With Thanksgiving upon us we need to think about the meaning of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it.

It has been said throughout history that the first Thanksgiving started because of the first harvest and that Pilgrims and Indians came together with the crops they had grown and the wild meat they had shot . It was a way of celebrating the first harvest together in a new country. It was a symbol of Native Americans and New Americans coming together and working side by side learning from each other.

However, there have been many different accounts of the facts on the first Thanksgiving. So I am not going to get into that part of history.

What I am going to do is talk about why people should be thankful.
Being thankful is the ability to the emotion to appreciate something specific in your life or someone else’s or the environment around you.

Why is it important that we learn to appreciate things? This is what separates us from primeval uncivilized creatures. This is what makes us at the top of the food chain. It is what gives us the intellectual ability to see what is needed to survive.

We learn appreciation from birth from the way we are taught as a baby. We learn to be happy when we are fed and sad when we are hungry. We learn to be happy when we are held and sad when we are left alone. We learn to appreciate what new foods we try and which ones we hate as we taste them.

However as we get older sometimes we forget the basic nature of appreciation. We allow society, greed and human nature to get in the way of appreciating the most basic of human needs.

Thanksgiving is a time that helps us to remember those basic, simple things that we should appreciate everyday in our life. I am going to go through a list of what I am thankful for. It will not cover everything as that would be a book in itself. I would like everyone who reads this to leave a comment of one thing that they appreciate.

I am thankful for :
1)the parents that were in my life and taught me to be the person I am today.
2) my sister whom I don’t always agree with but can be honest with and know that she is there when I need someone to talk to.
3) my sons who have been my rock and foundation for the past forty years and have brought more joy into my life than I ever knew was possible
4) for the animals that I have had as pets in my life and their loyalty and pleasure that have been shared
5) for the God given talents that I have which have helped me to overcome many a difficult time in my life and to be able to support not only myself but my sons
6) for the home that I life in which is not fancy but it is mine, simple and comfortable giving me roots to belong somewhere.
7) for the lights, heat , sewer and garbage disposal that I don’t have to worry about.
8) for waking up every morning and knowing that I am still alive
9) for food on my table every day even if it isn’t a fancy banquet
10) for the mailman who brings my mail everyday
11) for the doctor who takes good care of me when I am in need
12) for the pharmacist who answers my many questions
13) for the nurses who work longer hours at the hospitals
14) for the teachers who educate our children
15) for the police who protect our streets
16) for the fireman who risk their lives
17) for the volunteers who help where they are needed
18) for the Free Country that I live in
19) for the ability to be an independent woman
20) for the right for pursuit of happiness
21) for television when I want to relax and see a movie
22) for technology so that I may have a social life
23) for all the new people that I meet in my life
24) for the chance to retire and become an author
25) for the music that I have enjoyed in my life
26) for the birds that sing
27) for the love and beauty of nature and is amazement
28) for the ability to still see life as a journey
29) for my belief in religion knowing that I am not alone
30) for the guardian angels that have watched over me in my life
31) for the surprises that I know that are yet to come in my lifetime
32) for the ability to laugh and smile
33) for the right to be the person I was meant to be
34) for all who comment on my blog
35) for getting into my blog today after fighting with it all day

Finally I am thankful to life in a world where we know that there is always a possibility of change no matter how bad things seem to be, as long as we have hope dreams can become a reality.

I am thankful that we have THANKSGIVING DAY to spend with my FAMILY and love and laugh and forget about work and the outside world for one day.

May your day be blessed with many blessings
May your table be filled with a plentiful bounty.
May your hearts be overflowing with joy.
May you have a day that fills you so full that the happiness carries you through the year.

I wish each and every person a happy Thanksgiving. I only ask one thing of you. Please say a blessing for those who are alone without family on this day and if you have the opportunity welcome them into your home as I have.

With that I will close and let your ponder about what you have to be thankful for. May your list be long and my it be never ending. I know mine is and I could go on forever and ever. I an thankful for the breath that is given to me so that I can live on to enjoy everything in life.

