April 25th

Hello everyone. Finally the sun is shining and my body is trying to catch up with itself.

I feel like I have been in a whirlwind. I thought I’d be able to come home and get back to my book but that hasn’t happened. Now I need definitely need some me time for writing. However, the moment of the book schedules is picking up and I am going to have to be selective as I can’t do all.

Here is what is scheduled so far with more information to come in the state of Idaho.










If I have put me at the end I will be there unless something comes up however, my books will be at all of them and may be purchased along with all the others.
I didn’t know my schedule was going to become so full as I am use to staying at home and writing.
This is not going to make my cats happy at all but they will either have to get over it or learn to travel . HAHAHA!
Well I’ve got to run for now.
I hope everyone is well and my prayers go out to all.
Stay safe and enjoy spring so until next time 🙂

April 23rd

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been away.

I had a great book signing on April 19th in Twin Falls and then on April 20th I had a wonderful book signing in Rigby, Idaho at Inklings bookstore.

The turn out was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. However, between travel time, weather, and my age and disability it exhausted me. I have slept for two days.

Now I am ready to try to get back to normal whatever that is. My cats were not happy that I have been gone so much. Yesterday they were perfectly content to sleep on my lap all day to make sure I didn’t get up.

Now I am starting to enjoy the sun and think about what I need to do. However my heart is heavy. One of my high school classmates whom I planned to visit in July had her eight year old granddaughter killed in a car accident on Sunday. My heart is aching for her and her daughter. They are trying to come up with money to go from Butte, Montana to North Carolina for the funeral. The uncle is in the hospital.

I am accepting any donations towards this very important cause. I am also giving all money from “Growing Up in the Rockies” to them. If anyone wants to help this wonderful family out please contact me. You can use your PayPal account and send it direct to my email cjanasdreams@live.com and I will cut my friend Cheryl a check.

Please pray for this family. Sara was a bright beautiful eight year old who was taken way too soon from her family.

My heart aches for them. I am doing what I can to comfort her Grandmother long distance and she will find out today about the funeral.

I am going to keep this short today because my heart is heavy and my mind is on this family.

I wish everyone a wonderful safe day so until next time 🙂

April 17th

Good morning everyone. I hope this finds everyone well.

This has been a difficult week for me. I woke up the other morning to snow and the house was cold. I decided to climb back under the covers for a few minutes to warm up and then planned to write on my blog site. I decided to turn on the television and watching what I usually don’t get to see as when I am writing the television was off. Before I knew it I was eating lunch and anxious to watch “Let’s Make a Deal” as it brings laughter and a good feeling into my heart. Suddenly my favorite show was interrupted with a Special News Report. The Boston Marathon had just had several explosions.

Now I no longer was in a happy warm mood. I watched as things unfolded and it reminded me of 9/11 when I was living in Las Vegas around many people and visitors from around the world.

I wanted to cry.  My heart now was broken as I watched the responders work as quickly as they could. I felt like “Alice in the Looking Glass” I could see them but they couldn’t see me. Could this be real?

I wanted to curl back under my blankets, turn off the television and go back to sleep and forget about what I had seen but I knew I couldn’t. I sat there frozen watching it unable to move.

Finally time forced me to move as I had to be at the Library at 4:00 to help a senior student with her senior project. I didn’t want to leave the house. However, I did and went about my work as I needed to do.

When I came home at 7:00 that evening I was glad to be inside my own home. I reflected on my childhood. It was a happy time when the world was safe and children could be children. People could walk the streets and neighbors helped one another.

I have often been asked why I wrote my memoir of that time “Growing Up in the Rockies.” This week is a perfect example of why I wrote it. I think children today need to know that there was a time when our country was under control and it was safe.

They need to be reminded of what it was like to grow up as a child. Instead of being forced to grow up to fast.

It is a time in our countries history when we are being forced with the most difficult choices it has ever been faced with.

I am not racist, I don’t discriminate however, when I see the horrors that I have seen I do believe it is time to be stricter on immigration and our borders. I think it is time to be stricter about who we are educating in our school systems. I think it is time to go back to embargoes.  Why should we allow countries to threaten us and take away our citizens with their destructive ways.

