April 7th

Well it’s Sunday. I hope everyone has an enjoyable day.

Right now it is raining. It comes in bursts and then stops and then starts again. I wish that it would give us just a good day of rain instead of this on again off again on again stuff. It’s like the angels are unzipping the clouds and the devil is zipping them back up.

Rain causes me a great deal of pain so I’d like to have a couple of days of hard rain and get it over with. I woke up between four and five this morning with a sinus headache, a foot in so much pain I could barely move and a knee that I couldn’t bend due to the pain. You got it right the foot and knee where on opposite legs. I knew I had to get up but I didn’t know what was going to hold me up. Even my cats were smart enough to get out of my way.

I made my way to the bathroom. Took care of necessities. Found the aspirin bottle, then the allergy pill and made it back to bed. I slept for a few more hours and when I woke up I felt much better. Boy was I relieved because I wasn’t sure I would be walking today.

First thing I did upon getting up the second time was headed for my water pill and blood pressure medicine to start the day off right.

I hate all these pills but when I’m bad, I’m bad.

I had looked forward to a relaxing Sunday after a difficult Saturday and I wasn’t about to let the pain get the best of me.

Saturday I spent four hours at the library with a Senior mentoring her on her senior project.

It didn’t start off good as she had let it go for nine months and I couldn’t reach her since she had changed her phone. I spent the first half hour clarifying with her the importance of the project and that she might not be graduating. I also talked to her about the fact that I had a lengthy phone call with the principal and that when you ask a community member to help you’ve attached their name to your project. I told her I didn’t want my reputation affected because she didn’t do her work. Near tears she listened and I told her I’d help her if she met with me every time I set up and did what I asked of her but if she didn’t I wouldn’t initial her paper. Then I explained who all was going to be at the board on April 17th for her presentation and we would need time for her to practice her presentation. She had no idea how many people would be involved at her presentation and I told her I was attending.

I also told her that because she was short a recommendation and that it is suppose to be career oriented I called in a favor and she would be meeting with a local journalist on Tuesday evening so she had better have some questions ready to ask.

I know kids are kids and I saw it when I taught special education but darn it anyhow it’s time in our society especially with all the technology and the push on standards that people start realizing they have to meet deadlines and they can’t wait until the last minute. She has really stressed me out.

But enough about that I said I wasn’t going to worry about it until Tuesday so it is time for me to concentrate on what I am doing.

The Idaho Authors Community which I am part of is continuing to set up its book signings in 44 counties.

April 19th we have managed to connect with Arts and Souls ( which are artists from all over selling their paintings). I will be attending that book signing in Twin Falls Idaho at 9:00 am and hopefully move some books.

April 20th I will be attending the book signing at Inklings bookstore in Rigby Idaho at 11:30. Again hopefully I will move some books.

This week I will be working on radio contacts for marketing. I have already contacted the local paper.

Then I will continue to edit my book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors.” I hope to have it ready to come out by the first of June.

In the meantime I am still promoting my other books and sold ten books this past week.

I plan to write some poetry this month since it is poetry month. Some of that poetry will be about cats and be  put in my next book “The Cat in the Box,” which is half done.

My goal is to make enough money so that I can go to my class reunion in July. It will be my forty-fifth reunion and probably the last one I attend.

I have run a discount on my books to help reach my goal. However, I don’t know how long that will last.

If  anyone would like me to write about a special article and donate to my cause let me know and I can tell you how to do that.

I also write poems for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Well for now while the power is on and I can get some work done I’m going to go and do some writing and work on editing.

Oh boy the angels unzipped the clouds again 😦

So until next time stay safe 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Hi Janice, I woke up much the same way. We’re having the same weather patterns and the allergies here are awful. I had the knee and ankle on the same leg but still manged to trip over the cat, who gets in my way on purpose so I’ll feed him or die. NowIi feel feverish with a headace–just one pain free day would be nice once in a while, right?

  2. Hi Janice… I’ve got a headache for weeks since here in Europe it’s been cold, dark and grey for several months now… I can feel you!!

  3. Micki and Raani sorry to hear you’ve been suffering too. I finally had to given in and call my doctor as I couldn’t even touch my face it was so infected from my tooth. After not being able to function for the week I am starting to see the light of day although pain pills aren’t helping my spelling any. Take care and precautions for this time of year. Hopefully it will get better.

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