What is a Disability?

We use to say that anything that interfered with being normal, looking normal or learning normal was a disability however times have changed and with it the definition of disability.

There are many types of disabilities from birth defects to learning disabilities, ADHD, and now the medical disabilities such as Mental Health Issues, Bi-Polar, Diabetes, Vision, fetal alcohol syndrome to drug addiction etc.

However, why has there been such an increase in the percentage of disabled people? Could it be the life style that we are living? Could it be the mobility of our country? Could it be that our bodies no longer can fight of new strains of virus’s that travel around the world with the people from foreign countries? What about the artificial poisons that we eat everyday? Could dusting crops, spraying for varmints, injecting animals, and processing food be playing a role in new disabilities arising?

What role does drug usage play? Have you ever read the side effects on the pills you take? If you have then you wouldn’t take them at all. They range from hair falling out to blurred vision, stomach pain, diarrhea, seizures, and heart attacks and much more. Why would you chance those?

Then there’s those illegal drugs on the market that can be found anywhere if you choose to contaminate your body, burn up your brain, and hollow out your bones. Why would you destroy your body that way?

What about the lack of quality health in the production of foods, and work places? Does anyone really care this day and age? What ever happened to quality instead of quantity?

Who checks to see if the workers work up to standard?

Then there’s the tobacco industry and the alcohol industry. We already know that the chemicals in tobacco can kill us and who would deliberately put arsenic in their body? Well it seems that many people don’t think for themselves they let the government make money off of their addictions. We know that alcohol kills brain cells so let’s continue to supply it so that we can have a society that we can control when they can’t think for themselves.

Let’s not forget about the doctor’s who hand you sample medications when they only know what the pharmaceutical company has told them. Why not be a guinea pig for medicines.

There is something to be said for the old witch doctors and wives home remedies. At least they used natural ingredients that the body could absorb. How much plastic are you eating daily and don’t even know it.

It’s time for the country to take action against the money mongrels who poison us daily. Not to mention the damage that has been done to the air we breathe and the water we drink.

When I was teaching I always told my students if you want to be in control the only way to do that is through education. It is time everyone educates themselves through reading. Go online read about the most important things that affect your life and look for homeopathic natural remedies . Stop putting artificial garbage in your “Temple”!

The saying you are what you eat has become more true every day. Are you garbage or are you healthy and natural?

Remember alcohol affects the short-term memory portion of the brain, meth affects the logic frontal lobe of the brain, so if you have no short-term memory and no common sense how will you function in society? How can these children be expected to learn normally in school? All drugs pre-birth affect disabilities and birth defects.

If you would like me to address a specific disability leave me a comment as to that disability and I will post on researched information as well as what I have learned over my forty years of experience working with disabilities.

“Today every person lives with some form of disability!”


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