So until next time 🙂


Good Morning Tuesday

Well it’s been a cold week but now the sun is peaking through and it is trying to warm up a little with just a trace of snow lift on the sides of the road and in the yards where the shadows protect it.
Today I want to talk about things very important during holiday seasons.

Five most important stresses:
1. Finances
2. Death
3. Divorce
4. Jobs
5. Moving

During the holiday seasons the worse thing a person faces is financial problems and not being able to do what they would like to do. I recently was extremely stressed over the fact that my oven went out and I didn’t know what I was going to do about it. I didn’t have the money to call a repair man. I certainly didn’t have the money to replace it and here we were approaching Thanksgiving. What was I going to do?

Fortunately for me my sons pitched in and checked it out and it was an easy fix and now my oven works again. My youngest son laughed and said, It looks like you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner after all. (After I had told him we might have to have it at his home). Now he was relieved as this is a heavy work time for him through holiday sales specials and long hours. He now can relax knowing that mom and older brother will take care of the holiday meal. Mom breathed a sigh of relief but cautiously tried out the oven last night and hurray after a warm dinner for the first time in a week was able to sit back and thank God for blessing her with the sons in her life.

However, as I read my pages on Facebook I see many families are loosing family members or are worried about family members who are ill. It is a time for all of us to give comfort to those in need and be thankful for our life no matter how simple it might be. My best friend that I grew up with that lived next door just spent a week worrying about her older brother who had bypass surgery and is up in age. Prayers are still going out to him that he recovers from this.

It puts everything into perspective at this time of year. I myself lost my father on November 16th 1985 and that was the most horrible day of my life. Every November brings a sadness to my life now. Yet, I know that he is here with me in spirit. I have been amazed as my sons have grown older at how much they learned from their grandfather and remember as they were ten and twelve when he passed. It was a hard time for all.

I myself entered a divorce right after my father’s passing and moved out on Christmas Day after he went back to work. The holidays just have never been the same fore me. However, I try the best to pull the family together and make it as much as a holiday as we possibly can make it.

Of course we always eat too much and suffer afterwards yet we are thankful for the bounty that we have and the time we share together.

Jobs are important at this time of year because when one is out of work it adds stress to looking for work and financial problems.

There is nothing worse than moving because of financial, job, or divorce problems. Going into the unknown territory is always a fear. Yet many find themselves doing just that at this time of year.

If you add all of these stress factors together you will find that everyone in the family is affected and it can become a very unhappy time of year for all involved.

This is a time when loved ones need to pull together, love one another, share, and be thankful for what they have no matter how little they have.

We should spend all of our days trying to reduce as much stress as possible. Loving those that are close to us and discarding bagging that isn’t necessary. We should learn to accept death as it comes and be thankful that person was in our life and will forever have touched us and changed us in more than one way. We should see the beauty of every day that we are here on earth weather it be cold or warm, rainy, snowy, or sunny. We should love living.

We should teach the younger generation to love and appreciate life and to not fear death or change because both are inevitable. Life is after all nothing more than a chapter in a book. You never know what new challenge is around the corner and yet we are all strong enough to meet it head on and look forward to it as if it was an adventure.

So as you enter the holidays enjoy what you may and have a wonderful time. Thanksgiving is almost here. Let’s list the things we are thankful for. I will start by saying how thankful I am for my two sons. Without them I would walk this world alone. I love their smiles, their laughter, their quirks and everything about them even when I don’t always like their choices. However, they are the best thing I ever created. I thank God for that.

So as I leave you with these thoughts. Have a wonderful day and I’ll be back later, so until then 🙂

Good Morning World

I hope everyone is safe and warm with this unusual arctic blast that we are having.

I know I have been gone for a while but I am going to try to be here more regular from now on. There is so much that has gone on I can’t possibly cover it all so I am going to start with what is going on right now.

