April 3rd

Good morning everyone:)

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting but somewhat frustrating day. I tried to print something off on my printer but it decided the cartridge was the wrong one although it was the right one only the small version. Finally it decided it was empty. Then i was really frustrated because I only printed off about twenty pages for a useless cartridge. Last night I had my son pick up the bigger cartridge which is $40.00 and now I’m broke for the month but I will be able to print.

I was so frustrated with the cartridge that I spent some time on the phone checking on venues. I was amazed at the information that I was able to get about Art Council’s in the area.

I suggest all authors check the local Art Council’s and see what they are doing and if they will include local authors.

We have a huge venue in our area on April 19th called Art and Soul. People come from all over the United States and Canada. There are over $30,000 dollars in prizes. They distribute the art work throughout the community and have it voted on. They are looking in to possibly have our Idaho Author’s Community be part of that venue. I am very excited.

Then I found out about the Art in the Park Venue and who to contact and when it will be.

At least the entire day wasn’t a waste.

This time of year there are many venues going on in the communities and as part of marketing it is important to know what venues are taking place where.

As authors we should try to be as many places as we can be so that the communities become familiar with us and our work. The more visible you are the better chance you have of moving your books no matter what genre they are.

It is also important to work with others who have similar interests so that you have a support team.

The more contacts you develop the easier marketing becomes. It also brings about repeat business as you develop repeat customers.

I will be getting ready for book signings on April 19th to be announced and April 20th in Rigby Idaho.

In the meantime I will also continue editing my latest book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors.”

This is Poetry month so I will post a poem once a week and start a new poetry book.

In addition I will look forward to spring and the wonderful weather it brings. I am enjoying the sunshine today and being able to have the windows open. I hope everyone else is able to enjoy spring where ever you are.

I am going to sign off with that for today as I need to get my printer set up and working during the day light hours.

Have fun be safe.

So until next time 🙂

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