March 29th

Good morning everyone 🙂

Today I am happy to see the sun shining and a beautiful day.  When I was growing up Good Friday was rarely a nice day and it always made you feel like the weather was a reminder from God of the sacrifice of Christ.

Good Friday was a very important day to me back then and I remember attending church services which were given every hour and the choir sang. I was in the choir so it meant being there all day but I enjoyed the music and the reverence of it all.

However, thunder and lightning storms as a child on good Friday would make me feel like God was angry with us and that we needed to be better people.

I always tried my best to live by the “Golden Rule” doing on to others as you would have them do unto you but children in their innocent way make mistakes.

Last night as I was lying on the couch watching television after a nice day a windstorm came up and the sky kept getting grayer and grayer.

I thought to myself “Tomorrow is Good Friday,” yes it probably will be a grey day.

However, I am pleased to be wrong and I am going to say Thank you Lord for shining the sun down on us.

This Good Friday will truly help me to remember to be kind and love the beauty in the world as the sun allows me to see what the grey sometimes hides from me.

Now as we approach Easter Sunday I am thinking about all the thinks currently in my life that I am so grateful for.

I am so grateful that I had an opportunity for an education and to be able to work with young people.

I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to marry and have children.

I am so grateful that I have two sons that live close enough to enjoy but don’t smother me.

I am grateful for a granddaughter I’ve never seen but carry her and the love for her in my heart everyday.

I am grateful for my cats who bring out laughter in me when I am having a bad day.

I am grateful for the gifts that God has given me, the ability to love music, reading and now especially writing.

I am grateful for the love of nature and all its beauty.

I am grateful for family and friends.

I am grateful for my internet friends that I haven’t met.

I am grateful for other authors who are willing to share ideas.

I am grateful for waking up this morning and feeling alive.

I am grateful to the people who restored my faith in humanity.

I am grateful that I grew up in a good family with love.

I am grateful for my sister who I can talk with often.

I am thankful for the love of all animals.

I am thankful for my heritage.

I am thankful for growing up in a religious atmosphere and having something to belief in even when I didn’t understand or disagreed.

I am thankful for the opportunity in high school to perform “Christ’s Living Art Gallery” which I wrote and directed.

I have so much to be thankful for but last of all I am thankful for Easter which reminds me of why I need to be thankful for all the things in my life.

I know I do not walk alone as Christ will not permit it.

When I am feeling sorry for myself which is less and less I know I have a friend to talk to even though I can’t see him. The Lord is there for me.

So this weekend I am going to celebrate the Lord being in my life and guiding me through good and bad times for alone I would have fallen down.

I will rejoice in every moment of sun and I will understand every tear drop of rain.

So as many of you travel this holiday please be safe and rejoice with your families and loved ones.

So until next time share what you are thankful for. 🙂


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