Father’s Day

I have been gone for a long time and I do apologize for that. My life has consumed my time. I’ve had little time for writing even. Although I am about to finish “Me and My Dogs” and hopefully it will be out by the first of July.

I had to be here though to talk about Father’s Day! How many of you have seen that commercial of what makes a good father with the actors from the modern day sitcom of Family Memories? Not sure of the exact title. He never gets an answer to the question.

Well I am going to talk about my father first.

My dad was a man of few words but he had a big heart. You always knew you could talk to him and that you were loved even when you were in trouble. He loved fishing more than life itself and he walked every river in Montana. He could fly fish when I couldn’t but he would still try to tolerate my mistakes until I made too many and then it was back to the old reel and rod which i preferred. When I got older he taught me how to drive and was very patient with me. He taught so that I could handle anything. He even let me work on the car with him side by side and no he wasn’t a mechanic.

My father didn’t believe in paying someone to do something you could do yourself. He gave me very strong values throughout my life.

He was a union leader even when he didn’t want to be because the men respected him and knew he could mediate fairly for them. He was known and respected by everyone in town.

He always believed in an honest days work for an honest days dollar and he taught us to work at an early age helping with yard work and what we could do around the house.

He would help anyone in need and he passed that on to us. I can remember him stopping on the highway to help a motorest in distress, which of course you wouldn’t do today.

He was always helping someone in the neighborhood fix their bike when they didn’t have anyone to help them.

When I had children of my own he set a perfect role model for my son’s of what a real man should be. He took them fishing, had them work with him and scolded them when they were in trouble.

My boys loved their grandfather and I am so thankful that they grew up knowing him. He was one of a kind. They truly did break the mold when they made him.

I have never met a man since that could fill his shoes. He always said,”Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

He was taken way to soon from this earth and I miss him so much. He was my dad, my best friend, my guider, and someone I trusted. Loosing him changed my entire life forever. Dad may you walk with the saints in Heaven. You truly were the best father ever and the boys and I love you so much.

I want you to know which I am sure you already do but it is important for me to say it, your grandsons learned the value of a man from you. Thank you for that. You gave my sons the greatest present a man could ever give.


My oldest son was extremely ill and ended up in the hospital after four emergency trips, a CAT scan and two MRI’s, a chest and stomache x-ray. Ten days of exhaustion got the better of me and I was scared when they said he had a lesion pressing on the nerve entering his brain. He still has a lot of doctoring to do and my worries aren’t over. While he was in the hospital I called his father whom I never speak to and the boys rarely speak to.

When he realized how serious it was he came (without his wife) with his stepdaughter. He happened to be here when they released my son from the hospital. They got to spend a day together before he had to return back.

He did more in that one trip than he has done in twenty eight years as both the boys realized he cared enough to come. Children have to see and feel the love it can’t remain hidden in your heart.

My son has a daughter of his own that he has never seen. My prayer for him is that she reaches out to him and finds him before it is too late. We love her wherever she is and would love to have her in our family.

You only get one chance to do it right as a parent so even though you will make mistakes you’d better get it right the first time around.

For all you dad’s out their Happy Father’s Day and remember what your father’s meant to you.


I will try to be better about blogging and get back into the habit. My health has been failing and I just had a scare with renal failure but am doing much better now. I want to enjoy my readers and all of the new friends I have made. Happy weekend to everyone


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