April 23rd

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been away.

I had a great book signing on April 19th in Twin Falls and then on April 20th I had a wonderful book signing in Rigby, Idaho at Inklings bookstore.

The turn out was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. However, between travel time, weather, and my age and disability it exhausted me. I have slept for two days.

Now I am ready to try to get back to normal whatever that is. My cats were not happy that I have been gone so much. Yesterday they were perfectly content to sleep on my lap all day to make sure I didn’t get up.

Now I am starting to enjoy the sun and think about what I need to do. However my heart is heavy. One of my high school classmates whom I planned to visit in July had her eight year old granddaughter killed in a car accident on Sunday. My heart is aching for her and her daughter. They are trying to come up with money to go from Butte, Montana to North Carolina for the funeral. The uncle is in the hospital.

I am accepting any donations towards this very important cause. I am also giving all money from “Growing Up in the Rockies” to them. If anyone wants to help this wonderful family out please contact me. You can use your PayPal account and send it direct to my email cjanasdreams@live.com and I will cut my friend Cheryl a check.

Please pray for this family. Sara was a bright beautiful eight year old who was taken way too soon from her family.

My heart aches for them. I am doing what I can to comfort her Grandmother long distance and she will find out today about the funeral.

I am going to keep this short today because my heart is heavy and my mind is on this family.

I wish everyone a wonderful safe day so until next time 🙂

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