March 27th

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

I have not been feeling good for the past two days but I’ll do the best I can.

Who out there remembers when they use to dye Easter Eggs?

Do you remember having cups of boiled water with vinegar and colored tablets to put the eggs in?

Do you remember going to cold water with vinegar and colored tablets to put the eggs in?

Do you remember the wax crayons that you wrote on the eggs with?

Then do you remember when they started to come out with weird colors?

Do you remember at the end dumping all the colors together and making ugly eggs?

Do you remember the package that had cut outs to hold your eggs and you could put paper bunnies and ducks around the eggs?

Now things seem to be changing dying eggs? On Facebook the other day I saw deviled colored eggs and was reading how the dyed the white of the egg in food coloring. I was telling my son about it and he said the popular thing due to cost now a day is to dye eggs in kool-aide.

My how generations experiment and come up with their own traditions. However, what I loved was the family being together sitting around the table and doing it together.

For some reason colored eggs just seem to taste so much better than plain white and yellow eggs.

Then it was always special getting our Easter Basket ready. We had three baskets. The large one was the family basket. The small ones were for me and my sister as we would go around and find eggs on Easter morning.

Also when we woke up our baskets would be filled with candy and a gift from the Easter Bunny.

I loved the jelly beans and I still do but now there are so many different types of jelly beans and I still prefer the traditional ones.

We would get a few of the marshmallow ducks or rabbits which I would eat but they weren’t my favorite. Then there would always be a chocolate rabbit that I would save and make last as long as I could.

When we were younger there would be a stuffed rabbit in our basket. However, as we got older there would be jewelry or something special that we could keep as a keepsake.

My mother always knew how many eggs were hidden and they would be put in the egg carton to make sure we collected all of them. Once we had all the eggs we would go through the names we had written on them putting them in the right basket.

The family basket included mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandma and cousins.

Later in the day we would deliver our special egg comparing the art work with the ones our cousins would give us.

It seemed like the eggs always disappeared too quickly. My mother would always do three dozen eggs. It seemed like they should last longer than a couple of days but by the time we were done eating them the satisfaction of having hard-boiled eggs had been met. Then it would be fine to go for months without eating any eggs at all.

One year we received lived chickens for Easter but I was too young to remember them.

However, I do remember the year we received ducks. My cousins got ducks so they made sure we had ducks too.

Now living in the city ducks is not something you want to have. We kept them in a big cardboard box and after leaving them in the house one day my mother put an end to that. When we returned home the entire house stunk as ducks get diarrhea very easy and they did.

Then they had to stay in the basement and we would bring them upstairs and let them run around on newspaper to get exercise. They were a lot of fun. They grow very quickly however, and as the weather got nice we took them into the yard and let them run with our dog following them around. However, I never liked to wear shoes and my duck would always bite my toes.

Duck beaks hurt when they bite. Soon we would have to find a home for them as there were city laws against farm animals in the city limits.

All four ducks were taken to the friend of my uncle where they could run around outside and enjoy a pond.

My children were given bunnies one year for Easter and that was a nightmare. They are almost impossible to keep in any kind of enclosure that isn’t a cage. I would be woke up in the middle of the night to them running through the front room and they are very hard to catch.  Once again we would soon have to find a home for them and we were fortunate to find a petting zoo where the boys could still go and visit them. Yes, we got rid of them just in time because there were a bunch of baby rabbits with the same markings.

I caution parents about buying animals at Easter for their children. Make sure you have a place to keep them. It is traumatic to children to give them up. Please keep these animals on the farm or in petting zoos. Also neighborhood dogs will go after them.

It is better to make traditions that everyone can enjoy from year to year and live with.

Whatever you do this Easter I hope that you have a wonderful holiday 🙂


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