June 4th

Hello everyone. I hope you are all find it a nice sunny day like I am.
Yesterday wasn’t the best day for me so I ended up sleeping it away. I am glad to be back on track now.

I would like to wish my ex-husband a Happy Birthday. My sons never understand why I think about him and they feel that it is unhealthy. However we were together for over twenty years . We were high school sweethearts, college sweethearts married for fifteen years and had two children together. No I don’t know what went wrong and I never will but the one thing I do know is he blessed me with wonderful children and I do remember the good more than the bad.

I am mentioning this on my blog today because too often we get wrapped up in hatred and not forgiving those who have touched our lives.

Although I don’t speak to my ex-husband and he is remarried and has little contact with his sons. I don’t wish him any will ill. He is now 64 and I remember him in his youth when he was a kind, fun person to be around.

My point is we affect everyone we come into contact with whether it is one day, one year or one lifetime. We need to remember the good impact and move on our own journey in life.

I encourage my sons to call him on his birthday but in the end that is their choice for they had their own relationship with him. I have nothing to do with that anymore.

However, every year when this day rolls around I can’t help remember it’s his birthday. I hope he has a wonderful healthy day.

Through anger, heartache, and love I’ve come to understand whatever went wrong caused a love hate relationship.

One cannot live that way. The majority of the time I remember him with love but there are moments that the hatred surfaces and I have to put it back to rest. However, those days have grown few and far between now that I have become comfortable in my own life.

One should not marry until they find themselves for the chance of a happy journey is rare until you know who you are and what you want.

I will always love my ex-husband but it wasn’t meant to be. I will wish him the best today and go on with my day as usual. For I have found myself and I am finally happy. At least as happy as any person can be.

So to anyone out there who has a birthday today congratulations. Live life to the fullest and be happy. Have a piece of cake and ice cream for me.

This is a day that I will always remember as a celebration of life for without this day I would not have two wonderful sons. Thank you for that.

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