Enrolling Disabled Students into School

Enrolling Disabled Students into School

Parents have you ever gone to school to enroll your child only to be turned away having a school refuse to accept your child?

That’s against the law. No child can be refused into a school without first having a hearing, and given a reason for refusal. Then the school district is responsible to pay for other means of education if they cannot provide adequate education for your disabled child. Now this doesn’t include behavior problems unless they are diagnosed as a symptom of a disability.

How to approach school’s when enrolling a disabled child.

1)     Have a medical documentation on your child’s disability

2)     Have a copy of your child’s file from the previous school

3)     Take an advocate with you to meet with the school

4)     Schedule a meeting the first week of school with the IEP team to make sure that everything is in place and can be set in place the first week.

5)      Check out facilities and see what your options are

6)     Make friends with the Director of Special Education

7)     Make sure that your child has been approved for everything they qualify for

8)     Make sure that everything is written into an IEP that first week

9)     Make sure you always have an advocate who understands the laws.

Make sure you get the child enrolled immediately as the first week of school will determine the atmosphere of the entire year.

How to find advocate’s

1)     Most are listed in the phone book however, Health and Welfare can give you a list of all providers in your area.

2)     Check around as there are providers who specialize in children rather than adults

3)     Do your homework and know as much as you can

4)     Know what a Target Coordinator is

5)     Know what a PSR person is

6)     Know if your child qualifies for social security disability and Medicaid

7)     Know if there are support groups in your community for your child’s disability

8)     Every community has parent support groups get involved with them

9)     If your child has reached the age of 15 make sure you have contacted Vocational Rehabilitation as they are a great asset for you

10) Know the history with the state for your advocate you can get that information from Health and Welfare as they are all under their Quality Insurance Program

Understand your child’s disability

1)     read medical reports

2)     ask doctor for prognosis and educational recommendations

3)     read books about it

4)     learn from those who have similar disabilities

5)     listen to your child

6)     know long-term effects and set long-term goals not just this year

If you don’t know what to do find someone who is an expert that can guide you and get you through the problems you will be faced with. Disabilities can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. You need a partner to take stress off of you.

If you have more than one child with a disability it is vital that you get help to deal with the amount of issues you will be handling.

1)     Seek a counselor

2)     Do family counseling

3)      Do individual counseling

You all will need counseling in order to live together and get through the emotional roller coaster that you will be faced with.

If you still can’t get your child in school there is help at the state level.

Contact the State Superintendent, the governor, your Congressional Representatives and the Mayor of your town.

Last resort is media. You can always get the local newspaper to do a write-up about a child being refused educational assistance.

Please submit comments to me and any questions you have on any disability and I will post what I can to help you.

Remember each state varies in their laws and programs. However, every school has the state’s law book on hand and you can ask to see it or go to the library and see if they have it.

You can also find it online. It is usually on-line under your state name.gov.edu

I hope this will be of some help to those of you who are struggling. Try to start early getting your children registered for school. If you wait it become traumatic for the child.


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