Hello everyone. I am alive today. The sun is out and the antibiotics are working. Thank you doctor. I am currently at the library helping my senior on her project. While she types I wait. I am getting bored so I thought I’d take a minute to remind everyone to appreciate the good things in life.

Hopefully by today you have written 15 poems as this is poetry month. I am trying to get back to writing some cat poems and everything keeps interfering with what I am doing.

I plan to finish my book “The Cat in the Box” as soon as I finish “Secrets Behind Closed Doors.”

Then it is time to move forward. I think I am ready for next weeks book signings and since my tooth is feeling better I’m not in panic mode.

I managed to get to the treasurer’s office today and get my paper worked down for the circuit breaker for my property taxes.

I only had until Monday to do that and was panicked over that. I don’t do well when I am panicked.

My son is home working on the yard and I sure hope he planned a good dinner as I have worked up an appetite after not feeling good all week.

I plan next week to start on an exercise routine as all that sleeping didn’t help my mobility any.

I wish the weather would stop changing so that I could get out and about more. I want to run but there is no way. I can barely walk. Something has to change.

After watching my best friend have knee surgery I will never do it. I will work on my own body to keep it in shape and do home remedies.

I don’t know how she is going to be able to go back to work in one week but I am praying for her.

The cats sure haven’t been happy with me being down all week but they will be happy now that I am feeling better. My son will be happy too.

At least until I start giving him work to do that I am starting to see that needs to be done.

Well I want to leave you with a thought for today.

The rebirth of the earth smiles on all of us. It brings about growth, blossoms, and babies being born. Now is the time to appreciate what life is about and work in our yard and prepare it for the coming of summer.

So until next time 🙂 enjoy life


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