Important Information for Parents of Special Needs Children In Schools

With budget cuts in the schools and a poor economy everything is being cut.

Now they are not allowing adequate finances for specialized classrooms so many districts are mainstream students into regular classes when they have never been in them. Students who are used to being in specialized Autistic classrooms are now being mainstreamed with regular education teachers with no experience of special needs students let alone an Autistic Student.

Parents need to do the following:

1. Know the Federal Regulations- your rights and responsibilities along with the schools responsibilities.

2. Make sure you have contact with an Advocate for people with special needs

3. Know what is written on your child’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) That is a legal document and must be followed.

4. Know your child’s schedule daily and know the qualifications of the staff working with your child

5. Make sure that your child is in the Least Restrictive Environment for your child not for all special needs children. If you don’t understand Least Restrictive Environment have an advocate go over the IEP with you and see if your child is placed correctly.

6. Have weekly communication with the schools

7. Watch for behavior changes in your child and communicate with them. If they are acting out or demonstrating frustration schedule a school meeting and take an advocate with you.

8. If the school cannot provide for your child find someone who can. There are charter schools, online schools, private tutors, etc. However, remember the public school system is still obligated to pay for their education if it can’t be provided in the public school system. The public school system is obligated to provide materials.

9. Help the school by going to school board meetings and sharing your concerns.

10. Some districts have parent support groups for parents of special needs. Talk to the Special Education Director and find out what is available in your community.

11. If you need an advocate the School District can tell you who they are but might be reluctant to do so. However, Health and Welfare has a listening and you can go to them or contact CAP’s.

12. Make sure that your child is in a Safe, Educational Learning Environment. Classroom teachers are not to blame and will need your support as they are trying to teach large classes with less money.

Volunteer if you can in your child’s classroom.

If you need help drop me a message and I will reply to you however, I would appreciate knowing the City, State, and School District before I reply. Don’t be afraid to go online and do some research.

Federal Laws must still be followed, they just might require some creativity, some adaptations, modifications and the IEP might need to be rewritten in order to be followed.

If you don’t know what to do schedule a meeting with your school the first week of school. It is never to early to notify the school.


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