May 28th

Hello everyone. I hope you had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend. It was a time to remember those that have served us and our country as well as those we loved who have left this earth before we were ready.

It is a weekend mixed with joy, sadness, tears, and many memories both good and bad. However, somehow we always manage to appreciate this weekend. It brings families together and a renewal of memories and faith that we take for granite on daily basis.

Now we will be ready to move on into summer life and what it will bring our way.

Farmer’s will be busy working in their fields. Families will enjoy camping, fishing and BBQ’s.

It is a time to appreciate nature and family. Schools will be out and students will enjoy their freedom from books and studying.

Gas prices will affect travel and vacations. Hopefully there will be a drop in food and gas so that all may enjoy some summer.

My enjoyment for now is knowing that my book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors,” is now life. It is my forty-year journey of teaching. It shares the good, the bad and the ugly. I talk about the Beginning years of teaching when it was fun to be a teacher. I discuss the ending of my career and what literally chased me out of my career that I loved.


I will be adding the book links this week but in the meantime you can contact me or go to

I have already sold some books and they haven’t even arrived yet.

So as school ends for 2013 so does my career as told in my book.

I wish everyone a wonderful week . Stay safe and warm.

So until next time 🙂


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