May 24th

Good morning everyone 🙂

It has been a very busy month. When I haven’t been traveling for book signings and readings I have been busy working on my book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors.” It is a forty year journey of teaching experience. It is over three hundred pages and could have been more but I decided I had told enough.

The strange part about it all is that last night on the news the asked why “Teacher’s don’t want to stay in Idaho,” and what could be done to keep them.

Talk about timing. My book will go to the publisher’s next week. I have two adjustments on the layout and hopefully I can finish it today.

Yesterday I traveled down the road to Twin Falls and did a reading at the Heritage Assisted Living Center. They loved hearing the poetry and I felt so could when they clapped. It was a nice turn out and a pleasant day.

That is my first real reading exposure. I’m not use to reading what I write so I was somewhat nervous and tried to go back into my teacher mode where I am comfortable.

When we were finished we enjoyed refreshments and said our goodbyes and I headed for home just in time to beat the rain.

I was glad to be home as the traffic was horrible.

I get so tired of the cars that want to ride on your tailgate. I was going the speed limit of seventy five all the way as I had my cruise control set. However, it seemed like every time I looked in the mirror someone was about to enter my backseat.

I came very close to flipping someone off for pushing me down the highway but then I thought of road rage and I resisted but it sure stressed me out.

I took the back road cut off as soon as I could get off the free way and came into town from the old frontage road where there was no traffic and what a relief.

When I arrived home my son had dinner ready and I was glad to eat and be done for the night.

I did absolutely nothing after I got home except enjoy my cats and talk on the phone with my friend.

Now as we are entering Memorial weekend I am very happy to be able to stay at home. My sister was able to get the flowers on the graves at the cemetery last week before the snow hit. I always keep in touch with her to see that it is being done since I live out of state.

I will spend my weekend remembering all the good times with family and friends who have already passed over.

I will be thankful for the blessed memories that I have and I will remember the service of all our military families.

What a joy it is to live in a country where we still can be free to think about the things we cherish.

So on this memorial day whether you are traveling, camping, having a BBQ or just sitting at home give thanks to all of your loved ones.

So until next time stay safe and warm 🙂



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