March 28th

Good morning world 🙂 Well I’m back and feeling much better thank you.

Today I want to talk about spring break.

What did you do on your spring breaks?

We are on spring break this weekend. The weather started out to be crappy but has turned out to be rather nice although not as warm as it could be.

The sun is shining and it is a good time for that much-needed break.

I was reading a post the other day and the question was asked why do schools get spring breaks when no other business gets spring breaks. The comment went on to say “We’d all like to have a spring break.”

The reality of it is the mind becomes saturated and without the breaks the students stop learning.  Mental exhaustion is different from physical exhaustion and the only way to rejuvenate it so that it can continue is to give it the rest that it needs.

That is true for students, teachers, administrators and other school staff.

Then when students return they are fresh and ready to finish out the most important part of the year. The end which requires testing, school projects, graduation, etc.

Teachers return ready to assist with a positive attitude and applying help that is needed.

Administrators return ready to plan the new year coming and finish out the old year and so on and so on.

It is more than just having a break it is healing the brain.

Now back to my original question what did you do on your spring breaks?

Growing up as a kid we just had fun in the neighborhood with our friends. My dad worked and we couldn’t go anywhere but that was okay. Sometimes we enjoyed indoor activities with mom as the weather was often bad.

However, when I became a mother I relished spring break. This meant I could be at home with my own children and enjoy them. We would try to have as much fun as we could and if the weather permitted we go to the parks, I’d watch the boys on their bikes and so on. We rarely did a trip.

Occasionally grandparents would come to visit. However, the most important thing about spring break was we spent quality time together as a family.

Because I taught school I never did spring cleaning until school got out. Then I tackled the house.

That allowed me to use breaks as fun time with my children reading stories, watching movies, playing games, and just enjoying each other as most of the time I was the disciplinarian and I needed sometime to be a fun mom.

When the boys got old enough we would go bowling, swimming, and even played pool (billiards) .

Now that I am retired I miss not having that to look forward to. When your children grow up they become involved in their own lives and they often times do not have time away from their jobs to spend much-needed time with their parents.

Now for spring break I look for natures joys in spring and play with the cats and hope for nice weather.

After a long winter I am happy to see sunshine as it brightens my day and energizes my body.

Soon I will be tearing the house apart and giving it that spring cleaning that it so badly needs. But old habits are hard to break. Even though I’m out of school I still have a tendency to follow their calendar.

But I will enjoy Easter and have Easter dinner with my two sons. I am still planning that and will talk about it later.

For any of you that are traveling may you and your loved ones have a safe journey.

No matter what your beliefs are or traditions are may this Easter be a happy one for all and share many blessings.

So until next time 🙂


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