Summer Camp for the Disabled

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I realize that the weather has not been kind to everyone this summer and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Summer camp is a very important time for the disabled adults and youth. There are a variety of summer camps available. There is usually in most areas the following camps.

Summer camp for the Exceptional Child

Summer camp for the Mentally Challenged

Summer camp for the Asthmatic

Summer camp for the Diabetic

Summer Camp for Wheelchairs

Summer Camp for Autistic

Summer Camp for ADHD

Summer camp for Cerebral Palsy

Summer camp for MS.

Summer camp for Orthopedically Challenged

and many more.

There are also church summer camps as well as Summer Special Olympics.

How do you find out about the ones in your local areas.

Contact Regional Director for the Exceptional Child

Contact Schools

Contact Special Olympics Director

Contact and provider who services Mentally Challenged

Contact your Doctor’s Office

Contact The Chamber of Commerce in your Area

Contact your Church or the Ministerial Association in your community.

Most have scholarships so no child misses out on these wonderful activities. Be a volunteer to go to camp it is a very rewarding experience.

No matter what you participate in enjoy the summer be active and stay safe.

The fourth of July is upon us and please teach safety about fireworks. They are very dangerous and can cause devastating accidents.  I am going to post a couple accidents that I am familiar with on my next post.

Love you take care and please come back.


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