Yes I have been married to an immigrate and the one thing I learned is culture is inbred very deeply and that it is difficult for change. Why should our country have to change is ideology on religions, education, philosophies  of life and values, for the multicultural that come into our country.

It is time to go back to the old ways. They were good enough for our forefathers, our grandparents, our parents and they should be good enough for us.

I will protect my own no matter what the cost is. However, I won’t hurt another for some selfish useless cause.

These people who are doing these acts are nothing more than cowards. A brave person stands up face to face and takes on his enemy. They don’t depend on others to do it for them.

It is time America shares its strength and honors the truly brave heroes that we have in our country . The ones who work the trenches everyday and are at risk not the ones that sit behind closed doors on their laurels nor have money to pay someone else to do the dirty work.

It is time to recognize the average American person who all they want is the pursuit of happiness.

It is time to protect that pursuit and allow children to be children, families to be families, and the American way to continue on with freedom.

My heart goes out to Boston. I am saying prayers daily for everyone. This was traumatic and it will have its impact around the world.

I am asking that everyone sets aside their differences and does what is right. I am asking that everyone works for the betterment of the human race no matter what country you are living in.


So until next time 😦

April 14th

Mid April is almost here.

We’ve had April Showers hopping to bring in new flowers.

We’ve had wind to blow out the winter.

We’ve had snow to remind us of the cold.

We’ve had sunshine to remind us to be thankful for the warmth.

We’ve had birds return and the sounds of Chirping.

Now is the time for rebirth of the earth.

Trees are starting to bud,

Animals are coming out of hibernation.

Life is starting to be seen more in the streets.

People are thinking about their yards.

This is a time of joy and celebration for young and old.

It is a time to enjoy life to the fullest.

It is a time to do what you are capable of doing.

April 10th was the anniversary of my parents and even though they have passed I remembered them.

April 12th was the birth of my older sister and I remembered her even though I couldn’t be with her.

April 13th I found out was the birth of one of my older cousins and although we are far apart I was able to wish her Happy Birthday Dianne Obsorne, from Facebook.

I had a miserable week due to my toothache but it isn’t going to hold me back. I was out of the house three times. I worked with my senior student on her graduation project. I took care of my own business and today I feel more like myself.

I will spend this week helping my senior finish up before Wednesday. Then Friday and Saturday are book signings so I will get ready for them.

Now I will pray that the beauty of April shows its face in all its splendor so that I can get outside and walk.

The mail is being delivered and the post office has resolved the issue with the vicious dog in the trailer court.

My son got out and worked in the yard yesterday. Now I will look forward to the budding trees, green grass and beautiful flowers even if my allergies kick up.

I plan to enjoy this summer to the fullest. You never know how many more you have left so you better enjoy them while you can.

I plan to finish my book and get ready for a trip to Montana no matter what it takes. It is my class reunion of forty-five years and I want to go.

It will be a difficult trip for me but I am going to work on that to that is why I need to get outside and walk.

Oh how I long for the warm rays of spring that shine down on me,

making me feel warm like a mother’s bosom. Giving me the energy

that I so need to pick myself up and carry on. Knowing that I can do

what I am meant to do The vibrance, the warmth, fill my heart and soul,

my bones are more steady and I want to run in the meadows as I did as

a child. I remember the wildflowers and how beautiful they were. I want

one more time to walk amongst the Indian Paint Brushes knowing they were too beautiful to pick and take home.

Should I be lucky enough to dangle my feet in a river once more I would be

ecstatic with joy for it has been way too long. I would love to sit on the river

bank catching snails as I did in my youth. For those days may have passed

but they will never be forgotten. I can still fill the breeze in my hair as I ride

through the meadow on a horse. Oh how I loved to gallop. If I would have but three wishes it wouldn’t be for wealth, fancy houses and cars.

I would wish for health, youth and one more time just to be me and laugh and love and enjoy the world through the eyes that I use to see it.

Wishes are for fools. Dreams are for dreamers. Yet, a mother’s dream is true to the heart and mine is one last time on my father’s river taking my sons where there Grandfather was the happiest.

That would be life’s gift to me and a legacy to give my boys more than anyone can ever understand.

So yes as April brings spring in I dream of my favorite times and I wish to be able to do things. The Golden years have become tarnished and dim and each year they are dimmer.

However, this is my summer and I will put one foot in front of the next and do what I am able.

