November 1st

A Writer’s Marketing Strategy:

Do’s and Don’ts


1. Count on someone else to sell your books

2. Don’t count on others to find your books

3. Don’t wait for your books to sell

4. Don’t stop writing

5. Don’t expect someone to do the work for you

6. Don’t count on fame and fortune

7. Don’t give up

8. Don’t expect book signings to get you recognized

9. Don’t stay only within your community

10. Don’t expect action over night


1.  Do for yourself you know your books better than anyone

2.  Make sure you social network, blog, facebook, amazon authorpage, etc.

3.  Have a plan, time for writing, marketing, publishing, selling.

4. The more books the more you are recognized as a serious author.

5. People want contact with you be enthusiastic about your work.

6. Books don’t sell right away but when they do it is glorious.

7. Determination, motivation, and passion get the job done.

8. All areas are different expand and market where ever possible.

9. Email media mail brochures, contact libraries etc.

10. build a following of fans and be patient

Suggestions: Book signings are difficult in small rural areas. However, libraries love it if you come in and do an hour presentation on writing, your books, and a book reading. Then you can opt to sell and sign at the very end. If you get libraries happy with you they are repeat customers and they usually by two books of every book. That’s good business.  Once you’re in libraries more people want you.

Have business cards, book markers, post cards about your books. Make up a press release flyer to copy and hand out. Keep your readers informed.

Have a mailing list and let people ordering from you know of new books coming out.

Don’t expect everyone to like your genre and don’t be disappointed if they don’t. I don’t sell my books to anyone who isn’t deserving of them. Develop an attitude about your books being important to you.

Write for the passion of writing , “Everything else is Gravy,”. Come up with your own saying like I have. When people ask me why I write that’s what I tell them. I’m not in it for the money. I write because I have something to say and I want to be heard.

No matter what you do enjoy it 🙂 so until next time 🙂


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