easter.

When I came out into the living room to see what a two and four-year old were doing so early in the morning I found all this hair on my couch.

Yes, he had cut his hair right at the part and there was nothing to do but go to the barbers and have his hair shaved.

He was lucky he didn’t poke his brothers eye out as he had jabbed him in the eyelid and left a mark trying to cut his bangs.

Oh yes, with all the fun of Easter there are many memorable happenings

I remember when I was young running through the house in my Easter dress with all the family there. My cousin was running with me. I fell on the hot grid of the floor furnace and burnt my leg. It left a perfect cross.

I ran around screaming and my mother had a hard time getting me to sit still long enough to look at it.

Oh I thought I’d live with that scar for ever but eventually it faded like everything else does.

However, my memories haven’t faded they are still there because they are ones I shared with the most precious people in my life.

“God gave his only begotten son so that we could live and be reborn.”

It is important that at Easter time we remember that and cherish the importance of family, life, and sacrifice.

Parents sacrifice everyday so that they can put a roof over their families heads, food on the table, and heat in the home, not to mention other things.

May this Easter bring tolerance, patience, and thankfulness for the love of mankind.

Now as we near Easter I will concentrate on the love in my life, the Golden Rule, and my memories of the good and the bad because they have all made me who I am today.

It is a grey dreary day today and I know that this week the rain will come with thunderstorms.

I will know it is to remind us of what Jesus gave up and all the tears that have been shed. It will begin the rebirth of spring and the plants.

So I wish everyone a safe week and a Happy Easter no matter what your traditions are and where you live.

God bless our military who can’t be at home and keep them safe.

Now I will go and try not to think about spring cleaning for a few more days.

So until next time 🙂




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