So now as you plan your spring think about what is truly important to you and will you enjoy it as much as I plan to.

Yes I will wear shorts and maybe even a bathing suit we shall see.

This old lady isn’t dead yet and look out because this s[ring and summer everyone will see just how alive she still is.

So until next time:) May the sun shine down on all of us.


Hello everyone. I am alive today. The sun is out and the antibiotics are working. Thank you doctor. I am currently at the library helping my senior on her project. While she types I wait. I am getting bored so I thought I’d take a minute to remind everyone to appreciate the good things in life.

Hopefully by today you have written 15 poems as this is poetry month. I am trying to get back to writing some cat poems and everything keeps interfering with what I am doing.

I plan to finish my book “The Cat in the Box” as soon as I finish “Secrets Behind Closed Doors.”

Then it is time to move forward. I think I am ready for next weeks book signings and since my tooth is feeling better I’m not in panic mode.

I managed to get to the treasurer’s office today and get my paper worked down for the circuit breaker for my property taxes.

I only had until Monday to do that and was panicked over that. I don’t do well when I am panicked.

My son is home working on the yard and I sure hope he planned a good dinner as I have worked up an appetite after not feeling good all week.

I plan next week to start on an exercise routine as all that sleeping didn’t help my mobility any.

I wish the weather would stop changing so that I could get out and about more. I want to run but there is no way. I can barely walk. Something has to change.

After watching my best friend have knee surgery I will never do it. I will work on my own body to keep it in shape and do home remedies.

I don’t know how she is going to be able to go back to work in one week but I am praying for her.

The cats sure haven’t been happy with me being down all week but they will be happy now that I am feeling better. My son will be happy too.

At least until I start giving him work to do that I am starting to see that needs to be done.

Well I want to leave you with a thought for today.

The rebirth of the earth smiles on all of us. It brings about growth, blossoms, and babies being born. Now is the time to appreciate what life is about and work in our yard and prepare it for the coming of summer.

So until next time 🙂 enjoy life

April 11th

Hello World:)

Yes, I’m still alive. It’s been a rough week. I finally gave in and called the doctor and got an antibiotic for the infection in my face from my tooth. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even touch my face. Then I got a pain pill to sleep. Yesterday all I did was sleep.

Now I’m starting to feel a little better but the pain pills make me feel out of it and they don’t help my thinking or my typing. I will try my best however.

April 10th and 12th are important days in my life since my sister was born on one and my parents were born on the other.

However, today don’t ask me which is which as  my mind isn’t clear enough to distinguish between the two. However, I think my sister’s birthday is first.

For me April has always been the rebirth of the earth and live.

However in my own life it was the beginning of a family. It meant the unity of love and understanding. It began a journey of commitment.  Times were not always easy. Dad left for World War II as soon as they were married. Mom rented the basement apartment of my aunts home. The family looked out for one another until dad returned. When my sister was born there was another difficult time as she was a month premature and had to remain in the hospital for that month. Then finally coming home she had to sleep with the lights on and my parents had to adjust to habits created by the hospital. However, love and commitment held the family together. I came along four years later in August and looked up to my sister. My sister was pretty quiet and timid. Although she was as smart as a tack. She had a natural beauty about her and even though she didn’t know it she was well liked and respected just like my father was.

I was a pesty little sister who always wanted to hold her hand walking to school or going to the store. She wasn’t a touchy feely person.

Through our ups and downs as normal sisters we grew closer together and as we had our own families we shared many memories.

Now although we live far apart we talk often and compare notes about each other and the family.

Sometimes we agree and sometimes we see things differently but that’s because of the age difference.

No matter what the love of a family and commitment has lasted  through six and a half decades.

We haven’t always agreed or even liked each other. However, we have always loved each other and we always get over anything that comes between us.

I wish my sister the happiest birthday and if I could have but one wish it would be to go out to lunch with my big sister. Just her and I alone shooting the bull and being sisters.

I would remind her how much she looked like Annette Funicelli and how she sang like her growing up.

This week we say good by with love to Annette but my sister is here to remind me of her.

After all the good memories in our lives never die then just compartmentalize.

I will talk with my sister later and I hope she has a great day. For now she is out enjoying water aerobics with her husband. So until I talk to her I will spend the day thinking about the sun, the rebirth of the earth and how great it is to hear the birds chirping.

