I hope you all come in and visit me after my time away. Sit down have a cup of your favorite drink and let’s chat.

After many trials I have finally been able to access my blog account again. I don’t know what changes have been made but it has been next to impossible to find a doorway into my blog site. Thank goodness I made it today as I was about ready to give up completely.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season as I did. January is rapidly rolling away and I don’t know where the time is going. I celebrate both of my sons birthdays this month and every year I dread seeing them get older. Where did all of those years go when they were little and we use to have so much fun. Now they are so busy in their adult lives that I rarely have time to be with them and I miss those mom and boy moments.

However, we will have an enjoyable dinner out when no one has to cook or worry about dishes or phone calls. I am looking forward to it this up coming weekend.

I finished my book on “A Heart Broken, A Twist of Love’.
Today I would like to talk about love for a few moments of your time.

When we start out as children the first love we know is that from our parents, grandparents, and any other extended family. If it is a good experience than we fine love to be very warm and full filling. However, if it is a bad experience we always hold that inside of use and do not forget those moments when we wish life was different.

When people talk about love they have a tendency to lump love into one category. However, there are many different degrees of love and levels of love.

We have love for our parents and extended family. We have love for our siblings even when we don’t always get along. Then we have a different type of love for those first best friends who are always there for us that we grow up remembering and never wanting to forget. Soon comes our first puppy love and we have a new kind of love feeling that we haven’t had to deal with before. Over time we find ourselves having our heartbroken and falling in love many times if we are lucky. Each love touches us and teaches us something.

Then their comes that day when we have our first true love. We know that this love will last forever. For some it does and for others they are not so lucky and love drifts apart like the ocean tides going back out to sea. You look and wonder what happened.

Then you have children and there is no great love than that between a parent and a child. Through all the pain of delivery and the nine months of carrying that child love makes you forget that pain. The only thing that you can see is joy and happiness.

There is nothing greater than the love of a happy family. However, if that falls apart and doesn’t exist, then love down the road can change. When love parts one wonders if they can ever feel love again. Heartache and sadness take over if it is allowed to. However, a person can love more than one person in their life time. They can find happiness again and even find their soul mate. Love often happens when you least expect it to happen. Sometimes it will last and sometimes it is only there for a short period of time. However, once again your heart has been touched and you have learned from it.

The more you learn to open your heart to love the more you are loved and the more surprises you may have about love.

Don’t forget about those co-workers that you love and the neighbors you love. In all walks of life there will be people that you love for a variety of reasons. However, the degree of love and the purpose of love is not always the same. The longer that you live the more you will evolve in your ideas about love.

What is important is that we cherish each memory that love gives us and the person that we experienced love with. There may be times when they irritate us and we are frustrated but when we step back and take a look at the total picture we wouldn’t change a thing.

My book “A Broken Heart, A Twist of Love” is a journey of loosing love, finding love, finding a soul mate, loosing love, finding love again, loosing love, finding love again and finally being at peace with oneself realizing that sometimes you need to let go but being happy with moments of excitement and anticipation.

I hope everyone will take a moment to thing about those around them that they love whether it’s parents, children, siblings, extended family, pets, friends, neighbors or co-workers.

I want you to take time to think about how different your life would be without these people. February is soon upon us and I challenge you to show each and every person in your life how much you love them during the month.

During the winter we have a tendency to crumble about the weather and not be content. Let’s make this winter different by showering those people in our life with the love they deserve. Let’s melt the snow and warm the climate with our hearts. Put a smile on your face and watch and see how many smile back at you.

Love getting up in the morning and be thankful to be alive. Love going to work and be thankful you have a job. Be thankful for paying bills because you can. Be thankful for the freedom of choices you have in your life. Turn your life into an example of the love of living.

When we get older and our health starts to fail we appreciate life more. I love getting up every morning. I love seeing my doctor because I know she will take good care of me. I am excited when the sun shines. I love my sons, my cats and my friends. I love my sister and I have found many of my cousins whom I had lost. I spend time trying to reconnect with life. What do you do?

Don’t let the busy world take over your life. Take time to be who you want to be and do the things that are important to you.

With that I will send all of my followers a message of I Love You All and hope that I can continue to be here for you.

So until next time 🙂