April 2nd

Good morning everyone. Today the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a beautiful day.

April 1st was April Fool’s Day. A day I’ve never been fond of for some reason. When I got up the sky was grey and I was disappointed not for me but for my son.

He has Sunday and Monday off and ever time there is a holiday dinner on Sunday the weather is nice and then Monday it’s horrible. I knew he had some out-door things to work on and I felt bad that we had used up all that beautiful weather on Sunday leaving me with his last day off to not be so nice. I knew today would be sunny because he would have to go back to work.

However, we had a wonderful Easter together and I hope everyone else did.

Now once again we are back to a week of normal whatever that is around each individual house.

I was opening some of my emails and suddenly I hit one and said oh no!

April is poetry month and NaNoNiMo! (Not sure of spelling) That means that I need to write a poem a day.

I’ve been wanting to get back to my poetry so I guess today will be a good day to start but I will have to write two to make up for yesterday.

I will post one a week  and you can comment on them.

Yesterday I spent the day editing the first two chapters of my book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors”. I will edit a chapter or more a day until it is done. Some are easier to edit than others. The first two seem to go better than I thought with minimal changes.

I am gearing up for two book signings this month. One on April 19th in the Magic Valley area and April 20th in Rigby , Idaho.  It’s that time of year when I market my books.

I finally got my Christmas present the end of February which is a Scrapbooking Cart but will work perfect for carrying my books and extra things to a book signing. It has lots of pockets for pens and room for business cards.

It sets on wheels and rolls which makes it easier for me. I just hope I put it together right .

I have lowered the price of my new books and am running a special on all of them and I have had numerous sells coming in from the first day. I am rather excited. I don’t know how long I will leave it at that price we will see.

I am so glad to finally see spring arriving even though I know we will have storms ahead of us. Today I can hear the chirping of the birds which I have longed for.

I am tired of the barren trees and the brown grass. I will be happy to see the plush green again.

It was an odd day yesterday. It started out grey and as the grey progressed there was an eerie feeling about it after a sunny happy Sunday.

We hadn’t had any mail in a week and that was odd as I get mail every day usually too much. I called the post office to ask if there was a problem. The women I spoke to said, “Yes, all mail is being held due to a viscous dog.” I immediately replied, “I don’t own a dog.” She answered by saying, “No, the entire trailer court is having their mail held until the issue is resolved.” I could tell she wanted to laugh but didn’t dare.  I was so disgusted I replied saying, “Ya, and I know what dog it is, it’s the one straight across the street from me.” Once again she answered saying, “We’re not at liberty to say.”

I’m thinking to myself all this time don’t I need to know before I walk out my front door? However, I knew she wouldn’t tell me.

I then went on to tell her I was worried about my mail and said replied, “You can come in and pick it up.” Now we have to go to the post office an extra trip daily. She did say that they hoped to have it resolved by the end of the day as they were waiting to hear from their lawyer. I thanked her and got off the phone.

My son went and picked up the mail as I was waiting for some important mail to arrive and sure enough it was there on hold.

I was so angry I could have spit tacks. Now don’t get me wrong I am the biggest animal lover in the world. I was raised with dogs. I have two cats and if I had a farm I’d adopt a lot of animals. But I am a firm believer that you need to have your pets under control. That doesn’t mean abusing them. It means train them from the time they are young and teach them to go anywhere. We live in a section of the trailer court where there aren’t supposed to be any outside animals. It’s the senior citizen section and there are a lot of walkers. Now what happens if one of us goes outside to walk? Sure glad someone told me to be careful.

This is another perfect example of everyone suffering for one family again. I’m sure getting tired of people thinking what they do doesn’t affect others. That dog should be on a leash under control every time it’s taken outside.

Well we shall see how long it is before I get mail again and what it costs me in gas to go pick up my mail. I sure didn’t need that news after a wonderful Sunday.

I am so glad the sun is out today even if there is a breeze at least it helps me to focus on the bright side of things.

I looked at my cats yesterday and said, “Yes, even you are better behaved than that as I laughed.”

Cats have their moments but at least I have two good cats that know when to stop when I tell them.

My poor male cat wants to be outside so bad but I can’t let him because he gets into too much trouble. The last time it cost me a vet bill of five hundred dollars and he almost dies. Now he likes to watch everything that goes by from the window.

I’ve had him for about seven years but just in the last few months he’s developed a new behavior. When trucks go down the road he gets this weird look on his face and it’s almost like he’s fixated on the trucks. You can’t get his attention for about fifteen minutes.

I do have to admit we are having more traffic and they are speeding through here faster than they use to. I don’t know if the sound is scaring him or if he’s thinking of an escape route.

The one thing that I am not looking forward to is allergy season and it is starting. I don’t understand why when God blessed us with so many beautiful things that we had to be given allergies so we couldn’t enjoy them. The worst for me is the Cottonwood trees and the Lilacs.

But I am prepared this year I got my years supply from Costco and I have my nasal spray and inhaler so I’m good to go.

Well I’m going to go for today and enjoy the sun as towards the end of the week the rain will arrive and I am not looking forward to that although I know the ground needs it.

So until next time 🙂






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