April 14th

Mid April is almost here.

We’ve had April Showers hopping to bring in new flowers.

We’ve had wind to blow out the winter.

We’ve had snow to remind us of the cold.

We’ve had sunshine to remind us to be thankful for the warmth.

We’ve had birds return and the sounds of Chirping.

Now is the time for rebirth of the earth.

Trees are starting to bud,

Animals are coming out of hibernation.

Life is starting to be seen more in the streets.

People are thinking about their yards.

This is a time of joy and celebration for young and old.

It is a time to enjoy life to the fullest.

It is a time to do what you are capable of doing.

April 10th was the anniversary of my parents and even though they have passed I remembered them.

April 12th was the birth of my older sister and I remembered her even though I couldn’t be with her.

April 13th I found out was the birth of one of my older cousins and although we are far apart I was able to wish her Happy Birthday Dianne Obsorne, from Facebook.

I had a miserable week due to my toothache but it isn’t going to hold me back. I was out of the house three times. I worked with my senior student on her graduation project. I took care of my own business and today I feel more like myself.

I will spend this week helping my senior finish up before Wednesday. Then Friday and Saturday are book signings so I will get ready for them.

Now I will pray that the beauty of April shows its face in all its splendor so that I can get outside and walk.

The mail is being delivered and the post office has resolved the issue with the vicious dog in the trailer court.

My son got out and worked in the yard yesterday. Now I will look forward to the budding trees, green grass and beautiful flowers even if my allergies kick up.

I plan to enjoy this summer to the fullest. You never know how many more you have left so you better enjoy them while you can.

I plan to finish my book and get ready for a trip to Montana no matter what it takes. It is my class reunion of forty-five years and I want to go.

It will be a difficult trip for me but I am going to work on that to that is why I need to get outside and walk.

Oh how I long for the warm rays of spring that shine down on me,

making me feel warm like a mother’s bosom. Giving me the energy

that I so need to pick myself up and carry on. Knowing that I can do

what I am meant to do The vibrance, the warmth, fill my heart and soul,

my bones are more steady and I want to run in the meadows as I did as

a child. I remember the wildflowers and how beautiful they were. I want

one more time to walk amongst the Indian Paint Brushes knowing they were too beautiful to pick and take home.

Should I be lucky enough to dangle my feet in a river once more I would be

ecstatic with joy for it has been way too long. I would love to sit on the river

bank catching snails as I did in my youth. For those days may have passed

but they will never be forgotten. I can still fill the breeze in my hair as I ride

through the meadow on a horse. Oh how I loved to gallop. If I would have but three wishes it wouldn’t be for wealth, fancy houses and cars.

I would wish for health, youth and one more time just to be me and laugh and love and enjoy the world through the eyes that I use to see it.

Wishes are for fools. Dreams are for dreamers. Yet, a mother’s dream is true to the heart and mine is one last time on my father’s river taking my sons where there Grandfather was the happiest.

That would be life’s gift to me and a legacy to give my boys more than anyone can ever understand.

So yes as April brings spring in I dream of my favorite times and I wish to be able to do things. The Golden years have become tarnished and dim and each year they are dimmer.

However, this is my summer and I will put one foot in front of the next and do what I am able.

So now as you plan your spring think about what is truly important to you and will you enjoy it as much as I plan to.

Yes I will wear shorts and maybe even a bathing suit we shall see.

This old lady isn’t dead yet and look out because this s[ring and summer everyone will see just how alive she still is.

So until next time:) May the sun shine down on all of us.


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