Good Morning Tuesday

Well it’s been a cold week but now the sun is peaking through and it is trying to warm up a little with just a trace of snow lift on the sides of the road and in the yards where the shadows protect it.
Today I want to talk about things very important during holiday seasons.

Five most important stresses:
1. Finances
2. Death
3. Divorce
4. Jobs
5. Moving

During the holiday seasons the worse thing a person faces is financial problems and not being able to do what they would like to do. I recently was extremely stressed over the fact that my oven went out and I didn’t know what I was going to do about it. I didn’t have the money to call a repair man. I certainly didn’t have the money to replace it and here we were approaching Thanksgiving. What was I going to do?

Fortunately for me my sons pitched in and checked it out and it was an easy fix and now my oven works again. My youngest son laughed and said, It looks like you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner after all. (After I had told him we might have to have it at his home). Now he was relieved as this is a heavy work time for him through holiday sales specials and long hours. He now can relax knowing that mom and older brother will take care of the holiday meal. Mom breathed a sigh of relief but cautiously tried out the oven last night and hurray after a warm dinner for the first time in a week was able to sit back and thank God for blessing her with the sons in her life.

However, as I read my pages on Facebook I see many families are loosing family members or are worried about family members who are ill. It is a time for all of us to give comfort to those in need and be thankful for our life no matter how simple it might be. My best friend that I grew up with that lived next door just spent a week worrying about her older brother who had bypass surgery and is up in age. Prayers are still going out to him that he recovers from this.

It puts everything into perspective at this time of year. I myself lost my father on November 16th 1985 and that was the most horrible day of my life. Every November brings a sadness to my life now. Yet, I know that he is here with me in spirit. I have been amazed as my sons have grown older at how much they learned from their grandfather and remember as they were ten and twelve when he passed. It was a hard time for all.

I myself entered a divorce right after my father’s passing and moved out on Christmas Day after he went back to work. The holidays just have never been the same fore me. However, I try the best to pull the family together and make it as much as a holiday as we possibly can make it.

Of course we always eat too much and suffer afterwards yet we are thankful for the bounty that we have and the time we share together.

Jobs are important at this time of year because when one is out of work it adds stress to looking for work and financial problems.

There is nothing worse than moving because of financial, job, or divorce problems. Going into the unknown territory is always a fear. Yet many find themselves doing just that at this time of year.

If you add all of these stress factors together you will find that everyone in the family is affected and it can become a very unhappy time of year for all involved.

This is a time when loved ones need to pull together, love one another, share, and be thankful for what they have no matter how little they have.

We should spend all of our days trying to reduce as much stress as possible. Loving those that are close to us and discarding bagging that isn’t necessary. We should learn to accept death as it comes and be thankful that person was in our life and will forever have touched us and changed us in more than one way. We should see the beauty of every day that we are here on earth weather it be cold or warm, rainy, snowy, or sunny. We should love living.

We should teach the younger generation to love and appreciate life and to not fear death or change because both are inevitable. Life is after all nothing more than a chapter in a book. You never know what new challenge is around the corner and yet we are all strong enough to meet it head on and look forward to it as if it was an adventure.

So as you enter the holidays enjoy what you may and have a wonderful time. Thanksgiving is almost here. Let’s list the things we are thankful for. I will start by saying how thankful I am for my two sons. Without them I would walk this world alone. I love their smiles, their laughter, their quirks and everything about them even when I don’t always like their choices. However, they are the best thing I ever created. I thank God for that.

So as I leave you with these thoughts. Have a wonderful day and I’ll be back later, so until then 🙂


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