April 11th

Hello World:)

Yes, I’m still alive. It’s been a rough week. I finally gave in and called the doctor and got an antibiotic for the infection in my face from my tooth. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even touch my face. Then I got a pain pill to sleep. Yesterday all I did was sleep.

Now I’m starting to feel a little better but the pain pills make me feel out of it and they don’t help my thinking or my typing. I will try my best however.

April 10th and 12th are important days in my life since my sister was born on one and my parents were born on the other.

However, today don’t ask me which is which as  my mind isn’t clear enough to distinguish between the two. However, I think my sister’s birthday is first.

For me April has always been the rebirth of the earth and live.

However in my own life it was the beginning of a family. It meant the unity of love and understanding. It began a journey of commitment.  Times were not always easy. Dad left for World War II as soon as they were married. Mom rented the basement apartment of my aunts home. The family looked out for one another until dad returned. When my sister was born there was another difficult time as she was a month premature and had to remain in the hospital for that month. Then finally coming home she had to sleep with the lights on and my parents had to adjust to habits created by the hospital. However, love and commitment held the family together. I came along four years later in August and looked up to my sister. My sister was pretty quiet and timid. Although she was as smart as a tack. She had a natural beauty about her and even though she didn’t know it she was well liked and respected just like my father was.

I was a pesty little sister who always wanted to hold her hand walking to school or going to the store. She wasn’t a touchy feely person.

Through our ups and downs as normal sisters we grew closer together and as we had our own families we shared many memories.

Now although we live far apart we talk often and compare notes about each other and the family.

Sometimes we agree and sometimes we see things differently but that’s because of the age difference.

No matter what the love of a family and commitment has lasted  through six and a half decades.

We haven’t always agreed or even liked each other. However, we have always loved each other and we always get over anything that comes between us.

I wish my sister the happiest birthday and if I could have but one wish it would be to go out to lunch with my big sister. Just her and I alone shooting the bull and being sisters.

I would remind her how much she looked like Annette Funicelli and how she sang like her growing up.

This week we say good by with love to Annette but my sister is here to remind me of her.

After all the good memories in our lives never die then just compartmentalize.

I will talk with my sister later and I hope she has a great day. For now she is out enjoying water aerobics with her husband. So until I talk to her I will spend the day thinking about the sun, the rebirth of the earth and how great it is to hear the birds chirping.

I thank the Lord for a great doctor who has eased my pain and hopefully I can get on top of it.

I have a very busy schedule. I am helping mentor a senior with her project due April 17th.

A book signing at Arts and Souls in Twin Falls Idaho on April 19th and April 20th a book signing in Rigby, Idaho at Inklings Book Store.

Please say some prayers for me as I don’t need to be sick right now.

Then I will make arrangements with a dentist to take care of this nasty tooth.

But it’s one step at a time.

Life goes on and we can’t give in. 🙂

So until next time 🙂 Stay well everyone


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