Why do we write????

We write because we love to. Writing is our passion. However, it is more than that. It is a love of living and wanting to share it with everyone. We write about the things that have become important in our memories and life experiences. It is a way of continuing those experiences that are so important to us. It is also a way of sharing with loved ones that we haven’t forgotten and letting them know how important the were in our life.

We write as a way of continuing to go on living and enjoy life and the potential that is there for us. It is not about money as authors are starving authors. However, the journey is richer than anyone can imagine.

Writing touches the heart of those writing and those reading. Emotions of the human being is the strongest of all reactions that one can hope for.

It is so important to have a person walk through the story with you and feel like they are there. It presents a mystery, adventure and romance all at one time. It tells them that the author is real with human feelings and emotions.

Writing is meant to touch the heart, mind, and soul.

It doesn’t matter what genre you are writing it has to reach the reader and leave an impression with the author.

Once an author feels the passion for writing it is like a love affair. You simply can’t get enough and you have to keep writing.

Writing is your story through your life no matter what genre you do because it shows your start, middle and ending.

It isn’t important how many books you write or the size of the book. It is important that your feelings are felt.

Everyone has a story to tell and none are the same. Let your words flow as if you were talking to your best friend. Some will be humorous and some will be serious but all should be from the heart.

So as you go on with your writing enjoy the journey. Love it, live it, feel it, and know the passion.

I need to get back to my book so that is all for today. Love you all and take care.


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