My book Me and My Dogs came out a couple months ago. It is a book of short stories, facts, dog behaviors, training, commands, helpful tips, myths and facts, along with proverbs and history. The picture on the front of the cover is my dog Lady who we had for fourteen years. I had her before my sons were born and she accepted them into the family just like she accepted most everyone else. We had gotten her from the animal shelter at three months old. She had already been with three families and had been abused. It took us a year to get over her fears and gain her complete trust. However, once she knew she was part of the family to stay she turned out to be the best dog a person could ever had. She loved my dad who was a dog lover and he said, “We Couldn’t Have Done any Better,” picking out a dog. He is the one who drew a picture of her so that I would always have something to remember her by. That picture is on the cover of the book. It is not only a tribute to Lady but also my father.

Now I am working on three manuscripts. I have my first romantic novel half finished “A Heart Broken A Twist of Love”. I hope to finish writing it this month.

Second I am working on another poetry book called “Nature’s Inspiration” it will cover the beauties and turmoil of mother-nature. I think the arctic blast needs a place in this book.

Third I will be beginning here soon on domestic violence “When is it Time to Leave”. I have talked with the direct of the woman’s shelter and she would like to make it a community event instead of a small group event so I will have to get hustling on it.

I was able to get out and do the fall Craft Fair again this year and it went very well. A week ago I did the Cowboy Poetry event and that was a two day event. They have cowboys for all over come and read poetry, sing, play guitars, harmonics, piano etc. I even got up and read some of my poetry from “The Land of Horses”. It is such an enjoyable crowd. However, there was no support from the community. That was such a disappointment.

These events always give you a chance to meet wonderful talented artists in their craft areas and talk with like minded people.

You are always around people who show respect and are willing to help when needed. It is so much different than when you go to the mall or grocery store and you don’t know what the mood of the day is going to be. These events always bring happiness and fun. If everyday could be like that it would be a better world for everyone.

Now I have to say that this arctic blast hasn’t hit us the worst. However, we have had the cold especially at night. Then it warmed up and we’ve had two days of snow. Last night brought rain on top of the snow so some roads especially north of where I am are nothing but sheet of ice. This is a good time to stay inside if you do not have to be outdoors. Of course wouldn’t you know I can’t pick up a signal for my television this morning to hear the news so there must be ice on the roof where the antenna is.

Now recently we celebrated Veteran’s Day and this is a very important Day to me. My father was in World War II. He served as chief cook and bottle washer as he put it. When he was not cooking he guarded the prisoners. He hated both of his jobs. He hated cooking because of the horrible dehydrated food that they had to use and he learned to put ketchup on everything when returning home that bottle always had to be on the table for every meal. He hated being a guard because he learned that the prisoners were normal mean just like everyone else just doing what they were told to do for their country. They all wanted to return home safely to their families. Often times they would trade coins, watches, stop watches whatever they had for cigarettes and chocolate bars. Oh how they loved the chocolate bars. Dad wouldn’t talk much about the war but every so often he’d get out the mementos of coins and watches he had been traded and sit their and look at them in silence. He always said, “No one ever wins in war.” I grew up believing that and I still believe it until this day. War is a high price to pay no matter what the reason is. Yet, we need to protect our country and keep the right to freedom and the right to fly the American Flag.

I salute all those who have served this country. We need to remember those that didn’t make it home as well as those who came home needing help with rehabilitation and finding jobs. Lives are torn apart when one serves in a war zone.

We need to have a support system in place for all of those who want to commit suicide because they can’t get the horrible pictures out of their mind or they end up in divorce and can’t find their way back to a normal life. I had a cousin who was one of those that gave up his life through suicide because he just couldn’t handle it after the Vietnam war.
I would do anything to have him back.

The best thing we can do is encourage them to talk about it and getting it out of their system whether it is with family, friends, or a professional. However, we should not judge them. No one knows what the would do in a similar situation. After all war is the highest stress zone you could find yourself in and it does change a person not only how they look at things but who they become.

Now as we are entering the holidays. We should all be Thankful for what we have. It is more important to have the simple pleasures of life and be with family than it is to be rich or have fancy houses, drive fancy cars, and feel all important. Take time to live life without stress. Forget about the job, remove what stress you have in your life and reach out and do something kind for someone else.