I thank the Lord for a great doctor who has eased my pain and hopefully I can get on top of it.

I have a very busy schedule. I am helping mentor a senior with her project due April 17th.

A book signing at Arts and Souls in Twin Falls Idaho on April 19th and April 20th a book signing in Rigby, Idaho at Inklings Book Store.

Please say some prayers for me as I don’t need to be sick right now.

Then I will make arrangements with a dentist to take care of this nasty tooth.

But it’s one step at a time.

Life goes on and we can’t give in. 🙂

So until next time 🙂 Stay well everyone


April 7th

Well it’s Sunday. I hope everyone has an enjoyable day.

Right now it is raining. It comes in bursts and then stops and then starts again. I wish that it would give us just a good day of rain instead of this on again off again on again stuff. It’s like the angels are unzipping the clouds and the devil is zipping them back up.

Rain causes me a great deal of pain so I’d like to have a couple of days of hard rain and get it over with. I woke up between four and five this morning with a sinus headache, a foot in so much pain I could barely move and a knee that I couldn’t bend due to the pain. You got it right the foot and knee where on opposite legs. I knew I had to get up but I didn’t know what was going to hold me up. Even my cats were smart enough to get out of my way.

I made my way to the bathroom. Took care of necessities. Found the aspirin bottle, then the allergy pill and made it back to bed. I slept for a few more hours and when I woke up I felt much better. Boy was I relieved because I wasn’t sure I would be walking today.

First thing I did upon getting up the second time was headed for my water pill and blood pressure medicine to start the day off right.

I hate all these pills but when I’m bad, I’m bad.

I had looked forward to a relaxing Sunday after a difficult Saturday and I wasn’t about to let the pain get the best of me.

Saturday I spent four hours at the library with a Senior mentoring her on her senior project.

It didn’t start off good as she had let it go for nine months and I couldn’t reach her since she had changed her phone. I spent the first half hour clarifying with her the importance of the project and that she might not be graduating. I also talked to her about the fact that I had a lengthy phone call with the principal and that when you ask a community member to help you’ve attached their name to your project. I told her I didn’t want my reputation affected because she didn’t do her work. Near tears she listened and I told her I’d help her if she met with me every time I set up and did what I asked of her but if she didn’t I wouldn’t initial her paper. Then I explained who all was going to be at the board on April 17th for her presentation and we would need time for her to practice her presentation. She had no idea how many people would be involved at her presentation and I told her I was attending.

I also told her that because she was short a recommendation and that it is suppose to be career oriented I called in a favor and she would be meeting with a local journalist on Tuesday evening so she had better have some questions ready to ask.

I know kids are kids and I saw it when I taught special education but darn it anyhow it’s time in our society especially with all the technology and the push on standards that people start realizing they have to meet deadlines and they can’t wait until the last minute. She has really stressed me out.

But enough about that I said I wasn’t going to worry about it until Tuesday so it is time for me to concentrate on what I am doing.

The Idaho Authors Community which I am part of is continuing to set up its book signings in 44 counties.

April 19th we have managed to connect with Arts and Souls ( which are artists from all over selling their paintings). I will be attending that book signing in Twin Falls Idaho at 9:00 am and hopefully move some books.

April 20th I will be attending the book signing at Inklings bookstore in Rigby Idaho at 11:30. Again hopefully I will move some books.

This week I will be working on radio contacts for marketing. I have already contacted the local paper.

Then I will continue to edit my book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors.” I hope to have it ready to come out by the first of June.

In the meantime I am still promoting my other books and sold ten books this past week.

I plan to write some poetry this month since it is poetry month. Some of that poetry will be about cats and be  put in my next book “The Cat in the Box,” which is half done.

My goal is to make enough money so that I can go to my class reunion in July. It will be my forty-fifth reunion and probably the last one I attend.

I have run a discount on my books to help reach my goal. However, I don’t know how long that will last.

If  anyone would like me to write about a special article and donate to my cause let me know and I can tell you how to do that.

I also write poems for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Well for now while the power is on and I can get some work done I’m going to go and do some writing and work on editing.

Oh boy the angels unzipped the clouds again 😦

So until next time stay safe 🙂