A Heart Broken, A Twist of Love

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Past posts I have spoken of love. However, there is nothing more important than to speak of love on Valentine’s day. Many people will choose to talk about the meaning behind Valentine’s Day and the discrepancy in history. Others will discuss the means of commercial profit from selling, chocolates, flowers, jewelry and other special moments. However, I am not going to discuss those as they have all been discussed before.

Today I am going to discuss the importance for everyone to be loved. Love is as necessary as food and water. People do not survive without love. It is for that reason that I wrote the book “A Heart Broken, A Twist of Love,” which came out this week.

A Heart Broken BookCoverImage (1)

ISBN-13: 978-1478239802 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1478239808
BISAC: Family & Relationships / Love & Romance

This book is about a divorced woman who loses her way but meets her soul mate. Then she goes through a long unexpected journey of love, heartache, healing and finally peace at the end of a long struggle. This is a story that could happen to any one of us at any place. However, it didn’t it happened to Jade. She tells her journey with tears, happiness, and sorrow. Then she finally can be at peace. No matter what all people in the end must love themself before they can find the love in a relationship.

I am very excited about this book coming out and hope others will look forward to reading it. It is live in Amazon.com and CreateSpace. It can also be ordered personally through myself.

This is a book that talks about unconditional love. Today on Valentine’s Day I dedicate it to all those who have found love, lost love and are looking for love. May you find love and peace in the end.

So until next time.