May 30th

Hello everyone hope everyone is fine on this blustery day 🙂

Now if Murphy’s Law could be tattooed on my back it couldn’t have any more of an impact than what has been going on lately.

Extra bills this month with Car Tags and incidentals.

My sons unemployment ran out and there is no more. Then he lost his driver’s license and you can’t even get work with out an Identification.

Replacement’s are now up to $15.00 .

My check was spoke for and is gone.

Food ran out except for all those extra cans in the cupboard that need something else to go with that you don’t have.

Then to make matters worse the cats have been fighting all week and I’ve had to get on them.

This whole week has had me major stressed out not to even mention I didn’t have the money to order my newly published book.

Now I have always believed that when things get at there worst the Lord will come through for you.

Facing my house insurance and my car insurance and the car tags without any money. I prayed and prayed that my state reimbursement for groceries would come. I don’t due taxes since I’m on disability and even though I have my books I haven’t made enough for it to be a problem yet.

For three days I prayed and that was before I realized my son had lost his license I thought he had found it and everything there was okay. Last night I prayed extra hard after he told me he didn’t have it.

Well today guess what was in the mail? It was enough to cover a replacement license, tags on the car and the car insurance. Now he can go look for work.

I still have to worry about the house insurance but that is the smallest one and it is better to pay one overdraft bank charge than three. At least my bank gives that option.

Then today I found out that the two new books that I ordered will arrive tomorrow instead of June 7th. I have already sold them and mailed an invoice to the public library which would cover the house insurance. Let’s hope that check comes through right away.
I will be praying extra hard tonight for that and thanking the Lord for blessing me today.

I learned as a child the Lord helps those who help themselves and I keep trying. However, sometimes I just need a little extra help because society has a way of working against you.

However, I never give up as I have learned “ask and you shall receive.”

Tonight I am going to pray extra hard for my books and that my new book takes off. I have poured my heart and soul into all of them but this last one even though I didn’t tell all told much.

I am going to pray to be able to continue to have internet because I love my internet friends. However, if I have to put it on standby it will be for a short period of time.

Always know I will come back. I am going to continue to pray for my health and my sons.

Prayer to me is very private no one sees me do it but it’s between me and my Lord. Thank you Lord for being my best friend and walking with me through the good and the bad times.

Now on a different note: I also gave Baby my cat a bath today. This is a twenty-five to thirty pound cat that doesn’t like water and is covered in hair.

She is a very clean cat but I don’t know what she did Murphy’s Law was at it again as I was planning a bath for her on a warm day. However, today when she woke me up to feed her she smelled like she had rolled in the litter box. Oh my gosh. I don’t allow that smell to get out of control in the house. Yet here my house reeked. She couldn’t go in any room without smelling up the entire house.

I took my pain pill for my back. Then I prepared the bathroom and got the water ready. Finally she got curious enough to come to me so it wouldn’t be an exhausting chase. Once I had her I closed the door locking the other cat out so he couldn’t sympathize with her.
Now she was sitting in a sink of water and I had a lock on her where she couldn’t get away. Her nails are very long and that was my biggest worry but she doesn’t like to hurt me so she was very careful about that even though she wanted out and down. I had my container to use to rinse the soap off of her and even a stool that I could sit down if my back and legs gave out. Not having any cat soap I used my dove shampoo and continued to wash her. When I finally had her rinsed I sat her up on the counter on towels that were ready to dry her. She was once glad to be on the counter and allowed me to try to drive her for a few minutes. Then she had decided enough was enough and jumped down. By then I agreed with her and she now smelt good and I could let her travel through the house.

She spent the day grooming herself until I laid down to watch “Let’s Make a Deal ” and then she finally fell asleep on my lap. She has now forgiven me for the ordeal that she hates so much. No the male cat Skeeter is giving me the evil eye wondering when I am going to attack him. We will see if my back is up to it tomorrow. I can’t do both in one day.

After telling my son he said he would make sure to take care of the litter box and make sure it was clean as that is his job for living here.

Now as the day grows late I hope Murphy has gone to sleep as I have had enough this week.

It is time for some positive in my life. That’s why my sight is cjanasdreams. I use it when things are going well.

So think about how your day has gone and what is going on in your life and share it with others as it may give them a laugh, a smile or a brighter day.

I hope somewhere along the way I have brightened your day. At least now I can look out and see sunshine even if the winds are strong today.

So as I end my day I know that progress was made and I am thankful for that. Now I can continue the evening chores with peace of mind.

So until next time 🙂


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