Writing a Synopsis

Writing A Synopsis

By Janice N. Richards

Step 1:  Step one is to always start with a HOOK!

Setting of mood and tone are very important here. Write a paragraph or two using special descriptive words, such as adverbs, adjectives, emotions. Words that set a visual picture in one’s mind.  This should be very similar to the book summary on the back of the book.

Step 2:  Step two is Character Introduction!

Step two is where you will do the Introduction of the main characters in your book.  Avoid physical descriptions unless it is pertinent to your story. This is where you will describe their GOALS, MOTIVATION, and CONFLICT.  Avoid giving away the story.

Step 3: Step three is where you Construct the Body of Your Synopsis. 

 This is where you will write in paragraph format telling the high points of the story using the chronological order. This is where you will need to be very detailed not giving too much detail. Here you should include every scene telling about ACTION, REACTION, and DECISIONS.

Example:  John kisses Amelia goodnight.

(ACTION)  His kiss distracts her from their earlier discussion about not wanting to become involved in a serious relationship.

(REACTION) Pulling away she remembers thinking how dangerous he would be to her independence. 

(DECISION)  (A) This is where you can give them a question to think about Example: (Will Amelia be able to ignore the kiss and the feelings she felt? Will Amelia give up her independence for a relationship?)(B) or give them nothing.

Step 4:  Step four is where you will Write Three or Four Paragraphs about the CRISIS and RESOLUTION of Your Story.

This needs to be kept simple, but you must include the main characters’ reactions. The synopsis must present the resolution to the writer’s story. This is not where you want anyone to be guessing. You want a clear detail of the CRISIS and RESOLUTION to the story.

Step 5:  Rewrite your synopsis using strong adjectives, adverbs and verbs, always write in the present tense. Polish your writing to the point of perfection, every word counts.

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2 Responses

  1. A really great comment you wrote on Oct 7 on Marilyn Mendoza’s page led me to your blog… I am an unpublished first-timer working on a memoir. I look forward to reading more of your material. Thanks for posting this!

    • Thank you Cakes McCain. I hope that you will continue to follow my blog site. I will be adding another section next week on disabilities part 2. I am also working on the sequel to “Growing Up in the Rockies.” Titled “Coming of Age: The Rebel Within.” It will be a memoir of the teen years leading into young adult life. Best of luck to you on your memoir. Marilyn is doing some great work with her writing. I am so proud of her. Please keep in touch with us.

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