Change in Seasons

For everything there is a purpose. For every time there is a season under heaven.

It has become apparent that the seasons in my life are changing. I still keep on doing what I am capable of doing but it gets harder and harder. After watching my son become so terribly ill I realized that it is more important for him to be healthy than me. I can live with my health issues as long as my children who are grown men are okay.

They talk all the time about keeping people living longer but the one thing they never talk about is quality of life and how to keep them youthful. It doesn’t do any good to live to be one hundred if you can’t enjoy life because of failing health.

They talk about senior citizens working until they are seventy-two or older and yet no one will hire them. So how can they feel like they are still a productive part of society?

My physician said I would be okay as long as I did everything in moderation.

I believe that applies to living life and enjoy each moment all so. Children often forget that their parents get tired and need naps as they get older.

Let the season be lived according to the person and their needs.
Let life be enjoyed according to ones ability to do so.
Let those who are capable work up until they make the choice not to work any longer.
Let life be a natural course following the seasons of life. As I look out the window today I see a grey sky with a strong breeze and chance of rain. I will accept what needs to happen although I am much happier with sunshine.

However, I overdid yesterday so today will be a day to do some laundry and take some naps and let my body catch up with itself.

Next week the weather is suppose to be in the 90’s pushing 100. I know there will be sun and I will prepare myself for that heat.

I have enjoyed the spring and summer of my life am finishing the fall and entering the winter of my life but I will take it one step at a time and enjoy what I am capable of.

In the meantime I will write and try to finish up what I have started.

My book “Me and My Dogs” is finished I just have to do the layout.I am currently working on “A Heart Broken, A Twist of Love” Then if I am fortunate enough I will being Try Walking in My Shoes. However, in the meantime I will finish the children’s stories and two more poetry books while I have the opportunity to do so.

I will enjoy what book signings I can go to and the new friends I meet online. I will jump with glee when royalty checks come in no matter what size they are because it is a reminder to me that I accomplished something.

I will leave a legacy of books to my sons and they will remember that in my old years I didn’t give up and sit in front of the television all day.

I will reminisce about a good life and the love of family and friends.

I will enjoy nature and all of its beauty.

I will laugh and cry at some of the movies I do watch.

I will enjoy my cats and their silly antics. I will have peace regardless of what season I am in as I have found peace within myself.

I will celebrate when there is something to celebrate and I will have patience when needed.

My life after all has come full circle and I can’t ask for anything more than that.

It will be a circle unbroken because of hard work, family, and love.

When the sun glimmers through the trees teasing me I will know that I am being looked out for and enjoy the moment as it is right now. When the sun passes I know it will be shining down on someone else somewhere in the world and I will be happy for them.

I will not become agitated by political problems and arguments over religion as I know what I have and appreciate it.

My wisdom has grown daily since I retired as I have had time to reflect on the past, present and future. I can now look at life in perspective and pray for the best.

I have taken control of my own destiny and will live by my beliefs and standards not someone elses. I am who I am and I have learned the purpose of the seasons under heave.

May all of you find your peace, your tranquil place to be and enjoy life before it passes you buy. For there is a time to enjoy each season under Heaven.


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