With Thanksgiving upon us we need to think about the meaning of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it.

It has been said throughout history that the first Thanksgiving started because of the first harvest and that Pilgrims and Indians came together with the crops they had grown and the wild meat they had shot . It was a way of celebrating the first harvest together in a new country. It was a symbol of Native Americans and New Americans coming together and working side by side learning from each other.

However, there have been many different accounts of the facts on the first Thanksgiving. So I am not going to get into that part of history.

What I am going to do is talk about why people should be thankful.
Being thankful is the ability to the emotion to appreciate something specific in your life or someone else’s or the environment around you.

Why is it important that we learn to appreciate things? This is what separates us from primeval uncivilized creatures. This is what makes us at the top of the food chain. It is what gives us the intellectual ability to see what is needed to survive.

We learn appreciation from birth from the way we are taught as a baby. We learn to be happy when we are fed and sad when we are hungry. We learn to be happy when we are held and sad when we are left alone. We learn to appreciate what new foods we try and which ones we hate as we taste them.

However as we get older sometimes we forget the basic nature of appreciation. We allow society, greed and human nature to get in the way of appreciating the most basic of human needs.

Thanksgiving is a time that helps us to remember those basic, simple things that we should appreciate everyday in our life. I am going to go through a list of what I am thankful for. It will not cover everything as that would be a book in itself. I would like everyone who reads this to leave a comment of one thing that they appreciate.

I am thankful for :
1)the parents that were in my life and taught me to be the person I am today.
2) my sister whom I don’t always agree with but can be honest with and know that she is there when I need someone to talk to.
3) my sons who have been my rock and foundation for the past forty years and have brought more joy into my life than I ever knew was possible
4) for the animals that I have had as pets in my life and their loyalty and pleasure that have been shared
5) for the God given talents that I have which have helped me to overcome many a difficult time in my life and to be able to support not only myself but my sons
6) for the home that I life in which is not fancy but it is mine, simple and comfortable giving me roots to belong somewhere.
7) for the lights, heat , sewer and garbage disposal that I don’t have to worry about.
8) for waking up every morning and knowing that I am still alive
9) for food on my table every day even if it isn’t a fancy banquet
10) for the mailman who brings my mail everyday
11) for the doctor who takes good care of me when I am in need
12) for the pharmacist who answers my many questions
13) for the nurses who work longer hours at the hospitals
14) for the teachers who educate our children
15) for the police who protect our streets
16) for the fireman who risk their lives
17) for the volunteers who help where they are needed
18) for the Free Country that I live in
19) for the ability to be an independent woman
20) for the right for pursuit of happiness
21) for television when I want to relax and see a movie
22) for technology so that I may have a social life
23) for all the new people that I meet in my life
24) for the chance to retire and become an author
25) for the music that I have enjoyed in my life
26) for the birds that sing
27) for the love and beauty of nature and is amazement
28) for the ability to still see life as a journey
29) for my belief in religion knowing that I am not alone
30) for the guardian angels that have watched over me in my life
31) for the surprises that I know that are yet to come in my lifetime
32) for the ability to laugh and smile
33) for the right to be the person I was meant to be
34) for all who comment on my blog
35) for getting into my blog today after fighting with it all day

Finally I am thankful to life in a world where we know that there is always a possibility of change no matter how bad things seem to be, as long as we have hope dreams can become a reality.

I am thankful that we have THANKSGIVING DAY to spend with my FAMILY and love and laugh and forget about work and the outside world for one day.

May your day be blessed with many blessings
May your table be filled with a plentiful bounty.
May your hearts be overflowing with joy.
May you have a day that fills you so full that the happiness carries you through the year.

I wish each and every person a happy Thanksgiving. I only ask one thing of you. Please say a blessing for those who are alone without family on this day and if you have the opportunity welcome them into your home as I have.

With that I will close and let your ponder about what you have to be thankful for. May your list be long and my it be never ending. I know mine is and I could go on forever and ever. I an thankful for the breath that is given to me so that I can live on to enjoy everything in life.

So until next time 🙂


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