Writer’s need time to write. There is so much information out there to be learned.

You not only have to be able to write in your genre, use correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and tone but you must also be the following:

Jobs of a writer:

1. Author/Editor

2. Proof Read

3. Edit

4. Rewrite

5. Revise

6. Proofread

7. Finalize

8. Publish

9. Publication Manager

10. Book Agent

11.Book Consultant

12. Graphic Designer

13. Manager

14. Marketing Expert

15. Financial Expert

16.  Copy Writer

17. Press Release

18. Tour Organizer

19. Product Display Manager

20. Handout/ Special Expert

so when do you write?

Writers need to be able to share their knowledge with other writers in order to take shortcuts. However, my words of wisdom are as follows.

1. Give constructive kind critique from the heart-creative people are sensitive

2. Forget about being politically correct and be in the moment of the story and characters.

3. There is no room for offensiveness  or negativity – it’s too time consuming

4. Listen, Learn, Enjoy, Share, Care, and Communicate as a friend to a friend.

5. Writers are under daily stress trying to work with publishers recognize the signs

6. Step back and look at the writing through someone else’s eyes. View it from their life perspective.

7. Recognize that no one is right or wrong writing is an opinion.

8. Avoid discouraging writers from writing. You don’t know how sensitive they are or what they are prepared to hear.

9. Appreciate talent even if it isn’t your cup of tea.

10. Share your work before critiquing someone else’s.

Writing is releasing the soul. It is a very difficult step for a writer to share their work until they come to grips with it. It’s like pealing an onion. Little by little you see what is hidden deep inside. Give them that confidence and encouragement that they so need. Writing is like a disease once you get hit with the bug you can’t stop. You want to write all the time. A writer should never be discouraged from writing. Family and friends need to encourage, and be supportive even if they don’t always agree or understand it.

Writer’s need to collaborate with each other. It is a support system that makes it easier to deal with all the parts you really don’t want to be doing.  Writing is the easy part. The work comes after the writing is done.


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