Help a homeless person, buy them something warm to drink or a meal. Don’t give them cash you don’t know how they will use it. Take them to McDonald’s and give them your time sit with them and visit. They need contact with people. You don’t have to be ashamed of doing a kind deed. If more people would reach out and help we could end poverty.

This month has been challenging for me but I know we will get through it. My sons unemployment has been held up and there is little food in the house. I get paid soon but not soon enough. My oven went out when I was doing Cowboy Poetry and I don’t know what it is going to take to have an oven. Hopefully I don’t have to buy a new one or we will be doing without for a long time unless I sell a lot of books. The cold put me flat on my back for two days but now I’m up and moving. I was even able to get in and have a bath today. Hurray for the small joys of life.

We may not have turkey for dinner this year but at least we will eat and get by with what we can afford and be together.

The sky may be grey and it may be cold outside but I’m happy I have a place to live and a family who cares about me.

My cats aren’t enjoying the change in whether since they miss me not opening the window for them to sit in. They will spend most of the winter days sleeping. We all hope it won’t be a long lasting winter.

Harvest with many problems due to weather this year still went well. Now if prices don’t go up anymore on food, electricity, and gas we should be able to survive within our budget.

I even got my medicare insurance rolled over when my supplemental dropped their PPO and only carry an HMO now.

I have reached an age where I don’t like surprises and hopefully that will be the last of it until the first of the year unless it is a nice royalty check or my son finding work than that is okay.

What I am trying to share with everyone. Is that we all go through our own trials whether it is illness, financial, family, job or personal problems. However, we must hold our heads up high and look for the sunshine where we can find it. Somethings never change however, your attitude towards life can always change. Look on the bright side of things. There may not have been sunshine to wake up to this morning but fortunately for my loved ones I woke up this morning and I am alive for another day. I will Thank God for that and feel blessed.

Now as you go about your day as busy as it may be remember it is important to take time for yourself. Love yourself, know that you are worth while, important and make a difference in life. God put everyone on earth for a reason. After all “God doesn’t make Junk.” Look at your talents and use them no matter who criticizes you. Remember it is not your problem it is theirs. Do what you love to do with whom you love to do it with.

Take time to tell those you love how you feel. Actions speak louder than words but words are nice to hear once in awhile.

Now as I leave this week I will remember my father who died this week back in 1985. I loved my father very much. When there was no else I could talk to he would listen and understand. He was a quiet patient man. A man of few years. However, when he did speak everyone listened to him. The entire town respected him and everyone knew him. From the time I was a young child I couldn’t go to town with him without someone stopping him to shake his hand. He was a fair and practical man who believed that you are only as good as your word. He influenced both of my sons and I thank God everyday that he lived long enough for them to remember him and to have been influenced by the man he was. He was my rock, my guide, my teacher, my listener, and the man who I adored. When he dropped dead suddenly five minutes after my sons and I had gotten on the bus to go home I felt like my heart had been ripped out and I knew my life would never be the same again and it wasn’t. He was the backbone of the family. Now after all these years I still sit and have conversations with him and ask him for guidance. I still think what would dad have told me to do. I know if I do what he would have thought was right I will come out okay. November is like the passing of the guard for me for I know it is the month that my dad left and we didn’t have Thanksgiving that year. We barely made it through the month. However, he wouldn’t want us to continue that way so every year no matter what. I do my best to bring my family together for Thanksgiving because that is what my father would have wanted. My father was born on February 29th so every leap year I try to celebrate his honor in some small way. We have a leap year coming up so I will honor him once again. I know that one day I will see him again. However, he walks with me everyday.

Keep those loved ones in your heart who have passed on before you after all they have been an important part of your life and still are do what you can to enjoy their memories. My youngest son frequently post sayings or pictures about his grandfather on Facebook and every time I read one it warms my heart to know the love that has been passed down.

Well it’s time for me to close and say good bye so until next time. Stay warm and be safe and look for the sunshine in your life.