May 12th

Hello I’m sorry I was gone so long but I have been so busy between book signings and trying to complete my manuscript I had to just ignore a lot of other things. “Secrets Behind Closed Doors” my forty-year journey as a teacher is now reading to start the layout on Monday and I should be ready to order the first proof book on Wednesday. Then I have The Burley Library Book signing on the 18th and the Twin Falls one at the Heritage Center on the 23rd. Then I may be able to catch up with myself but today is all about mother’s.


Mother’s Day brings a special meaning to me. Not only did we remember her as our mother but it was also her birthday. Now my mother came from a large family as their were thirteen children born into it although two died early on in life. Now, we didn’t live close to these relatives as they lived in North Dakota and we were in Montana. However, mom use to tell us stories about her growing up days and what it was like.

Mom was known for strict routine of what day you had to accomplish which chores. Monday and Friday were laundry days. Tuesday was finishing the Ironing. Wednesday and Thursday were either baking or going to town to pay bills. Saturday was grocery day and Sunday was church.

She never drove a car until her mid forties so she always walked to town through cold bitter mountain air.

Her day started early in the morning when the milkman delivered the milk as she didn’t want it frozen on the porch.

Then she’d heat up the house and start breakfast for everyone. Dad always wanted bacon and eggs and us kids were usually happy with cereal.

Then while we ate she put up our lunches and got us ready to send us off for the day. She always stood at the back door and waved as we headed off to school. Dad always kissed her goodbye as he left for work.

Frequently we’d come home to fresh-baked cookies, cakes, or donuts. She was a wonderful cook and you enjoyed everything she made. If she made anything using dough for pies or pasties she would take what was left over and make jelly tarts for our after school snacks.

She was remembered at Halloween time for her famous popcorn balls as they never got hard and she made sure to shake all the kernels out before making them.

At Christmas Time she would make a delicacy of every type of candy she could think of.

Her favorite snack came from the depression. She was known for having a late snack of crushed up soda crackers in a class of milk. I never cared for that but it was fun to see her enjoy it.

She was able to make meet stretch longer than anyone I have ever known of course we only had one man in the house and that was my dad. Being girls our appetites wasn’t like those of my boys.

She taught herself to sew to save money and became a perfectionist in her art of sewing. She made all of clothes growing up. I didn’t even know how to shop in a store for clothes until I was a teenager.

She always kept her home in order and her bills paid. She was proud of whatever she did. Her only activities outside of the home were Church and the Axillary for the Printers Union. She would attend the woman’s church meetings and exchange new recipes and then come home and try them on us. We never knew what she’d be baking next. However, her homemade bread was delicious. It always made the house smell so good and she would melt better on it and make sure we had a piece while it was still warm.

Mother’s are there to teach and guide you and they complain a lot along the way but they are the foundation that holds the family together.  When I lost my mother I realized that my best friend was gone. I realized that no more would we have those late night chats on the telephone or giggle over silly things. I realized that I now was the foundation for my family and I had to carry on alone. I didn’t like that feeling although I had already been a mother for years.

Now I look back at the women in my life. My grandmother, my  aunts, my mother, my sister, my friends and I think how important Mother’s are not only one day of the year but everyday of the year.

I applaud those who are able to be stay at home mother’s and do the hardest job in the world. After all no manual comes with children. No education in the world can teach you how to be a good mother because every one’s life is different.

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day and I remember my mother and her birthday may she rest in peace, let’s help those who are struggle and need someone to listen to them.

Let’s make the world a better place so all children want to honor their Mother’s on Mother’s Day and let’s remember to share love with all of those in our lives who we have been blessed to have and know.

Many people will be traveling on this day so I pray that you will have a safe and heart warmed journey returning safe to your loved ones.

So until next time 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful blog post!! I enjoyed reading this!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Raani you are very welcome. I think it is important to share the best memories that we hang on to and ignore all the negativity in the media.

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